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CSIRO boss defends shake-up, says politics of climate ‘more like religion than science’

Shock!!! Horror!!!

The CSIRO’s chief has told the ABC the backlash from his decision to restructure the organisation has made him feel like an “early climate scientist in the ’70s fighting against the oil lobby” and that there is so much emotion in the debate it almost “sounds more like religion than science”.

End of quote.

Does this man not know who defines this nonsense that he’s questioning?

I will not be surprised to see his tenure foreshortened. This kind of insolence is just not tolerated.

It’s just as career threatening as questioning the Holocaust. Indeed, there have been moves in the US to make questioning global warming illegal, just like questioning the Holocaust is in many European countries.

It’s the same pattern, the same rules.

Never let the facts interfere with a good story, especially when that story has a powerful agenda of manipulation and deceit.

Day of Reckoning – update

A few people have asked me what I would do in their circumstances as the global Ponzi scheme collapses.

I am not, never have been and never plan to be in the place to give anyone financial advice, but this video expresses pretty well how I see things and what I would do myself.

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