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Partisan Girl On What’s Really Happening Now And Her Next Predictions

Formerly known as Syrian Girl, “Partisan Girl” Mimi Al Laham reads the tea leaves very well – you have to understand that America’s actions are driven to pursue the objective of Greater Israel. Only when you look through that lens can you then, and only then, make sense of what’s going on in Syria and the broader Middle Eastern region. Remember who ultimately runs the show. Mimi’s views are well worth listening to. She shares great insights and does not buy the political charade most people still pin their hopes on.

Meanwhile, we have the MSM reporting the US State Dept. claiming Assad has set up a crematorium to hide his atrocities. Heard this meme before? WWII comes to mind. Imagination is not the long suit of these psychopaths. And we currently have an Israeli minister calling for Assad’s assassination and attacking Iran.

However, perhaps this meme will have sway this time:

Time will tell.


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