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How To Survive The Holocaust

Brother Nathaniel was born a Jew and converted to Greek Orthodox along his path.

Brother Nathaniel always has an insightful take on things, and this time he turns his blowtorch on the holocaust and shares some unique insights on why the holocaust is a myth.

The first Jew to blow the holocaust myth away was David Cole (aka David Stein), when as a young man he went to Auschwitz to witness it for himself and realised the story simply couldn’t hold up under scrutiny.

But most people can’t contemplate that it is a horrific piece of Jewish propaganda to justify the creation of Israel, to encourage Jews to go there, to intimidate the goyim whilst they destroy their cultures and countries from within and to justify the huge survivor payments imposed upon Germany.

Again, this is not all Jews. As I’ve said many times, I treasure a number of Jews as my friends and there are others whose work I respect enormously. It’s the small group of them that control our world and manipulate all of us for their own benefit, including most Jews, that I seek to expose.

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