The Truthseeker: NATO false flags in Ukraine and beyond

Truthseeker’s Daniel Bushell powerfully reveals the role of false flag activity in Ukraine and beyond. False flags have been behind all wars in the last 200 years and perhaps behind every armed conflict, if this documentary video is any indication. The commentators note how we continue to have psychopathic political leaders, but they have not yet “connected the dots” as to why this is so. This is not some kind of accident as is elucidated in this interview with David Icke.

Until and unless we wake up to this, the pattern will long continue and those well-meaning people who want to see things change will keep shooting at the shadows. Bushell refers to the fact that the false flag strategy was used by the Nazis to start WWII with Poland. What he doesn’t recognise is that the same forces that funded and directed Hitler and his thugs are the same forces behind America’s thugs today, which is a key reason behind the most important Nazi scientists and psychopathic “doctors” such as Mengele being brought to the United States under Operation Paperclip to continue their work.

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