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The story of Stephen Kim

I recently shared with you the story of Stephen Kim– a man who was hung out to dry to make an example of a government employee sharing information with a journalist, even though another arm of the government had encouraged him to do so.

The Intercept team have produced a brief documentary on Stephen. I commend it to you. It’s a powerful illustration of how the power of the US Government will destroy you if it chooses, regardless of your guilt or innocence. Stephen lost his family, his house, his money and that of his family before accepting that 13 months in jail under a plea bargain was the only realistic option.

I am reminded of the experience of the brilliant, prodigious Aaron Swartz, who a couple of years ago was subjected to a similar treatment and committed suicide to escape his persecution. If you have not seen The Internet’s Own Boy, I commend it to you. If you think the judicial system is about justice, think again.

The Psychology, Psychiatry, Psychoanalysis Nexus: “Mental Disorders” Drives Big Pharma Profit and Social Control

A powerful and timely paper. I quote:

Out of the fundamental need to further develop the science of psychology evolving from the dominant medical model came the related study and practice of psychiatry, trained medical doctors who specialize in the human mind combining study of its physical correlate the brain with behavior. Abnormal psychology developed as yet another sub-branch within the field that delved into deviant behavior and psychopathology. As a scientific discipline at the turn of the twentieth century, the formalized study of the human mind and behavior in its initial formative stages as a still wannabe science recognized only seven “known” mental disorders:mania, melancholia, monomania, paresis, dementia, dipsomania and epilepsy.

As the functions of the brain and its effects on abnormal behavior were further studied and delineated, a pressing need to classify the growing number of identifiable mental disorders manifested in 1952 with the very first published edition of the Diagnostic Statistical Method of Mental Disorders (DSM). The American Psychiatric Association Committee on Nomenclature and Statistics in its DSM-1 listed a total of 102 mental disorders. A half century later in 1994 the DSM-4 enumerated a whopping 365 mental maladies. And with the latest DSM-5 out in 2013, the massive list of mental disorders is now up to 374.

The proclivity for the psychiatric field to pathologize humans through exponentially increasing mental disorders can be the speculated result reflecting a deepening level of scientific knowledge, empirical evidence of society’s worsening mental health condition and/or the increasing linkage between psychiatry and Big Pharma’s greedy thirst for record-setting profits. The latter explanation takes into full account the unholy marriage between psychiatry and the ever-powerful pharmaceutical industry. Invention of new diseases leads to more Big Pharma profit.

Moreover, the alarming partnership merger between Big Business and Big Government combined with America’s morphing from a deceased democratic republic into an emerging fascist totalitarian oligarchy best illustrates this phenomenon that now has nearly every American able to be diagnosed with a specific mental disorder. Where there is no ethical or moral consideration for what’s best for the human population, having this convenient DSM tool leading the mental health system to in effect be able to certifiably declare virtually anyone with a diagnosable mental disorder ultimately becomes the perfect vehicle/weapon for abusive tyranny and oppression. Institutionalization in lock-up facilities like insane asylums, prisons and FEMA camps looms large in the feds’ not-so-hidden agenda, especially the United Nations Agenda 21.

For over two decades Harvard psychologist Paula Caplan has led a valiant crusade against the labeling of humans based on the proliferation of newly identified mental disorders dispersed by the bible for clinical diagnosis – the Diagnostic Statistical Method of Mental Disorders. Beginning with her 1995 book They Say You’re Crazy, Paula has long been a vocal critic of her own field of psychology and psychiatry, more recently noting that it has come to now identify 374 specific classifications of mental disorders according to the latest edition – 2013’s DSM-5. Just in the prior seven years since the release of DSM-4R, she maintains that 77 new mental disorders have sprung up joining the ever-expanding list.

Dr. Caplan cites “Pathologizing Your Period,” as illustriously perverse evidence of the damage done by inventing artificial mental disorders (like Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder) that are mere natural biological functions all to enhance the profit making machine of Big Pharma. Just to show that as a feminist she is not partial to rushing exclusively to the aid of just her own gender, Paula Caplan cites Delusional Dominating Personality Disorder as the bogus diagnosis directed at males.  She concludes the DSM is unscientific, fails to improve health and causes severe psychological damage to the diagnosed. The Hippocratic Oath of “first do no harm” is fundamentally violated by mislabeling humans in the worst possible way.

Of course the pink elephant in every psychiatrist office is Big Pharma. In a case of clear conflict of interest, while Big Pharma is busily funding the American Psychiatric Association (APA), twenty white male psychiatrists from the APA full of biases against women, minorities and the poor are misusing their paid imaginations to creatively invent yet new mental disorders every few years. Hence, Big Pharma and the psychiatrists behind the DSM both possess the self-serving interest to label more people as mentally defective in order to justify giving them more drugs. Money, profit and greed are at the root of all this horrific propaganda and disinformation.

End of quote.

You may also like to access the Agenda 21 document linked to above. It’s the first time I’ve seen this document and it’s on my reading list.

Michael Steinbacher and another piece of the Catastrophism picture

Another man following the Velikovsky thread of Catastrophism is Michael Steinbacher. Steinbacher argues that many features on our planet were formed electrically, very rapidly and are what our ancestors expressed in myth and legend; that is, their formation is recent, and not millions of years ago as mainstream geology would tell us.

Ben Davidson of Suspicious Observers spent time with Steinbacher, and shares a little of Michael’s story in this video and this video, along with laboratory demonstrations of these electrical processes at work.

How the NSA’s Firmware Hacking Works and Why It’s So Unsettling

If you are interested in how deep the NSA rabbit hole goes in compromising people’s computers, you may like to read this.

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