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I have been tracking and sharing Cathy O’Brien’s extraordinary journey as a Project Monarch mind controlled Presidential level sex slave for several years. Cathy is back in the public eye with the release of her new book PTSD: Time to Heal.

This interview with Dark Journalist shares some glimpses of Cathy’s story and her new book.

If you are unfamiliar with Cathy’s story, listen to this interview and spend some time at her new website.


Check out the extraordinary new, life-changing technology at

Cathy O’Brien: CIA Mk Ultra Survivor Talks To The Richie Allen Show About Mind Control

If you’re not familiar with Cathy O’Brien’s story of mind control abuse by America’s political and military elite, I commend this interview to you.

Colin Davis, Mark Phillips and Cathy O’Brien talk about mind control

 I have mentioned many times to at least some of you, the journey of Cathy O’Brien, from sexual abuse by her parents to the heart of mind control in the United States, where she was sexually abused and also participated in secret programmed missions for those at the highest level of the American political system during the Reagan and Bush Sr. administrations.

 A thread today led me back to the following video which sees Dr Colin Davis, perhaps one of the bravest medical practitioners out there, exposing these mind control practices, Mark Phillips, the man who rescued Cathy and became her husband, and Cathy herself.

 If you haven’t seen this or similar material, grab yourself a coffee or a glass of wine and watch this 100 minute video. Your view of the world will never be the same.

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