The Practical Magic of Sacred Space documentary

Freddy Silva will be well known to most crop circle aficionados; however, his interests and understandings go well beyond this fascinating and carefully discredited subject.

In this beautifully crafted video (thank you, Birgit), Silva ties together crop circles, ley lines, the Gothic Cathedrals and ancient standing stones, etc.  with an understanding and a care that few display. He is one of the few that I’ve seen who understand the role of the Knights Templar in building the Gothic Cathedrals under the nose of the Catholic Church for deeply spiritual purposes. They were not the child sacrificing butchers that modern myth would tell you. In fact, there were very few pieces of these amazingly complex structures that he doesn’t cover.

If you are new to this material or an old hand of many years of study, I commend this video to you. Silva has given us such a gift.


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