Kevin Annett discusses the child trafficking, child sacrifice and abuse case against Pope Francis and others with Alexandra Meadors

Alexandra Meadors has conducted an excellent interview with Kevin Annett regarding the currently active case against Pope Francis, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Queen Elizabeth and others, a common law case being conducted in Brussels. Apart from discussing details of the case and the nature of the evidence, he also discusses how most courts are now corporatized, as mentioned by many others. Kevin also discusses the driving forces on the planet behind these vile practices against and involving the abuse and the sacrifice of children.

For me, this is such an important interview that I have stripped out the sound file as an mp3 file, which you can download from here and upload to your phone or wherever to listen to as you drive, if you wish.

As I have mentioned before, this legal action is a doorway to exposing the deeply entrenched practice of paedophilia and child sacrifice on our planet, and the reasons behind it.

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