Rebekah Roth reveals her true name is Koreann Ashlie

I have mentioned the books on 9/11 by Rebekah Roth previously, books in which she reveals information about 9/11 that was previously unknown.

For her own protection and the protection of her friends, she chose to use the nom de plume of Rebekah Roth but, as she says, the Internet trolls have made the lives of many people hell, including some people that have nothing to do with her. So, she is revealing in this brief video that she is Koreann Ashlie and worked as a purser with Northwest Airlines.

She also says that she is coming out with a third book that will reveal even more undiscovered information about 9/11. I, for one, look forward to it.

As I’ve said before, it saddens me that those who are apparently committed to bringing forth the truth about 9/11 finish up attacking other truthers. Of course, amongst all this are those planted to intentionally mislead the efforts to bring forth the truth. In saying this, I’m not saying Rebekah/Koreann is innocent of contributing to this.

Hopefully Koreann survives long enough to complete her additional book.

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