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Here Are 100 Reasons Why We Need To Audit The Federal Reserve

Although this article begins by lauding Trump’s stand on the need to audit the Federal Reserve, the article itself stands above this distraction and points out the price the US has paid and continues to pay for the Fed:

The Fed has been around for so long that most people assume that we need it.

But the truth is that we don’t actually need the Federal Reserve.  In fact, the greatest period of economic growth in United States history happened during the decades before the Federal Reserve was created.

A little over 100 years ago, very powerful forces on Wall Street successfully pushed for the creation of an immensely powerful central bank, and since that time the value of the U.S. dollar has fallen by about 98 percent and our national debt has gotten more than 5000 times larger.

The Federal Reserve does whatever it feels like doing, and Fed officials insist that the institution must remain “independent” and “above politics” because monetary policy is too important to entrust to the American people.

To me, this is absolutely ridiculous.  Everything else, including our national defense, is subject to the normal political process, and yet the decisions made by the Fed are so “important” that the American people can’t have a voice?

It is high time that the American people begin to learn what the Federal Reserve is really all about, and that can start with a full, comprehensive audit of all of the Federal Reserve’s activities.  Yesterday, Donald Trump came out in favor of such an audit…

… I don’t understand why so many Americans continue to support the Federal Reserve.

We don’t need a bunch of central planners setting interest rates and determining monetary policy.  We are supposed to have a free market system, and the free market should be setting interest rates – not the Federal Reserve.

Unfortunately, just about every nation on the entire planet now has a central bank.  Even though the nations of the world can’t agree on much, somehow central banking has been adopted virtually everywhere.  At this point, more than 99.9% of the population of the world lives in a country that has a central bank.

There are still some minor island countries such as the Federated States of Micronesia that do not have a central bank, but the only major nation not to have one right now is North Korea.  And nobody in their right mind would ever want to live there.

So how in the world did this happen?

Did the people of the world willingly choose this debt-based system or was it imposed upon them?

To my knowledge, there has never been a single vote where the population of a nation has willingly chosen to establish a central bank.  I could be wrong about this, but I have never heard of one.

It is the elite that have always wanted central banking, and now they pretty much have the entire planet in their grasp.

That is why we should applaud Donald Trump when he stands up to the elite.  And it isn’t just regarding the Fed that he has done this.  The following comes from an excellent article that was just written by Dan Lyman

Ultimately, Trump knows it is the global elite who have pried our borders wide open. He knows it is THEY who are responsible for the tens of millions of Third Worlders pouring into our nations. He knows that THEY are the monsters who need the world to be constantly at war. He knows THEY are radically altering our food supply with GMOs and poisonous chemicals. He knows THEY are responsible for poisoning our drinking water, filling our skies and air supplies with toxic waste, genociding our unborn children, collecting data on all citizens to implement the Orwellian police state, forcing poison into our babies’ veins – and soon the rest of us, redistributing what remains of our wealth under the guises of ‘saving the planet’ or ‘refugee aid,’ allowing and funding the ISIS Islamofascists to decimate places like Syria and Iraq in Satanic fashion, promoting the psychotic LGBT Nazis to goose-step all over our religious liberties and gender-privacy in school bathrooms. If there is a societal cancer metastasizing somewhere, it can usually be traced back to the same sources.

Yes, there are many things that we can criticize Trump and the other Republican candidates for.  But when they nail something, we should be willing to admit that they got something right.

End of quote.

Sadly, the article doesn’t finger those who created the Fed, most notably Paul Warburg, who came to the US on behalf of the Jewish banksters, headed by the Rothschilds, for the specific purpose of creating the Fed. It was at least their third attempt to create a US central bank, and they killed or attempted to kill those Presidents who opposed them. I noticed recently that the wonderful documentary on the “History of Money” that spelled this out so beautifully has – unsurprisingly – disappeared from YouTube. If any of you know of another copy, please let me know. I failed to save a copy and I would like a fresh link.

Nevertheless, this article does a good job of spelling out the consequences.

FBI’s demand that Apple create a backdoor for an iPhone

The FBI has received a judge’s favourable ruling to force Apple to create a backdoor to an iPhone belonging to one of the so-called San Bernardino shooters.

And the reason the FBI can’t get the data? Because they, themselves changed the passcode…

Here is a detailed Customer Letter from Apple about this issue:

The government asked a court to order Apple to create a unique version of iOS that would bypass security protections on the iPhone Lock screen. It would also add a completely new capability so that passcode tries could be entered electronically.

This has two important and dangerous implications:

First, the government would have us write an entirely new operating system for their use. They are asking Apple to remove security features and add a new ability to the operating system to attack iPhone encryption, allowing a passcode to be input electronically. This would make it easier to unlock an iPhone by “brute force,” trying thousands or millions of combinations with the speed of a modern computer.

We built strong security into the iPhone because people carry so much personal information on our phones today, and there are new data breaches every week affecting individuals, companies and governments. The passcode lock and requirement for manual entry of the passcode are at the heart of the safeguards we have built in to iOS. It would be wrong to intentionally weaken our products with a government-ordered backdoor. If we lose control of our data, we put both our privacy and our safety at risk.

Second, the order would set a legal precedent that would expand the powers of the government and we simply don’t know where that would lead us. Should the government be allowed to order us to create other capabilities for surveillance purposes, such as recording conversations or location tracking? This would set a very dangerous precedent.

End of quote.

This Letter pulls no punches.

I have said previously this is about those in power being able to surveil all of us at will, and I am not alone in this view. This brief Reality Check video by Ben Swann, in which he interviews John McAfee on the matter, spells it out very clearly. In this video, McAfee explains that he has offered to the FBI to hack this phone, if it really is just this phone they want. But, of course, it’s not and they haven’t replied to his offer.

And in case you are in any doubt, we have Bill Gates backing the FBI (we know where this shareholder in Monsanto and funder of vaccination programmes in India and elsewhere stands) and there have been MSM articles saying the public supports the FBI; well, we know where the MSM stands.

Apple has made it clear it will not back down, whilst Google leaves the barn door wide open with Android. No surprises there, either, if you understand who and what Google is and represents.

And Apple is managing the PR side very well and are willing to go to the Supreme Court if needed, and is pushing for a congressional panel that includes industry experts (that would be a change) to consider these issues, so we’ll see where this goes. It’s been shoved firmly into the spotlight by Apple, and they will fight with everything they have.

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