Did you know the chosen frequency for musical tuning was changed in the early 20th century?

I mentioned the activities of the Rockefeller Institute earlier today, and this led my mind to another of their activities – the retuning of music. 

If one looks historically, it appears the most common tuning frequency was A=432Hz (some argue for 444Hz, but these two appear to be linked). A campaign was begun in earnest in about 1910 to change this to A=400Hz, driven by the Rockefeller Institute – successfully. It was made a British standard in 1939, and also promoted heavily around this time by the leading Nazi Goebbels. Find the connection interesting? It’s one of the threads that joins the real players in our world together. They participated on both sides of WWII and similar conflicts. War is a great context for driving through changes that otherwise would be rejected. The catchphrase “all wars are bankers wars” kinda gets it for me. 

So, why change this?  

I quote: According to preliminary research, analysis, and professional discussions by Walton, Koehler, Reid, et al., on the web, (23) A=440Hz frequency music conflicts with human energy centers (i.e., chakras) from the heart to the base of the spine. Alternatively, chakras above the heart are stimulated. Theoretically, the vibration stimulates ego and left-brain function, suppressing the “heart-mind,” intuition and creative inspiration.

There is also evidence indicating this tuning frequency tends to induce mass hysteria. Watched a rock concert recently? Here’s a simple tuning comparison. There are probably better ones, but you get the drift. 

Perhaps there are more than a thousand arms on this octopus. 

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