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Well, I’m not alone in identifying the extraordinary apathy of my fellow Australians as their freedom of choice is simply ripped away.

Here is Jon Rappoport’s take on it:

“Bit by bit and piece by piece, freedom is taken away. Eventually, most people don’t remember what is gone. All they’re left with is the feeling that some thoughts and actions would be dangerous, would leave them vulnerable, on the outside looking in. Of course, ‘on the outside looking in’ is the platform from which any sane person launches his future.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

The other day, I wrote about radical changes in Australian vaccination policy. Principally, the national government has unilaterally decided that parents who receive government money will have that money taken away, if they don’t vaccinate their children. (See: Australia: refuse vaccination, lose $15,000)

Now I have learned that all families in Australia receive some form of government money. So the policy change affects everyone.

Which, of course, is what happens when citizens become beholden to big government. Government taketh, giveth back, taketh again, on their own timetable, according to their own dictates.

But it gets worse. Now, as laid out in a government document titled, “Strengthening Immunisation for Young Children,” we have this:

“Vaccine objection will no longer be an exemption category. Families with children that do not have a medical exemption (medical contraindication or natural immunity certified by an immunisation provider) will not receive [federal funds for] CCB, CCR, and the FTB Part A end of year supplement for that child (except for children under 12 months for the FTB Part A supplement).”

The previous categories of conscientious objection and religious objection to vaccination have been eliminated, in a single stroke. Just like that. These reasons for vaccine-exemption are gone. All across Australia.

This is an object lesson for the rest of the world. Free choice? A family’s own decisions on how to take care of their health? Torpedoed.

In the US press, a combination of information-suppression and unconcern has relegated this Australia story to the status of non-entity. A yawn.

If you’re looking for photos of tens or hundreds of thousands of Australians gathering in the streets to protest the new tyrannical rulings, don’t bother. It’s not happening.

Such a great pacification of the population has already occurred, the vaccination debacle passes through the nation like a mild ripple.

Yes, I have heard from Australians who are awake, who know what this ruling means, who still understand freedom, and I know there are others like them in the country, but on the whole there is silence and surrender.

The surveillance-state apparatus will certainly set up a national registry to track the vaccination-status of every Australian citizen, and dissidents will go on a list. Not only will federal money be taken from them, they will be subject to harassment and intimidation. In some cases, their children will be removed from the home and sent to foster care.

As a message to the unwilling.

In 1987, when I was writing my first book, AIDS INC., I warned that covert medical ops were perfect for controlling populations. Such ops don’t appear to be partisan, they wave no political banners, they insist what they’re doing is humanitarian, they invoke “share and care,” and they invent their own brand of science to justify their actions.

Now, we have a whole nation officially functioning as a medical police state. And trust me, this is the Lite version. There is more to come in Australia. Once the authorities see how easy it is to take step a, they move on to b. They blow the dust off some other tyrannical rule they’ve been keeping on the shelf; they trot it out; they deploy it; and they wait to see whether anyone cares. (my emphasis)

For example, how about extending the mandatory time period during which a person can be held against his will in a psychiatric facility, where doctors force brain-disabling drugs on him?

That would go a long way toward dealing with people who still know what freedom is.

“He’s obviously a threat to himself and others. He disrupts the orderly processes of society. He disturbs others around him. He’s delusional. He keeps thinking there is a problem. There is no problem…”

As I have written numerous times, the medical cartel, in the long run, is the most important branch of Globalism Inc. It builds a cradle to grave system for every person. Traveling in a half-light of multiple diagnoses and toxic drug treatments, the citizens live in parallel universe of debilitation and confusion, where they become too weak to resist what is happening to them.

In part, freedom means freedom from this.

Jon Rappoport

David Icke calls this process the Totalitarian Tiptoe. Do not underestimate this process. James Corbett shared a fascinating perspective on this, which I’ll share with you in the coming days. It’s rolled out, step by step, and if there’s no pushback, it stays. If the pushback is strong, as in the example I have shared with you with Dr. Rima Laibow organising a national protest which stopped a planned vaccination that would have rendered most if not all Americans infertile. But they don’t give up. They regroup and come back around. Time is not  a major factor for these people. If it takes another 50 years, it doesn’t seem to matter. As things stand, “they” will still be there, but Rima will not.

And they roll out different parts in different countries, depending on what they can get away with. Tiptoe by tiptoe. Forced vaccination here, GMO there, horrific legal statutes against revealing the truth of the Holocaust story in another place, secretive investigation of journalists in another, crippling debt in another, and so it goes, often using false flag events or false testimony to justify it.

The public is asleep, but they are not. And when you control what is taught in schools and colleges and universities, a generation sees the truth of what happened buried, just as I shared with the Bolshevik revolution. It’s quite clear when you read sources from the 1920s that many understood that this was a Zionist-driven takeover and a thorough looting of the massive Russian wealth, but today it’s well hidden, and many treat the evidence with disbelief. It seems so incongruous that this happened, that the deaths of over 60 million people in the Soviet Gulags were driven by Zionist Jews, given how the media paints the world. But it is true and Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn was written out of the picture for revealing it. For example, “Russian people are now confronted by a Jew both as their judge and hangman. Why was it that anyone who had the misfortune to fall into the hands of the Cheka could count with high probability on standing before a Jewish investigator or being shot by a Jew?

Such revelations are seriously politically incorrect.

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