Climate models do not predict reality. None of them.

This is the daily weather update from Suspicious Observers for May 30, 2014. I am sharing it with you because it begins with a discussion of a 2013 paper comparing the accuracy of the various climate models. Woeful, in a word, but I’ll let Ben tell the story. It’s a sad fact that some of them correlate better with each other than any of them do with the reality we have been experiencing. He also gives you a link to the underlying paper if you are inclined to examine it for yourself.

All regular recipients of these emails or readers of my blog will know that the global warming story is complete nonsense, aided and abetted by the mainstream media and stitched together to justify Agenda 21. Yes, we need to derail the global warming lie, but the real target, the tool being used to clear people out of the countryside and herd them into tiny 300 sq. ft. urban apartments – Agenda 21 – is where our core focus needs to be. It is a global plan being implemented locally, and the full implementation of Agenda 21 will mean life as we know it on this planet will cease to exist.

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