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Webster Tarpley: The Elite’s Plan for Global Extermination

I was watching this presentation by Dr Webster Tarpley today, a historian and economist, discussing the appointment of John P Holdren as Obama’s White House science advisor in his first administration, a role I understand he continues to hold.

I find Tarpley’s presentation of great interest since he exposes very poignantly the myth that Obama has ever stood for positive change for the American people in his time as President. Indeed, when you see Holdren’s historical writings laid bare by Tarpley, what you see is the globalist eugenics agenda (renamed genetics after WWII) in full flight. He says of Holdren’s writings “this is a cookbook for the extermination of humankind”.

Tarpley also exposes many of the threads of this agenda and points very directly to it as a globalist agenda, and also mentions the speech by Maurice Strong prior to 1992 UN conference in Rio that spawned Agenda 21, the Agenda that sees humanity removed from most of the planet by every means available and relocated to shoebox apartments in densely populated and controlled urban areas, away from the world’s controllers. Anyone been watching the “Hunger Games” series of movies? These movies condition you for what is coming. It’s happening and it’s happening by stealth within every local council across the planet. I have mentioned previously how Maurice Strong was used to set up the “agenda” for the Agenda 21 conference as well as the terms of reference for the IPCC so it only looked at the human input to global warming (did someone mention the sun?)

Unfortunately, Tarpley does not mention Agenda 21, nor does he expose the layer behind the likes of Holdren and his cohorts – and Maurice Strong – that push the elements of this agenda; the global banking and resource-controlling families of the Rothschilds and their primarily German Jewish banking cohorts such as the Warbrurgs, Rockefellers, etc., who were also behind Adolf Hitler and all he did and stood for, including eugenics, trauma-based mind control and much more.

There are many individuals like Holdren and Strong, peddling their particular piece of this complex global puzzle. Another is Phillip Zelikow, who is perhaps best known as the executive director of the 9/11 Commission. But it is only when you understand this man’s history that you can understand why he was placed in that role. Here is another damning perspective on Zelikow.

Unless you begin to join the dots on these people, you cannot even begin to see the tapestry that lies behind them all; and there are literally hundreds if not thousands of such people, playing their roles in rolling out this global agenda of eliminating most of the human population, keeping only a reduced number to support the elite, replacing most of the workers with robotics and creating hybrids of many of those that remain.

Our history does not record that those who usurped power in the ancient civilisation of Atlantis (that was deconstructed about 13,000 years ago), created half man/half beast forms that carried a human soul. They were a slave class for the elite and were known as “the things”. In so many ways, what we are witnessing in this “end time” is the replication of what was done in Atlantis. Most consider that Atlantis was mythical, but I work with many people who readily recall lifetimes lived in Atlantis, and my business partner is able to readily witness the human form that existed in that time. Of course, we are encouraged to believe that such abilities do not exist and the experiences are imagined or falsified…

Getting back to Tarpley, I commend his presentation to you as it shines a light on layers of this agenda that aim to eliminate most of humanity.

The Real Reason For Cheap Oil and Gas

This video (watch out for the very high sound level) summarises the reason for the reduction in oil and related prices in recent months. Global politics. I also find it interesting that the key meeting setting this up occurred on September 11 (9/11) this year. These goons are so hooked on their view of numerology.

Also, don’t make the mistake of thinking the US is driving this. Remember they are just the stalking horse for those who run the global game and control virtually all countries through their reserve banks (the issuance of money) and other mechanisms.

Massive radiation spike at Fukushima

If it’s not in the mainstream news, it tends to fall out of people’s awareness. And so it is with the travesty committed at Fukushima, this man-made, massive radioactive pollution of our biosphere. We may forget about it, but the radioactive products continue to pour into the sea and underground aquifers.

This article shares with us that the readings taken on November 13, 2014 have spiked massively in just 10 days:

Cs-134 @ 920 Bq/L
Up over 40,000% in 10 days
Previous record @ 110 Bq/L

Cs-137 @ 3,000 Bq/L
Up over 40,000% in 10 days
Previous record @ 250 Bq/L

Mn-54 @ 110 Bq/L
Up over 2,000% in 10 days

Gross Beta @ 3,200,000 Bq/L
Up over 1,000% in 10 days

Are we all going to stand by and watch this, whilst there are solutions available to at least mitigate the effects?

It seems so. Some people have moved from the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere to avoid this pollution.

As I’ve said before, I do not expect issues such as this to be addressed in this consciousness. A change is needed for humanity to survive and prosper.

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