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Energy from Space causes global warming

Originally Emailled: Sunday, 30 June 2013

As a follow-up to my email on NASA’s release on global warming, I share this video with you which discusses some of the changes which are occurring across the solar system. This was explained by Dr. Alexey Dmitriev back in 1997!!!

To summarise his conclusions:

1.1.1 A growth of dark spots on Pluto [7].

1.1.2 Reporting of auroras on Saturn [8].

1.1.3 Reporting of Uranus and Neptune polar shifts (They are magnetically conjugate planets), and the abrupt large‐scale growth of Uranus’ magnetosphere intensity.

1.1.4 A change in light intensity and light spot dynamics on Neptune [9, 10].

1.1.5 The doubling of the magnetic field intensity on Jupiter (based upon 1992 data), and a series of new states and processes observed on this planet as an aftermath of a series of explosions in July 1994 [caused by “Comet” SL‐9] [12]. That is, a relaxation of a plasmoid train [13, 14] which excited the Jovian magnetosphere, thus inducing excessive plasma generation [12] and its release in the same manner as Solar coronal holes [15] inducing an appearance of radiation belt brightening in decimetre band (13.2 and 36 cm), and the appearance of large auroral anomalies and a change of the Jupiter ‐ Io system of currents [12, 14].

Update Note from A.N.D Nov. 1997: A stream of ionized hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, etc. is being directed to Jupiter from the volcanic areas of Io through a one million amperes flux tube. It is affecting the character of Jupiter’s magnetic process and intensifying its plasma genesis. {Z.I.Vselennaya “Earth and Universe” N3, 1997 plo‐9 by NASA data}

1.1.6 A series of Martian atmosphere transformations increasing its biosphere quality. In particular, a cloudy growth in the equator area and an unusual growth of ozone concentration [16].

Update Note: In September 1997 the Mars Surveyor Satellite encountered an atmospheric density double that projected by NASA upon entering a Mars orbit. This greater density bent one of the solar array arms beyond the full and open stop. This combination of events has delayed the beginning of the scheduled photo mission for one year.

1.1.7 A first stage atmosphere generation on the Moon, where a growing natrium atmosphere is detected that reaches 9,000 km in height. [17]. 1.1.8 Significant physical, chemical and optical changes observed on Venus; an inversion of dark and light spots detected for the first time, and a sharp decrease of sulfurcontaining gases in its atmosphere [16].

So, those of us who have been aware of this have inevitably asked the question:

Why is this not included in the global warming debate?

Why, indeed. To do so would completely undermine the CO2 story we have been fed for the last few years.

The video below gives an update on some of these factors, and looks more broadly at the Earth and its relationship to the sun, including our current very sleepy solar maximum and its implications. He also mentions “Agenda 21” which, if you’re not aware of it, I suggest you Google it and check it out.


Courts quietly confirm MMR Vaccine causes Autism

Originally E-mailed: Friday, 2 August 2013 14:17

Thank you, Sean.

You may also like to watch this video from Dr Wakefield – a powerful and credible message.

The Boy with Divine Powers

Originally E-mailed: Sunday, 11 August 2013 21:52

Thank you, Hedy.

One of the things that intrigues me is how it is that those of us living in the West, for the most part, do not pull on this thread that dangles into our world from the yogic practices of what we call the East (no Ayahuasca needed, though it can have a place, e.g. the practices of South America).

This video tells a story of a young boy who was meditating continuously for months without food or water. Inevitably, because it is a Western video, it carries all the usual sensationalism. To its credit, however, it includes footage on the studies done on the 80 or so year old Indian man, Prahlad Jani, who appears to have not taken food or fluid for 70 years. Western science does not acknowledge the existence of what is known as the pranic tube, which runs along the centre of the body and enables us, if activated, to process prana from the sun.

“It’s impossible!!!”, says Western “science”. Jani’s story and studies conducted on him on around 2010 briefly made the Western press, but then we all went back to sleep. Certainly not something the mainstream press would keep alive.

Similarly, we hear of the so-called very old, who might struggle to reach perhaps 120 years of age, whilst there is a man known as Sri Mahavatar Babaji – or just simply Babaji – who lives in the Himalayas and is, by my calculations, over 2570 years old. Seen him mentioned recently for his extreme old age, have you? Ohhh… and he looks to be about 30.



And then there’s the entire, complex yet simple subject of the Kundalini energy which lives, you might say, coiled and asleep at the base of the spine, which most people get their only glimpse of during orgasm and which has a spiralling path around the spine that it travels up when activated. This despite the fact that the common symbol for a medical doctor (and used with nurses, also) is the Caduceus:

which reflects those twin Kundalini serpents spiralling up the spine, because these energies have been used since time immemorial in the process of energetic healing…

And yet there is a wonderful book written by the first yogi to come to the US in the ‘20’s, Yogananda, simply called Autobiography of a Yogi, first published in 1946 and which speaks of all of these phenomena, including Babaji, and much more.

But unless we look, all of this is hidden from our Western gaze, as we are persuaded that the value we might garner exists outside of us, in money and possessions, all whilst fear, anger and warmongering towards our fellow man is engendered, or we are persuaded that whichever brand of religion we are associated with has the only path to God…

Perhaps, just perhaps, we might be awakening from this very long slumber – a slumber that has been carefully fostered by those whose interests it serves.

If you haven’t read Yogananda’s book, I recommend it. It is hard to hold onto your current Western perception of life after reading it. And his sensitive, expressive use of the English language is all the more remarkable for it being his second language.

This documentary, originally aired in 2007, follows “Buddha Boy” who lived on prana for 10 months.  “He wanted God, Himself, to be his guru.”

The documentary resulted in skepticism, disbelief, and suspicion, yet this is something we did, and will have the ability to do once again.


“Buddha Boy” Goes 10 Months Without Food Or Water, Scientific Community Is Baffled

Is it possible for humans to not eat or consume water for longer than 3 or 4 days? What used to be scientifically impossible is now under great question as a teenage boy in South-Central Nepal meditated for 10 months and did not consume food or water during the entire time. This story is receiving more attention these days as the world continues to open up to new possibilities.

Ram Bahadur Bomjon, also known as “Buddha Boy” decided one day to go to a tree in Nepal and begin meditating for what he initially said would be 6 years. His actions quickly became a huge news story as he received attention from thousands of visitors. The media also had a field day with his story as he attracted journalists and film makers from all over the world. One of the most notable pieces of attention came when a Discovery Channel film crew traveled to Nepal to determine if it was possible for a human to abstain from all forms of sustenance.

Going into the film, the general understanding was that a human could live for several weeks without food simply by living off of fat and protein stores within the body. The troubling thing when it came to studying Buddha Boy was that the average human can only last about 3 or 4 days without water; he was being observed for longer than 4 days and was showing no signs of dehydration.

To determine whether or not it was an elaborate hoax, the film crew set up cameras for 96 straight hours where they observed his every move -or lack there of. Their observations determined there were no hidden water pipes or food sources. What they were witnessing through their extensive filming was what some would call a scientific impossibility.

“After 96 hours of filming, Ram has defied modern science by continuing his meditation and remaining alive.” -Discovery Channel film crew member 

As previously mentioned, the film footage revealed that Ram showed no signs of dehydration or physical deterioration during his meditation. Even though he sat in the same position for all of this time, his organs and body appeared to be functioning normally. Of course not every detail could be determined as Ram chose to stay in a meditative state the entire time. This meant no one could go and medically study his well being.

Ram’s meditation lasted 10 months before he suddenly disappeared. While some had believed he was kidnapped, it was later determined he decided to leave the hype behind and go deeper into the Nepal jungle to continue meditation. He felt there was “no peace” while remaining in an area that had become a tourist attraction in Nepal. He since has appeared on occasion to give speeches and interact with those interested in his story and blessings. Each time, he disappears once again to continue his meditation. Although many believe that Ram is the reincarnation of Buddha, he had denied the fact and simply claims to be enlightened like Buddha through his meditation.

This is not the first time a person has claimed to have not eaten or drank anything for very long periods of time. An Indian man claimed he had not eaten or drank anything for 70 years. He agreed to go under strict observation in a medical hospital where he did not consume food or water for 15 days. In this case, the man claimed to be receiving his sustenance through meditation.

A slightly different but similar story can also be seen when looking at an Indian man by the name of HRM who was observed in a medical hospital under strict observation for 411 days. During this time he did not consume any food but he did drink boiled water. He claimed to be feeding off of sunlight which he received while gazing at the sun during periods of zero UV ray emission. In both cases, medical professionals and researchers were baffled by the results and were left with no explanation. While many were quick to pass it off as a hoax and impossible, there has been nothing to back up their denial.

What is interesting about those claiming to not require sustenance while receiving it from some “other” source is that it appears to be much more of a western mentality to violently deny the possibility. In Buddhist tradition, it is seen and understood as something that is entirely possible and many Lama have done this in the past. Is it possible that out denial of such claims and inability to accept the possibility comes as a result of western culture being heavily disconnected from spiritual understandings of ourselves? For me, it seems highly plausible that a lack of self-understanding in western culture creates the inability to look at these claims seriously. Instead of seeing something that is potentially very exciting for humanity, it is viewed as a silly hoax so we can go on with our lives.

The Discovery Channel film crew produced a documentary from the footage they collected and that film can be viewed below. If this story intrigues you, It is highly recommended that you watch the short film as it goes into some very interesting detail and will likely answer some questions you might have. The film is titled “The Boy With Divine Powers”
Source: collective-evolution


Chemotherapy Does Not Work 97% of The Time

Originally E-mailed: Saturday, 17 August 2013 10:00

It is difficult when someone finds they have cancer, to step out of the intense fear most people experience at the point of diagnosis and rationally consider their way forward. It is something you need to consider, in my view, before you even know of the possibility of cancer. 

Dr. Peter Glidden calls it like it is – profit driven . There are many alternatives with far greater success records, just not endorsed by the mainstream medical fraternity. 

Thanks, Hedy.


This link that I shared back in August confirms that microchipping is included in the Obamacare legislation.

Sent: Thursday, 15 August 2013 21:17

Top Secret America

Originally E-mailed: Tuesday, 20 August 2013 17:15

With the emergence of the Snowden revelations, it is perhaps timely to revisit this excellent piece of journalism which investigated the secret investigative structure that was created after 9/11. In my view, its creation was one of the reasons that 9/11 was undertaken. In truth, the issues at NSA that Snowden reveals are but a small part of what has been created. 

An overview of this can be seen at . 

The Frontline documentary can be found at . If this is blocked in your country, I suggest you try Tunnel Bear which will allow you to appear to be in the US…

The Confidential Memo at the Heart of the Global Financial Crisis

Originally E-mailed: Friday, 23 August 2013 09:56

Thank you, Brian. 

Whoops… It appears that a window has been opened on the Machiavellian planning of the failure of the financial system; which, if you follow the threads, then led to the resulting debt of these private banks being converted into public debt as the banks were bailed out (I still view this sleight of hand with absolute amazement – how come the public did not scream out about this? Actually, the answer is obvious…), which then led to the pressures now being exerted in Europe in particular to repay those debts. Read the crises in Greece, Spain, Crete, etc.  

You think this is some kind of accident?  Check out .

If Publicized, this Study Would be a Vaccination Schedule Bombshell

Thank you, Gillian.

“Systemic autoimmunity appears to be the inevitable consequence of over-stimulating the host’s immune ‘system’ by repeated immunization with antigen, to the levels that surpass system’s self-organize criticality.” (Emphasis added.)
This carefully planned and executed abuse, planted so deeply into the Western medical system, defended on the basis of the odd success such as smallpox (though even these claims are disputed), will take time to pull apart. The compliant – nay, complicit – lamestream media will not reveal these studies. To expect otherwise is simply naïve. Just as they were complicit in what happened at 9/11 and will never expose the truth. Truth is not their purpose.

This article discusses powerful outcomes from a Japanese study.

Most people – including many who read this – continue to believe that the systems and processes in our world, on all levels, are planned and executed for the intended benefit of the majority of people, and deny the possibility of a powerful agenda behind these various threads I share with you. To those I say, it is time to look at what creates the context for your life, not just its content. Most people are busily executing their hamster wheel lives, focussed primarily on survival and how to be “nice” to those around them. My friends, it is not a luxury we can continue to indulge in. To do so will see life as we know it destroyed as we watch the promises of Orwell’s “1984” seem like a hopeful outcome for this world and for humanity. The agenda in play is far worse.

If you want to begin to understand this agenda, this piece on the Rothschilds is a good place to start.

A claimed quote from Gutle Schnaper, Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s wife, apparently not long before her death in 1849 – “If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.”

If you wish to begin to grasp this picture, here are a few other items I have shared in the past:

Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars

New order of Barbarians

Georgia Guidestones

Agenda 21

I have been referring to Agenda 21 quite a bit recently and was drawn to resend this email from August, as many of you will not have seen it.

Sent: Saturday, 24 August 2013 09:18
Subject: Agenda 21

I share this video with you to alert you to Agenda 21, which I suspect you are not aware of. It is a very powerful process of change being driven from within the UN and being justified on the back of blaming humanity for global warming. If you still buy this story, please do your homework thoroughly. As you can see, Agenda 21 has been up and going since at least the early 90’s.

I am not sharing this with you to share weather news or his Premium service promo from a month ago… The piece on Agenda 21 starts at about 1:15.

I also share because this man has been getting a bad rap recently in some circles. Sharing Agenda 21 warnings do not fit with that rap. Enough said.

November 2-9 2013 highlights ~ Shift Frequency

Thank you, Gillian, for your thoughtful and insightful perspective.


America’s Precipitous Fall In Prestige & Power 

Time moves forward at relentless pace. It seems almost between each breath some change occurs that alters the trajectory of the predominant belief sets concerning the status quo. Even false flags are receiving short shrift, being forced to give way to the exigencies of more immediate concerns like faltering economies, shifting international allegiances, and corruption so vast it can no longer be hidden.

Events didn’t get this way by accident. They were scripted to occur, and are occurring. The power elite who have dictated policy for eons have separated themselves from the body politic. They see themselves as entitled  to do as they please and are of a decidedly service to self (STS) orientation. They are uncaring and indifferent to the consequences of their actions and they act without restraint of law or morality.

Case in point, America and Russia. “It is quite amazing for those who remember the Soviet Union of the late 1980 how much the US under Obama has become similar to the USSR under Brezhnev: internally it is characterized by a general sense of disgust and alienation of the people triggered by the undeniable stagnation of a system rotten to its very core. A bloated military and police state with uniforms everywhere, while more and more people live in abject poverty.  A public propaganda machine which, like in Orwell’s 1984, constantly boasts of successes everywhere while everybody knows these are all lies.  Externally, the US is hopelessly overstretched and either hated [or] mocked abroad.  Just as in the Soviet days, the US leaders are clearly afraid of their own people so they protect themselves by an immense and costly global network of spies and propagandists who are terrified of dissent and who see the main enemy in their own people.”

Americans Take The Fall For Rogue Governance

In the interest of controlling the world via international agencies the hidden hand manipulating global affairs infiltrated the Executive Branch of American government with an intent to dismantle this powerful nation state from within. Through the Executive branch it gained access to the National Security Agency (NSA).

Paul Craig Roberts writes “In the United States democracy takes a back seat to “national security,” a prerogative of the executive branch of government. National security is where the executive branch hides its crimes against law, both domestic and international, its crimes against the Constitution, its crimes against innocent citizens both at home and abroad, and its secret agendas that it knows that the American public would never support. “National security” is the cloak that the executive branch uses to make certain that the US government is unaccountable.”

How unaccountable you may ask? Ignoring at this time the multiple scandals attached to the Obama administration, let’s focus on the attitude of those empowered within this administration.  “. . . After almost half a billion dollars spent on the computer registration system for Obamacare, the website coughed, sputtered and appeared to descend into an immediate coma as millions tried to log on.”

However, “[f]or many, the greatest surprise was not that the government spent wildly on a defective system, but that the failure did not result in a single termination.” In fact “the appearance of the still employed Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius at a congressional hearing [on Nov. 6] led many to ask a reasonable question: What does it take to lose a government job? . . . “  Short of illness resulting in death, there seems to be no act performed by a high-ranking government official or bankster that could possibly lead to termination for gross negligence (the official) or imprisonment (the bankster).

It is precisely this lack of concern for the rule of law that has caused America to fall precipitously in the eyes of a formerly admiring world. Too many see through the sham of this most undemocratic of societies bringing “democracy” to the world. “Democracy” no longer serves as an adequate shield to hide imperial arrogance backed by military might.

“It would be naive to hope that this “de-imperialization” process of the USA could happen without violence.  The French and British Empires collapsed against the bloody backdrop of WWII, while the Nazi and Japanese Empires were crushed under a carpet of bombs.  The Soviet Empire collapsed with comparatively less victims, and most of the violence which did take place during that process happened on the Soviet periphery.  In Russia itself, the number of deaths of the mini civil war of 1993 was counted in the thousands and not in the millions. And by God’s great mercy, not a single nuclear weapon was detonated anywhere.

‘So what will likely happen when the US-Ziocon Empire finally collapses under its own weight?  Nobody can tell for sure, but we can at least hope that just as no major force appeared to rescue the Soviet Empire in 1991-1993, no major force will attempt to save the US Empire either.  As David Rovic’s puts it so well, the big weakness of the 1% which rule the US-Ziocon Empire is that “they are a tiny minority and we are everywhere.”

Until next week,

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