Why Global Warming Failed – A Powerful Analysis of the science and the lies

Ben Davidson of Suspicious Observers has updated his presentation from the April Thunderbolts Conference, clarifying it and updating it with current and more comprehensive information. There has been abundant evidence of the lies and distortions used to sell the global warming story, but few have brought the incisive focus and eloquence to the argument that Ben does. If you want a presentation that sets out the truth about the manmade global warming that we are told is accepted by 97% of all scientists, this updated presentation from Ben is a good candidate. At the end you will see Ben offers to debate any of the scientific advocates for global warming.

Please get informed about this through Ben’s presentation and any other means needed, and begin to face down the blame being placed upon you and all of humanity for the solar-caused phenomenon and, more importantly, what is being imposed upon humanity globally through the guise of Agenda 21, including the smear that opposing these lies is tantamount to ignoring the current (corporate) destruction of our biosphere.

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