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The Secret of Oz MOVIE – Learn about the World Economy

Back in the 90s, Bill Still created the extraordinary Money Masters, a documentary tour de force that remains the reference point for explaining the world’s monetary history. I commend it to you if you’ve not seen it.

Still followed this in 2010 with his documentary on the Wizard of Oz entitled The Secret of Oz. In this documentary, Still explains how the Wizard of Oz was actually telling the story of the battle between the Jewish banking oligarchy of Europe and their push for a US central bank based on the gold standard and those who saw the release from their tyranny through government printed money or greenbacks based on silver. Still shows how the core essence of this story was buried by switching Dorothy’s shoes from silver to ruby in the famous 1939 film version. Again, this is fabulous documentary work by Still and opens so many doors of understanding of the history of the battle for the control of the issue and, more importantly, the availability of money.

All of this history is completely written out of the picture we are presented with today. As with Hitler’s economic miracle in Germany of the 30s where, by having Germany issue its own money and refuse to pay the Jewish bankers, the German economy went from a basket case to the powerhouse of Europe in four short years, such experiences have occurred in other situations where countries have issued their own currency, rather than giving that right to the private central banks, owned and controlled from behind the scenes by the satanic Jewish elite. For centuries, it has proven to be a death wish of politicians to oppose the elite Jewish bankers, including several American Presidents.


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