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WAR ALERT: Thousands of Troops Massing on Jordan Syrian Border

This report details the military build-up along the Syrian border in Jordan as thousands of US, British and Jordanian troops prepare for war.

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Clearly, from the things that Morphonios says, for all he has revealed, he has not yet grasped the bigger picture plans of the satanic Jewish elite for the world, which they have been unfolding for well over 100 years and arguably for much longer. He seems to think that Trump acts Presidentially and is accountable for what the US does, or that he is not going to lie about anything he chooses, like every political leader of the US and elsewhere before him.

What will it take for people to begin to see how our world actually works?

And are we watching preparations of the planned WWIII that Albert Pike foretold in 1871?

It seems to me TPTB don’t understand or can’t quite believe the import of the Keshe toys that Iran and Russia have in their pockets.


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A Tour Down Homicide Lane, As Baltimore Descends Into Chaos

The central black areas of Baltimore have the lowest per capita income in the US whilst the state of Maryland has the highest per capita income of any state in the United States…

This tells the story of the poor part of this picture:

Last week, I wrote an article titled The Ferguson Effect: Baltimore Millennials’ Worst Nightmare. The Ferguson Effect is a theory where the increased scrutiny of police post 2014 death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri and Trayvon Martin in Florida will lead to higher crime rates.

Baltimore is turning this theory into a reality, as the city descends into chaos before summer start. According to The Baltimore Sun Newspaper, the city has logged in 118 homicides today with the projection of >400 murders for year’s end. It’s so bad here that Baltimore’s Mayor has asked the Federal Government for help in attempt to regain control. Even the police union sounds the alarm of an officer shortage leading to decrease in patrols. All of this is occurring as the Baltimore population declines, nearing a 100-year low, U.S. Census says.

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And here is the video he shot of the area.

Simply rotting away. The people as well as the buildings.


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First-Ever Peer-Reviewed Study of Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated Children Shows Vaccinated Kids Have a Higher Rate of Sickness, 470% Increase in Autism

The first-ever, peer-review study has been published comparing total-health in vaccinated and unvaccinated children. Dr. Anthony Mawson led a research team that investigated the relationship between vaccination exposures and acute or chronic illnesses in home-schooled children. The vaccinated children had a much higher rate of autism and ADHD, at a rate of 470% higher than those who received no shots.  Vaccinated children were also more vulnerable to allergies and eczema. Unvaccinated children contract mild childhood diseases more frequently, but their vaccinated counterparts suffer pneumonia and ear infections more frequently. The finding that vaccination introduces a significant risk for autism is devastating to the vaccine industry and, therefore, will be vigorously attacked.

Pilot Comparative Study on the Health of Vaccinated and Unvaccinated 6-12 Year Old US Children

In a development that autism parents have long anticipated, the first-ever, peer-reviewed study comparing total health outcomes in vaccinated and unvaccinated children was released on line yesterday. According to sources close to the project, the study had been reviewed and accepted by two different journals, both of which pulled back on their approval once the political implications of the findings became clear. That’s largely because, as parents have long expected, the rate of autism is significantly higher in the vaccinated group, a finding that could shake vaccine safety claims just as the first president who has ever stated a belief in a link between vaccines and autism has taken office.

Working in partnership with the National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI), Dr. Anthony Mawson led a research team that investigated the relationship between vaccination exposures and a range of over 40 acute and chronic illnesses in home schooled children, a population chosen for its high proportion of unvaccinated children. Surveying families in four states–Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi and Oregon—the study (officially titled Vaccination and Health Outcomes: A Survey of 6- to 12-year-old Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Children based on Mothers’ Reports), reported a number of startling findings.

Vaccinated children were significantly more likely than the unvaccinated to have been diagnosed with a neurodevelopmental disorder: most notably, the risk of being affected by an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) was 4.7 fold higher in vaccinated children; as well, ADHD risk was 4.7 fold higher and learning disability risk was 3.7 fold higher. Overall, the vaccinated children in the study were 3.7 times more likely to have been diagnosed with some kind of neurodevelopmental disorder.

Vaccinated children were also significantly more likely to be diagnosed with an immune-related disorder. The risk of allergic rhinitis (commonly known as hay fever) was over 30 times higher in vaccinated children, while the risk of other allergies was increased 3.9 fold and the eczema risk was increased 2.4 fold.

With respect to acute illness and infectious disease the outcomes were in some respects surprising.  As might be expected, unvaccinated children were significantly (4-10 times) more likely to have come down with chicken pox, rubella or pertussis. Perhaps unexpectedly, the unvaccinated children were less likely to suffer from otitis media and pneumonia: vaccinated children had 3.8 times greater odds of a middle ear infection and 5.9 times greater odds of a bout with pneumonia.

The study was based on a survey with participants recruited in a process led by NHERI and coordinated through 84 state and local home-school groups. The survey itself was, according to the authors, “nonbiased and neutrally worded.”

These findings in a study population of 666 children, 261 of whom (39%) were unvaccinated, are sure to stir controversy, in part because it is the first of its kind. The scientific literature on the long-term effects of the vaccination program is virtually silent. Most studies on the safety of vaccines only consider immediate or short-term effects. There was no obvious explanation for the differences in health outcomes observed between the vaccinated and unvaccinated groups of children other than vaccination itself.

The finding that vaccination is a significant risk for autism is the most explosive finding in the paper. For well over a decade, parents concerned that vaccines were involved in autism’s sharp rise have been calling for what has long been labelled the “vax/unvax” study. Public health officials such as Paul Offit have resisted these calls with claims that a comparative study of autism risk and other health outcomes in unvaccinated and vaccinated children would be retrospectively impossible and prospectively unethical.

Despite opposition from those like Offit, attempts to launch a formal vax/unvax study have been made for many years. In 2006, Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney (D, NY) authored what is now called Vaccine Safety Study Act. Said Maloney to the opponents, “Maybe someone in the medical establishment will show me why this study is a bad idea, but they haven’t done it yet.” In 2007, Generation Rescue (one of the Mawson study’s sponsors) retained a market research firm to undertake a similar survey (it is available on line and had similar findings but was never published in a scientific journal).

End of quote.

As the edifice of deceit we live inside begins to crumble, it’s happening on many concurrent fronts.

And it’s happening because enough people know the truth, at least in their area or experience and are willing to take the risks to bring forth that truth.

It’s like so-called “free energy”. People have been showing up with solutions to the energy enslavement of our planet for at least 100 years, reaching at least back to Nikola Tesla, and being either murdered, threatened or bought off to keep them quiet. But at this time there might be more than a dozen being quietly fostered (thanks, Foster – a good pun deserves a second innings) and protected by several groups around the world that, in my opinion, will see several of these get commercialised. My personal focus is on the work of the Keshe Foundation in this regard, but it’s one of many.

However, let me not stray too far from this vaccination evidence. There is such intense global pressure to pursue vaccination when the real evidence is to the contrary, and so many parents with autistic children know the cause is vaccination. They’ve watched it unfold, and I’ve spoken personally to several of them. To quote Dr Rima Laibow from my recent post that referred to her eBook on autism treatment, “Autism is not the “new normal.” It is a serious iatrogenic medical condition”, meaning it’s caused by medical treatment, i.e.  vaccination.

Now there is a hole in the dyke of deceit on this, expect a flood of such studies. Soon we will see it as we now view the link between smoking and lung cancer, though this ground will be more staunchly defended than that was (though the by the same ultimate group) because it is more central to their plans.

Bring on the awakening…


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