Dr. Udo Ulfkotte dies of a “heart attack”

In October 2014, I shared with you the revelations from Dr. Udo Ulfkotte on “how the mainstream media operates under the guidance and direction of the CIA and similar organisations – and the consequences for those refusing to do so.”

Well, in my opinion, Ulfkotte just suffered those consequences, dying on January 13th of a reported heart attack. It’s a common way for those who oppose those who run our world to be disposed of. Eustace Mullins used to talk openly of the phenomenon of the “Washington heart attack”. It’s effective and hard to disprove with today’s tools and with those who are investigating the deaths also compromised. Perhaps the most blatant illustration of this is the now over 30 or more alternative medical doctors who have officially committed suicide in the United States since July 2015, most notably but not exclusively related to their use of GcMAF to cure Stage IV cancer and autism, when the way they have died would make suicide next to impossible.

George Webb talks about Ulfkotte in one of his posts for today on the Clinton Foundation and its incredible web of abuse spanning decades. You will see that Webb shares my view of Ulfkotte’s demise.

Thank you, Udo, for your courage, knowing full well the risk you faced. And you, too, George. I know you understand the risk and accept that you are likely operating on borrowed time.


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