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Excellent article by Ian Greenhalgh:

If there was any lingering doubt this stuff actually works it was just crushed

VT readers will be well aware of the work of Keshe and his Foundation by now; some may remain skeptical about ‘Free Energy’ due to an education in a model of physics that was falsified by the deliberate omission of the ‘aether’ from all ‘accepted’ theories and models to the extent that anyone who delved into any research of the aether was ridiculed and sidelined, academics steered well clear in fear of ruining their careers – even those with tenure.

Today we received news which reminds us that Keshe’s work and the technology derived from it is about much more than just ‘free energy’ and has implications and possibilities that could be truly world transforming.

Readers will no doubt be aware of the poisoning of the ocean by the still leaking Fukushima-Daichi nuclear reactor; this is a very worrying situation not just for the people of Japan or the Pacific Rim but in global terms.

Therefore, news that Keshe’s GANS technology is being used by Tepco to clean and purify the radioactively contaminated water is very welcome indeed.


Whistleblower Reveals Hard Evidence: Keshe foundation Tech Being Used to Clean Fukushima Contamination in Japan. Government and Industry in Japan Suppressing this Truth!


In the latest Keshe Foundation Workshop (March 24.2016) evidence is presently by a Fukushima whistleblower/insider that Keshe tech has and is being used to clean radioactivity out of Fukushima. Keshe stated, two years ago, that he contacted government/industry in Japan and offered his tech to help with the clean-up.

Photographs and testimony is given by a Fukushima insider/whistleblower that Keshe GANS tech is/was being used …THIS VALIDATES KESHE TECH.

Keshe tech is being used to purify the radioactively contaminated water in Fukushima. Keshe told us years ago that his tech was being used, but the companies and government in Japan refused to acknowledge or give Keshe any credit.

They also fired the person who was the go between Keshe foundation and the companies doing the clean-up – Tepco and other companies.

End of quote.

I commend the entire article to you.

The Fukushima report starts here.

Now, we know the impact of Fukushima is no longer local, but this application of the Keshe technology has implications way beyond the local environment of Japan and of just cleaning up radiation from Fukushima. Keshe claims a similar application of the technology can remove the interference of Monsanto with the global seed business through GMO and clear any kind of environmental contamination.

Frustratingly, it currently takes hours of wading through the public Keshe sessions to be across this technology, but this will change, and its implications for life on Earth are difficult to overstate, in my opinion.

Of course, the trolls are working overtime, but they are on borrowed time. Keshe’s latest strategy of releasing it to the public, beginning in October last year and fostering its development by enthusiasts across the globe have made it impossible for those who have been controlling our world for a long, long time to stop it.

On Tuesday, Keshe explained that his plasma work in Iran was primarily based on the use of Americium-241, commonly found in smoke detectors. Although as a nuclear engineer he knows how to protect himself, the extent of his exposure saw him contract both liver and pancreatic cancer. He claims it took him two years to cure himself, but the fact that he did so speaks volumes in itself for his technology.

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