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Keiser Report: Will the dollar live to die another day? – another view on the new m-SDR

Thanks, Steve.

This Episode of the Keiser Report provides an excellent overview of how the m-SDR could be used to roll out a new global currency, as I discussed here.

All of this positioning ignores that Mao Zedong was a puppet of the global Jewish elite, as this photograph illustrates.

And, if you have the stomach for it, this article.

Few really get a grip on the true history of our world and what it means for today. It takes a lot of unlearning.


How Yemen’s Past is Being Erased, One Air Strike at a Time – As Part of a Global Plan?

Saudi bombers have not merely targeted civilians during the 18-month war in Yemen. They have struck time and again at the country’s thrilling architectural heritage, inflicting untold destruction.

Not even the old city of Sanaa, continuously inhabited for more than 2,500 years and a UNESCO world heritage site, has been spared. Its old quarter, which is every bit as as priceless and unique as those in European cities such as Venice and Florence, has also been targeted by planes from the Saudi-led coalition.

We spoke to Yemen’s director of antiquities, Mohannad Ahmad al-Syani, who graduated in archaeology from the University of Sanaa 30 years ago. He told us that “75 archaeological sites have been hit by the Saudi-led coalition or bombing by al-Qaeda”.

End of quote.

This deliberate destruction is not isolated to Yemen. It is, in my opinion, global in its scope and particularly active in the countries of Middle East and surrounds, which has such a rich base of “Western” history. It is clearly one of the agenda items of Daesh. Just look at what’s happened to Aleppo.

It seems very apparent to me that there is a high level agenda to destroy true human history and culture, as we are seeing in Yemen, as well as the undeniable evidence that Earth and humanity have seen advanced cultures in the past, as Graham Hancock, for one, has worked diligently to document in his writings. All of this evidence flies in the face of the lie we are told that humanity was in caves until about 10,000 years ago.

Was this why those responsible for Gobekli Tepe in Turkey buried it at least 11,5000 years ago, a site that took supposedly non-existent skills to create, a site with clear astronomical and astrological significance that pointed to the time we are now in, and did they do so because they knew attempts would be made to destroy this knowledge?

I also see it in my own country of Australia as the heritage and Aboriginal people themselves are destroyed. But this is just one example of the destruction of indigenous peoples across the globe.

All part of the satanic agenda, in my opinion.

This meme gets it fairly well.


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