The anticlimactic Belgian protest against paedosadism

This photo from the Belgian protest against paedosadism on June 27th shows just how much awareness there is of the horrific abuse of children in our world and how interested people are in seeing it change.

Belgian OpDeathEaters protest June 2015


About zero.

And if you have spent time understanding this dark structure, you will know that Belgium is arguably the “heart of darkness” in regard to this.

And people think they can bring change in this current consciousness?

Personally, I’m not holding my breath.

Despite the very determined efforts of some committed and informed campaigners such as Dr Rima Laibow, California has now made vaccination of all schoolchildren mandatory as what is known as SB 277 is signed into law.

And so it goes.

Short of a global bombshell that wakes people up, our dark controlling friends seem likely to have their way.

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