The way the world is manipulated in the interests of Israel and Zionism and the bankers behind it all

This collage video carries a message which, to me, is very clear. The world is manipulated in the interests of Israel and Zionism; or more accurately, those who set these up.

A few words from the video website:

Real name of Benjamin Netanyahu is Benjamin Mileikowsky. (Not Semitic last name.)
His father Benzion Mileikowsky was personal secretary of Ze’ev Jabotinsky, man who created Irgun terrorist organization. If you look at list of Irgun terrorist attacks, you will see that they did 34 terrorist attacks on Palestinian soil, before World War 2 even begun. Think about that.

End of quote.

As I’ve shown you the evidence for, Britain, the United States and Russia were all Zionist controlled prior to WWII. To this you can add France and Turkey, if you want to move to the second tier.

And WWII was about what?

Who owns and controls the press that told you what you have come to believe?

Who specified what you got taught in history classes? Who specified that many if not all European children (including British) have to be educated about the Holocaust and in most cases visit the fictional Auschwitz?

Who created the nonsense term anti-Semitic, when most Jews are not Semites and Semites are not Jews?

It’s all blindingly clear if you are willing to look, especially since it’s so career threatening in most employment roles to talk about it or any of the core planks of their game – the climate change hoax, the Holocaust hoax, vaccination… It’s a very long list.

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