Ethnic Cleansing and Zionist Supremacy in Israel

I simply can’t bring myself to examine each of these articles. Just their introduction is enough:

Israel’s Friday Bloodbath. Washington absolves Israel of Blame

By Stephen Lendman, October 17 2015

Israel is more killing machine than nation – a ruthless Arab-hating monster. On Friday, it continued murdering Palestinians in cold blood, another five lethally shot, the death toll now at 38 since October 1 alone, around 2,000 others injured, 300 on Friday alone, many thousands more from toxic tear gas.

Palestinian Refugees and the History of Israel’s Ethnic Cleansing. The Role of UNWA

By Karin Brothers, October 17 2015

The world’s refugee crisis in the 20th century started with Israel’s ethnic cleansing of the indigenous Palestinian population in both 1948 and in the 1967 “Six Day War”.  Given Israel’s continued ethnic cleansing of the indigenous Palestinian population and the UN’s responsibility for partitioning Palestine, the UN General Assembly mandated the UNRWA (The United Nations Relief and Works Agency) in 1949 to provide both relief and public works for Palestinian refugees.

Hate-Mongering Israeli Rabbis Call Killing Palestinians “a Religious Duty”

By Stephen Lendman, October 17 2015

Zionist  rabbi Meir Kahane is the founder of the Arab-hating Jewish Defense League (JDL). Israel banned it in 1988, calling it a “threat to national security”…Its poisonous ideology persists in Israel.

Israel, the Media, and the Anatomy of a Sick Society

By Eric Draitser, October 17 2015

The video of 13 year old Palestinian Ahmed Manasrah bleeding to death on the pavement of an East Jerusalem neighborhood has been described as “shocking,” “disturbing,” and “painful to watch.” The callous verbal abuse and insults from Israelis watching the child writhe in agony are variously characterized as “heartless” and “cruel”; and indeed they are. “Die you son of a whore. Die! Die!” the Israeli onlookers can be heard shouting in the video which has since gone viral on social media.

Calls for Netanyahu to Resign: an Anachronist who Obstructs Peace

By Anthony Bellchambers, October 16 2015

Israel’s hard­line Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, is now politically isolated as he brings ordinary Israelis into personal danger by having refused to negotiate a peace agreement with the Palestinians and by having incited violence by continuing illegal settlements on Palestinian land, in a policy that has been condemned internationally.

End of quote.

What is there to say? Israel continues its genocide of the Palestinian people and the world looks the other way – because every country that matters is controlled by the same Zionist forces that run Israel and conduct this horrific genocide, and they also own the mainstream media. I’m not saying there are not many others very willing to do their bidding. There are. But this is the heart of the matter.

I have no stomach for it. Will we live to see these butchers who think they own us all, who consider most of us “useless eaters”, brought to account in some manner?

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