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As I understand it, one of the common materials released in geo-engineering spraying is aluminium oxide. Apparently, the impact of aluminium on plant growth has been long known though the mechanisms have not been well understood. A recent research paper has demonstrated the rapid impact upon root growth. I quote:

We used high resolution kinematic analyses, molecular biology, rheology, and advanced imaging techniques to examine soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merr.) roots exposed to Al. Using this multidisciplinary approach, we have conclusively shown that the primary lesion of Al is apoplastic. In particular, it was found that 75 µM Al reduced root growth after only 5 min (or 30 min at 30 µM Al), with Al being toxic by binding to the walls of outer cells which directly inhibited their loosening in the elongation zone. An alteration in the biosynthesis and distribution of ethylene and auxin was a second, slower effect, causing both a transient decrease in the rate of cell elongation after 1.5 h but also a longer-term gradual reduction in the length of the elongation zone. These findings demonstrate the importance of focusing on traits related to cell wall composition as well as mechanisms involved in wall loosening in order to overcome the deleterious effects of soluble Al. (My emphasis)

End of quote.

So, it is well known that soluble aluminium is not good for plant growth. Then why is it being released in the atmosphere?

Oohhh… wait!!! There’s a “saviour” on the horizon. According to this video segment, Monsanto owns all of the aluminium-resistant crop patents. Pure coincidence, I’m sure.

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