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Stuxnet, Fukushima and the Inevitable Cyber Apocalypse

As part of my article on the Fukushima catastrophe, yesterday, I mentioned that I did not consider it to have been an accident.

This article on the Stuxnet virus and the consequences of such phenomena for our world revisits the evidence that Stuxnet had a hand in what happened at Fukushima. I have looked into this in the past and I’m satisfied of its veracity. Here’s part of that article:

In the classic apocalyptic film Terminator, future planet earth is under siege by sentient man-made robots of war seeking to terminate the human race. Autonomous machines created by human beings to destroy human beings. Maximum dystopian, and scary enough as fiction, however, the military industrial complex and the deep state are bringing us ever closer each year to this dark future.

Case in point, the Stuxnet computer worm, developed as a joint U.S-Israeli-British cyber weapon, it is set of malicious computer code which infects a ubiquitous model of programmable logic controllers (PLC’s), commonly used around the world in power plants and factories to mechanically control industrial hardware. PLC’s can tell a fan when to turn on and off, how much of a chemical to add to a product, or for how long to operate an industrial mixer or cooling system. They are the direct link between the cybernetic and the physical world.

Stuxnet was originally designed to seek out and to attack such hardware in Iran’s Natanz nuclear fuel enrichment facility in order to disable centrifuges, thereby disrupting Iran’s capacity to produce nuclear weapons, which it did so successfully in 2010.

“This worm was an unprecedentedly masterful and malicious piece of code that attacked in three phases. First, it targeted Microsoft Windows machines and networks, repeatedly replicating itself. Then it sought out Siemens Step7 software, which is also Windows-based and used to program industrial control systems that operate equipment, such as centrifuges. Finally, it compromised the programmable logic controllers.” [Source]

The attack on Natanz was a covert and illegal act of force, and part of spectrum of tactics employed at that time against Iran’s nuclear bomb making ambitions, including the assassinations of top Iranian nuclear scientists, attacks on Iranian pipelines, an international propaganda campaign, and pressure from the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Stuxnet is uncommonly dangerous in the world of malware, and to the digital detectives who discovered it and the analysts tasked with figuring out what it was, who made, and what it could do, it was their worst case scenario, something they had hoped they would never actually see unleashed unto the world.

“I wouldn’t call it amazement, it was kind of a shock. It went beyond our worst fears, our worst nightmares, and this continued the more we analyzed. The more we researched, the more bizarre the whole story got. It was evident at a very early stage that just given the sophistication of this malware suggested that there must have been a nation-state involved. At least one nation-state involved in the development.” ~Ralph Langer, Control Systems Security Consultant, Zero Days

“Here is a piece of software that should only exist in the cyber realm and it is able to affect physical equipment in a plant or factory and cause physical damage.” ~Eric Chien, Semantec Security Response Team, Zero Days

“Real world physical destruction. At that time things became very scary to us. Here you had malware potentially killing people, and that was something that was always Hollywoodesque to us.” ~Liam O’Murchu, Semantec Security Response Team, Zero Days

Two years after Stuxnet disrupted Iran’s nuclear program, CBS News did a segment on it, interviewing former head of the NSA and former director of the CIA, Retired General Michael Hayden, would say very little about it, except to warn us of the significance that Stuxnet will have on the future of warfare, representing a startling escalation into an entirely new battlefield.

“This was a good idea. All right. I also admit, this was a really big idea, too. The rest of the world was looking at this and saying, clearly someone has legitimated this kind of activity as acceptable in international conduct. The whole world was watching.” ~General Michael Hayden, Retired…

… Although we most likely will never find confirmation, some analysts speculate that Stuxnet was involved in the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear meltdown which occurred on 3/11/2011. Evidence for this includes the fact all layers of the power plant’s cooling systems failed, even systems designed to withstand major earthquakes and severe floods. Furthermore, some claim that Stuxnet was found in Japan just prior to the catastrophe, placing it near the scene of the crime.

The unfortunate truth is that we will never know the full details, largely because the Japanese government and TEPCO, the energy agency who operates the plant, are more concerned with stopping information leakage about the disaster and cleanup effort than they are about stopping the leakage of radioactive material.

Never-the-less, Fukushima serves as a shocking blueprint for the coming cyber apocalypse. A target-nation’s critical infrastructure mysteriously goes offline in spite of multiple layers of failsafes and backups, resulting in catastrophic, widespread damage and disruption in densely populated areas. Potentially, as is in the case of nuclear reactors, causing permanent ecological devastation and the indefinite dislocation of millions of people.

“We have entered into a new phase of conflict in which we use a cyber weapon to create physical destruction, and in this case, physical destruction in someone else’s critical infrastructure.” ~ U.S. General Michael Hayden, Retired

End of quote.

The fact that such a cyberweapon would be created should not surprise us.

But what kind of people would trigger a global catastrophe such as Fukushima that potentially threatens all life on the planet? This is where we get into territory most well-meaning people simply cannot countenance or even comprehend; and as a consequence we are ready victims. And we get more than an inkling as to who they are by the silence of the MSM about what is happening.

Graham Hancock has expressed the view that our world is run by demons. I think he’s correct. This behaviour is demonic. David Icke has been pilloried for his claims that there are demonic, shape shifting reptilians who run things. I’ve also looked closely at the evidence for this and I’m satisfied of its veracity. David’s interview with the Zulu Sangoma or shaman, Credo Mutwa is sufficient evidence in and of itself. In my opinion, everyone should watch this long interview. It will profoundly change your perception of reality – if your beliefs don’t stop you hearing the truth.

Can we turn things around? Again, enough of us have to acknowledge the situation and begin to take action, but I remain optimistic, for many reasons.


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The secret global control system is unravelling and Jeff Rense has a ringside seat

I have been listening to a series of interviews that Jeff Rense has conducted in recent days relating to efforts to blame the Russians for the US Presidential election result, exposure of the Clinton Foundation, PizzaGate, paedophilia, just to name a few, and I’m left with the strong sense that we are witnessing the beginning of the exposure of the hidden global control system.

For example, this interview with Jim Fetzer includes a discussion of just how threadbare the claims that Russia hacked the DNC are, courtesy of the analysis by John McAfee, the founder of the McAfee antivirus business. You can hear McAfee’s complete destruction of their claims here. As Rense says, the degree of incompetence and the ludicrousness of these claims, faithfully promoted globally by the MSM, raises serious concerns about what they might do from here. Beware the wounded beast.

And this interview with Yoichi Shimatsu on PizzaGate reveals how this exposure has been a massive public research project and how services such as Facebook, Reddit, etc. are acting to shut this information down. Further, Shimatsu has identified the links tracing this back to the Luciferian Rothschilds. Shimatsu’s series of articles are linked to here – scroll down to find them.

As I posited a while ago, PizzaGate might just be the thread that exposes this satanic, global control system of child abuse and sacrifice utilised by the satanic Jewish elite to control our world, and the evidence for this is growing rapidly.

Bring it on. It is one of many pieces of a complex puzzle that is showing signs of unfolding in our world. In my opinion, the emergence of the technology and understandings emerging from Mehran Keshe and his Keshe Foundation are no less critical.


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Officials State 1/3 of the World’s Oceans May Be Contaminated with Fukushima Radiation

The Fukushima nuclear meltdown has had exponential repercussions on the world. When the disaster happened, the media was all over it. People were concerned and wanted action. But very quickly, the media’s eye turned to another matter, than another, than another. Now, very few people likely think about the Fukushima disaster and what mark it made on the world.

Regardless of the lack of mainstream media attention, the Fukushima nuclear disaster is still affecting the world today. Over nearly six years now the leak from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant caused by the tsunami and preceding Tōhoku earthquake on 11 March 2011.

Officials State The Entire Pacific Ocean is in Danger

In response to the disaster, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), an organization that seeks to promote the peaceful use of Nuclear Power, established a joint IAEA Technical Cooperation (TC) project in cooperation with the Regional Cooperative Agreement (RCA) Member States. Energy News reports:

At the IAEA Board of Governors Meeting in 2015, Ambassador Glyn Davies, Permanent U.S. Representative to the IAEA, 2011: Today the Secretariat has presented to us a new Technical Cooperation project entitled “Marine benchmark study on the possible impact of the Fukushima radioactive releases in the Asia-Pacific Region.”

Member States in the region are understandably concerned for the safety of their marine environments. The IAEA has unique expertise to offer in helping them to assess how recent events in Japan may affect their food and water resources

The United States fully supports this project… While the Secretariat has demonstrated admirable flexibility and agility in assembling this project quickly to meet an urgent need, we recognize… extra-budgetary resources are required… My delegation is pleased to announce that the United States will immediately make available $400,000 for this new regional, Fukushima-related project… We hope this contribution will allow the project to move forward without delay

The Marine benchmark study on the possible impact of the Fukushima radioactive releases in the Asia-Pacific Region can be viewed here. It states:

“…there have been releases of radioactively contaminated water into the marine environment neighbouring the north east coast of the island of Honshu. It is assumed that this radioactive contamination could be transported and circulated through the Pacific Ocean. Consequently, RCA Member States have expressed concern about the possible impact of these releases on their coastal zones.

“An urgent and harmonised regional approach is essential to optimise and coordinate the application of the available skills and resources in the region in order to benchmark the possible impact of this release of radioactivity…

“The area potentially affected may encompass much of the Pacific Ocean, which covers one third of the area of the globe.”

End of quote.

Just in case you think it’s gone away, just like the media coverage has. It hasn’t…

And here’s another detailed update.

And I am of the view that the Fukushima event was not an accident.  Nuclear reactors don’t explode. They melt down. They don’t possess the needed properties to explode.


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