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Alarming Melt Down: Global Warming Set to Destroy ‘White Continent’ – NOT!!!


We seem to be getting a whole new round of claims about the threats of global warming.


Climate change and the ozone hole have led to a dangerous increase in temperatures in some areas of Antarctica, which might bring crucial and irreversible consequences.

“The temperature increase in Antarctica is uneven. Over the past 50 years, significant changes in temperature have been recorded in some eastern regions of the continent. However, in some parts of the Antarctic Peninsula, scientists noticed a rise in temperatures by nearly 2.5 degrees Celsius. This situation is extremely unpleasant,” Rodolfo Sánchez, a member of the Argentine Antarctic Program, told Sputnik.

According to Sánchez, global warming plays a crucial role for the continent, as it directly affects the Antarctic ice shield.

“The reduction of ice weight can lead to profound changes in the structure and dynamics of the Antarctic ecosystem. Given that Antarctica borders all the world’s oceans, the melting ice might affect other nearby ecosystems and even some coastal cities,” explained Sánchez.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions also pose a threat to the continent.

As the scientist explains, the process of CO2 entering the atmosphere leads to the ocean souring as the gas is partially dissolved in the sea water and then transformed into carbonic acid.

End of quote.

And so it goes.

As you may know, most of the Earth’s ice is held in Antarctica. An estimated 90% of the plant’s fresh water is in that ice mass.

And I know some of you know that there are ancient maps that showed the Antarctic continent, which means it must have been free of ice in the past, maybe 20,000 years ago. But life went on…

And just for a little reality check, here is the current ice extent in Antarctica:


And the Arctic:


All pretty much tracking within the margin of error of the long term mean. No massive melting.

Note these are dated September 15, 2016, a couple of days ago. And you can check this for yourself every day if you wish at .

And there are people who should know better who keep trotting out this nonsense.

This whole thing is about Agenda 21/The 2030 Agenda.

The thing that ACTUALLY drives warming and cooling on the planet is – Gasp!!! – the sun. More specifically, the level of sunspot activity, which in turn is driven by the level of magnetic activity on the sun and specifically the rate of magnetic field decay as it approaches its 11 year magnetic reversal. The decline from a higher strength gives more sunspots or, more specifically, more solar flares.

And we’ve just finished a very weak cycle, similar to that which occurred at the time of the Maunder Minimum, which means we’re getting colder, not warmer, if you look out a few years.

And the REAL scientific evidence is there has been no measurable warming for 19 years up to October 2015.

Hard to believe, isn’t it, given what we hear almost daily.

But never let the facts interfere with a good piece of scaremongering to herd the sheeple where you want them to go. Not a mistake those who run our planet make.


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