Al Gore weighs into debate over links between bushfires and climate change

I have to admit that when Al Gore’s video “An Inconvenient Truth” was released, I was completely taken in by it. I guess I’ve moved on a little since 2006. Now he has again popped up to peddle the NWO bullshit about CO2 driving global warming.

As illustrated in this video, there was a wonderful correlation between temperature and CO2 concentration for a long segment of Earth history – but the correlation broke down with the onset of human production of CO2. There is currently NO correlation and the temperature peak we are currently experiencing is looking like it may be lower than the last couple, which occur every 120,000 years or so.

Time to share this truth with everyone you know, if you are willing. It is but a small stake to put in the NWO wheel and takes little commitment from you. Share a little truth.

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