iPhone Killer: The Secret History of the Apple Watch

I admit to being fascinated by the evolution of technology, both as it supports us and undermines us. For example, the smartphone is both a wonderful aid but also a personal real time location monitor that a heavy-handed approach would have struggled to persuade us to carry. It is used in drone attack targeting and many other things.

So, I found this article on the inside story of the evolution of the Apple Watch very interesting; and I have been intrigued by how many of the apps I have on my phone have released Apple Watch support in the last couple of weeks. Airline apps and Uber are obvious, along with social media and, yes, those travel planning apps such as TripAdvisor; but Evernote, real estate apps, Target even? Clearly, the app providers are taking it very seriously.

Needless to say, its focus is on how it supports us – and it’s a very “Apple” story. Time will tell how it will be used to undermine us.

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