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Water-Powered Cars & Inventors Killed

The notion that “plain old water” could be used as a basis for powering a car seems fanciful to most of us – and yet, quite a few people have spent many years investigating such notions, and in quite a few cases paying for such investigations with their lives. Interestingly, some years ago I heard of a guy in my home town of Melbourne, Australia who was working on such ideas and I paid him a visit. It was clear there was something behind what he was doing, but it was not something you could commercialise, even without the artificial barriers.

As with many other alternative energy sources, these seem to be able to gain traction and visibility recently in ways that have eluded them in the past. This article (thanks, Molly) discusses some of those efforts, along with some of the history of those who died in the attempt.

105 Scientists Slam GMO-Rat-Study Retraction

I quote from this article:

According to the article published December 5, 2013 in the Ecologist, This arbitrary, groundless retraction of a published, thoroughly peer-reviewed paper is without precedent in the history of scientific publishing, and raises grave concerns over the integrity and impartiality of science. These concerns are heightened by a sequence of events surrounding the retraction:

  • the appointment of ex-Monsanto employee Richard Goodman to the newly created post of associate editor for biotechnology at FCT
  • the retraction of another study finding potentially harmful effects from GMOs (which almost immediately appeared in another journal)
  • the failure to retract a paper published by Monsanto scientists in the same journal in 2004, for which a gross error has been identified. [1]

End of quote.

Whilst the statistical significance of the conclusions of the work are not strong as a result of the study following a process specified by Monsanto itself, the results are a powerful indicator of the impact of GMO foods upon rats and hence an indicator that they are not exactly “substantially equivalent” to normal foods, as the FDA would have us believe. However, what is most interesting is that Monsanto have been caught red-handed in setting up the game to have the paper retracted. It is a perfect example of how Monsanto and others play these games, and the outcry might be a small chink in the usually impregnable onslaught by such organisations and those they represent. What interests me most is that most scientists will not protest for fear of threatening their own livelihood, though in my experience many science and other researchers don’t even see the hamster wheel they are inside of. So this outcry is a milestone in itself.

The Pathology of the Rich – Chris Hedges on Reality Asserts Itself

Chris Hedges discusses with Paul Jay the psychology of the super-rich; their sense of entitlement, the dehumanization of workers, and mistaken belief that their wealth will insulate them from the coming storms.

Chris Hedges is a well-educated, well-informed journalist and author who sees very clearly the train smash that the current situation in our world represents.

Greedopoly ~ A PlayMakers Game

Thank you, Gillian. A wonderful perspective on the bigger picture.


Who are the PlayMakers? They are perceived as the “1 percent.” In actuality it’s more like the .”0.000000001 percent” who have devised and control this game.

The game itself is an energy game. It’s configured by the PlayMakers as a “take/exploit” exchange, with themselves as Takers and the 99.99999999 as exploitable energy resources embedded in the game (at birth) without informed consent.

Greedopoly has simple rules of engagement. Takers (exclusively):

  • extract energy from the output of the 99.9999999 percent via corporations, big pharma, weather wars, real wars, trade partnerships, bribery, corruption, malfeasance, and, for emergencies just plain graft.
  • extend empty energy pockets (privately-owned central banks) to be filled by the energy output of the 99.9999999 percent via taxes, mortgages and unsecured loans saddled with usurious interest rates
  • control everything everywhere via spy tech, hidden tech, internet tech, the Bavarian Illuminati, royal houses, the UN, World Health Organization, Bilderbergers, Club of Rome, “democratically” elected governments, and Agenda 21
  • weed out “useless eaters” via GMOs, chemtrails, race-specific viruses, vaccines, and devious plots too numerous to list
  • Enforce laws, regulations, rules, statutes, legal claims – none of which apply to them
  • Build underground bunkers, seed vaults, and nature preserves with proceeds from drug trades and wealth stolen from conquered territories

Greedopoly Ends When Winners Take All (Or Losers Stop Playing)

Because it’s fundamentally a one-way energy grab Greedopoly reaches a terminal point when the energy demands on the system exceed energy output from the system. Bud Conrad  discusses the  manipulations of government, central banks, and financial institutions on behalf of the PlayMakers. “Despite what we’ve be told is the case, they have fixed absolutely nothing. Our national debt has grown, millions have already been impoverished and millions more will be soon. The next crisis is imminent. The complex of potential future problems will be based on the same problems that caused the 2008 downturn… too much government debt, too much private debt and a collapse of that debt when it can’t be paid, creating a new economic crisis.  . . .”

Ellen Brown agrees. “That’s the big disaster that’s coming. Probably one of these big derivative banks will go bankrupt . . . the derivative players will get first dibs. They’ll grab all the deposits, and there won’t be anything left.”

As for serving time for financial crime that’s a laugher except if you, like Bernie Madoff, run a parallel financial crime syndicate. As Matt Taibbi notes, “Of course, you won’t hear about the recent financial corruption case, United States of America v. Carollo, Goldberg and Grimm, called anything like that . . . But this just completed trial in downtown New York . . . allowed federal prosecutors to make public for the first time the astonishing inner workings of the reigning American crime syndicate, which now operates not out of Little Italy and Las Vegas, but out of Wall Street.”

In fact, Taibbi continues “the most dangerous possible consequence of the extreme concentration of financial power that has taken place in the last few decades has always been the possibility that these giants might figure out ways to work together, to game the costs of things for the rest of us. That’s what took place in this case, as these defendants (and many big banks which have already settled with the state for similar actions) were caught colluding to skim from the investment returns owed to all of us local taxpayers.”

Iceland Says “No”

Fortunately, a shining example of saying “no” to the PlayMakers just happened in Iceland. “Iceland’s government has announced that it will be writing off up to 24,000 euros ($32,600) of every household’s mortgage, fulfilling its election promise, despite overwhelming criticism from international financial institutions. The measure was introduced by the country’s prime minister, Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson, the leader of the Progressive Party which won the late-April elections on a promise of household debt relief. According to the government’s website the household debt will be reduced by 13 percent on average.”

Naturally the PlayMakers aren’t pleased and are pulling out all the stops. They’re expressing their disapproval via international organizations like the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), and slashing Iceland’s rating via Standard & Poors from “stable” to “negative.”

Like All Games Played With Loaded Dice Greedopoly Dies With Exposure

Greedopoly is no longer a hidden game.  Its stranglehold is being challenged by Bitcoin, state-owned banks, and informed-citizen repudiation of PlayMaker trade treaties, vaccines and GMOs. What once seemed like a yawn to the finish line has suddenly grown recalcitrant tentacles that threaten the centralized hub of total control.

Opposing forces have begun operations in the Middle East (Russia and China), South America (Brazil), Africa (South Africa), and India.  They are creating an economic block to offset the global economic damage that was planned by the PlayMakers to facilitate their ultimate grab for supreme power via one world governance. To the PlayMakers increasing dismay what once seemed a sure bet isn’t so sure any more. Like Pandora’s box, the lid has been opened and the consequences are likely to prove just as unpalatable for them as they proved for Pandora.

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Ex-official: CIA Helped Jail Mandela

For nearly 28 years the U.S. government has harboured an increasingly embarrassing secret: A CIA tip to South African intelligence agents led to the arrest that put black nationalist leader Nelson Mandela in prison for most of his adult life.

You can read about this here.

House and Senate Near Deal to Fast-Track TPP, Drafted in Secrecy By and For Corporations

A sweeping trade agreement (TPP) between the United States and a dozen Pacific nations could be approved by Congress as early as next week.

As I’ve said, this agreement undermines the rights of governments to make laws that threaten big business of virtually any type. It completely shifts the balance of power in the world, along with a similar agreement covering the Atlantic.

Roswell Revisited — Colonel Phillip J. Corso

Colonel Phillip Corso, Sr. was an Army intelligence officer who served on Eisenhower’s National Security Council. After his 21 year military career he served as a military analyst. Colonel Corso personally saw deceased extraterrestrials from the Roswell crash in 1947 and a UFO craft at an airbase. He had also seen UFOs travel at 4,000 miles an hour on radar. When he worked in R&D, he was given fragments of extraterrestrial technologies from various crashes and his job was to seed industry with these technologies telling them they were from earthly foreign sources.

He shares his story here.


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