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Ernst Zundel banned forever from Land of the Free

The truth can stand endless scrutiny. Lies and deceit are another matter…

It is why denial of the holohoax will guarantee you a term in jail in Germany and many other countries. In Germany, you cannot bring forth evidence to support your case. You can only plead insanity or guilty and place yourself at the disposal of the court. And remember, the US of A has been owned, lock stock and barrel by these satanic barbarians since they were given illegal authority to set up the Fed in 1913; though it was only the last brick in a long running construction plan, perhaps extending back to the country’s very creation. It is absolutely no accident that WWI quickly followed in 1914, the Bolshevik (Jewish) “Revolution” in 1917 and on we go. Gerard Menuhin explains in his recent book “Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil: Recognize the True Enemy and Join to Fight Him” that European countries had been prepared to go to war for at least 30 years, but there was no funding for the war itself before the Fed was set up:

From 1887 to 1914, this precarious system of heavily armed but bankrupt European nations endured, while the United States continued to be a debtor nation, borrowing money from abroad, but making few loans, because we did not have a central bank or “mobilization of credit.” The system of national loans developed by the Rothschilds served to finance European struggles during the 19th century, because they were spread out over Rothschild branches in several countries. By 1900, it was obvious that the European countries could not afford a major war… The Federal Reserve System began operations in 1914, forcing the American people to lend the Allies $25 billion, which was not repaid, although considerable interest was paid to New York bankers. The American people were driven to make war on the German people, with whom we had no conceivable political or economic quarrel. Moreover, the United States comprised the largest nation in the world composed of Germans; almost half of its citizens were of German descent… During 1915 and 1916, Wilson kept faith with the bankers who had purchased the White House for him, by continuing to make loans to the Allies. On March 5, 1917, Walter Hines Page [U.S. Ambassador to Britain] sent a confidential letter to Wilson. “I think that the pressure of this approaching crisis has gone beyond the ability of the Morgan Financial Agency for the British and French Governments… The greatest help we could give the Allies would be a credit. Unless we go to war with Germany, our Government, of course, cannot make such a direct grant of credit.”

End of quote.

So much for the “Land of the Free”. What a croc.

The Kindle version of Menuhin’s book has recently been removed from Amazon. What surprises me is you can still buy the physical book from them.

And so, it is of no surprise that we find Ernst Zundel is unable to join his wife, Ingrid in the USA:

After 14 years of legal wrangling at the cost of millions of dollars to both sides, the US government has ruled on discretionary grounds by an unelected bureaucrat named Ron Rosenberg, Chief, Administrative Appeals Office of the US Department of Homeland Security, that Ernst Zündel is banned from joining his family in the US.

According to this ruling, a dissident contesting a disputed historical claim such as the “Auschwitz gassing” is now a “…criminal of moral turpitude.” Can it get any more Kafkaesque?

More will be said about this latest Zundel development at a later time. For now, here is the latest instalment of the ever-expanding Global Zundel-Saga… Ingrid Zundel

End of quote.

Ernst Zundel is a courageous man, willing to put his life and liberty on the line for the truth.

Voltaire is credited with the following pithy observation: “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise“.

Pull on that thread and it tells you all.

May we soon see the changes in our world that allow Ernst and Ingrid to live freely together wherever they choose; two brave champions of freedom and truth.


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Ernst Zundel on Jews

It’s no wonder they worked so hard to discredit this man and imprison him. He did his homework and he told it like it is. Watch him reveal the liar that Menachem Begin was in this snippet from an interview with an Israeli journalist. As he says, there are some wonderful, highly intelligent, well-meaning Jews in the world and I, personally, treasure a number as friends. But that is not the thrust of those in leadership positions in our world. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Raul Hilberg perjured himself at the ’85 trial of Ernst Zundel

David Cole is not your average Holocaust revisionist. He’s Jewish and he’s been to hell and back for revealing some 20 years ago that there were no gas chambers at Auschwitz.

It is David’s combination of an extraordinary memory and an astonishing attention to detail that led to this exposure, as night follows day, and led him to this recent exposure:

Despite his writings to the contrary, Emeritus Professor Raul Hilberg knew from 1976 that there was no clear evidence implicating Hitler in the so-called final solution for European Jews, if any such thing actually existed.

But the admission was edited out of the PBS programme in which Hilberg revealed this.

I quote from David’s article:

Here’s Hilberg, in 1988, speaking of a conversation he had with German war crimes prosecutors in 1976. In-between ’76 and ’88, Hilberg testified against Canadian Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel, who was on trial under Canada’s “false news” law. Let’s be clear—Hilberg was helping the Canadian government put Zundel in prison simply for publishing a pamphlet. And on the stand, Hilberg steadfastly maintained that there was at least one, maybe two, direct orders from Hitler to initiate the “Final Solution.”

We know from Hilberg’s censored PBS comments that as early as 1976 he was very aware of the lack of any direct evidence implicating Hitler, yet on the stand in Toronto in 1985, he didn’t mention what he told the West German prosecutors in ’76 —his fear that he “went into print with something that isn’t entirely accurate” regarding Hitler’s role. Hilberg was asked by Zundel’s attorney a multitude of questions directly pertaining to the accuracy of Hilberg’s book, and the claims he made in it regarding Hitler’s involvement in the Holocaust. Under oath, he defended his “not entirely accurate” material as being completely accurate.

Hilberg perjured himself.

End of quote.

And David, in his meticulousness, has a copy of the original recording and shares the removed segment of the interview with us.

You might consider all of this as water under the bridge, but the truth is, we all – not just Ernst Zundel – live today with the consequences of the lies we have been told about the Holocaust. This lie has both precedents and antecedents, some of which I have shared and more I will do so in the coming days and weeks.

Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil by Gerard Menuhin

I have begun to read Gerard Menuhin’s book on the holohoax entitled Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil: Recognize the True Enemy and Join to Fight Him. Seldom if ever have I been drawn to write about a book before I have finished reading it, and in this case I have barely started. But Menuhin’s clarity and directness communicate the picture of the truth of this massive global psyop so unequivocally that I want to encourage you to read it for yourself.

Firstly, if you have not read my post Is the Holocaust a hoax?, I encourage you to do so before reading this.

Secondly, I am drawn to repeat my oft written clarification that I am not anti-Jewish. In my opinion, the average Jew is even more a victim of the psyop run by the elite Khazarians (adopted Jews) than we goyim, and I have many Jewish friends that I treasure.

And Menuhin himself is Jewish. The son of well-known violinist Yehudi Menuhin, he is one of the smallish but growing number of Jews who have deconstructed the psyop and want to see it brought to an end.

Perhaps the place to start with Menuhin’s book is the cover.

The message it conveys is unmistakeable.

And his dedication:

For Germany.

For Germans who still want to be German.

For Humanity.

And let me share his Preface:

This book spans the time between 600 BC and the present day, and yet is also a personal journey. By re-interpreting some of the defining moments of history, it tells a terrible story of deception and self-deception; of absurd claims substantiated and pretensions realized, and of worthless beings which have succeeded in dominating the planet through their control of an intrinsically worthless medium of exchange: money.

Read this book, and all the pieces of the puzzle will fall into place.

In earlier times, there existed a people’s movement. It was, on the one hand, a political, on the other hand, a völkisch (ethnic), populist movement. Today, there are no longer any people’s movements, mainly because there are hardly any cohesive peoples left. There exists only the system. The foundation of this system rests on post-1945 re-education, whose symbol is a kind of hologram, that is to say, a projection. According to this projection, Germany and the Germans were guilty of a particular crime against these beings. The system demands, among other things, that all people without exception acknowledge this crime as without comparison and pay tribute to it, by humbling themselves constantly before innumerable shrines to its commemoration, and that Germany must eternally pay compensation in various ways, sometimes to the survivors of the crime, of which there seems to be an inexhaustible supply, and sometimes by giving U-boats to Israel.

Whoever rebels against this coercion is punished, imprisoned. He is accused of having denied the projection. Although the accusation of denial is nonsense, as one cannot deny what one does not hold for truth, the concept of “denial” has been upheld.

So it’s about a Belief, just as in the 16th century Protestants were persecuted by Catholics. It’s the modern world-embracing, universally-adhesive religion. Projection-deniers must be punished in order to maintain the system.

Those who reasonably ask for an explanation are rejected on the grounds that the projection cannot be judged, as it has already been judged. Its notoriety (“common knowledge”) has been declared, otherwise Germany is innocent. To propose putting the projection on trial, in whatever way, is a step back towards National Socialism; it would be against the concept of the Federal Republic of Germany, because it places the existing order in the dock. After all, the projection could be discovered to be an invention, if it is put on trial, it could be a lie. Or rather it would be considered to be unproven, until its actuality is proved.

But if the projection is declared to be null and void, what becomes of the system?

This is the purest logic. As re-education has undermined all the foundations of National Socialism, the possibility that the principles of this re-education could be fraudulent implies that the system could be guilty and that the era of National Socialism was not as bad as it is incessantly represented to be. So the system’s “justice” requires imprisonment instead of a just procedure; the system could not afford to allow the tenets of re-education to be called into question.

So, since the Nuremberg Trials the principal enemy of truth has mutated and evolved to the extent that the German State itself has been compelled for its own sake for 70 years to maintain a hypocritical system, whose exposure would call into question, not only the legitimacy of the entity called “The Federal Republic of Germany,” but also its entire administrative structure as well.

Nearly all Western countries are caught in the same predicament. Even if they are not responsible for this alleged capital crime, they have paid lip service to it since 1945 and may therefore not free themselves from it.

The Author, February 2016

End of quote.

Menuhin sees the game with great clarity and is calling it out.

And, for me, there is something both special and important when a Jew breaks the illusion and seeks to alert the world, like Benjamin Freedman, Shlomo Sand, Gilad Atzmon, Henry Makow and others have done before him, though I do not wish to downplay the contribution of others such as Ernst Zundel, Ursula Haverbeck and Robert Faurisson.

As soon as Chapter 1, Menuhin shares his childhood realisation that the German children he was at school with bore no relationship whatsoever to the monsters depicted in the stories of WWII, and that immediately after the war, the story of the holohoax did not exist:

Three of the best known works on the Second World War are General Eisenhower’s Crusade in Europe (New York: Doubleday [Country Life Press], 1948), Winston Churchill’s The Second World War (London: Cassell, 6 vols., 1948-1954), and the Mémoires de guerre of General de Gaulle (Paris: Plon, 3 vols., 1954-1959). In these three works not the least mention of Nazi gas chambers is to be found.

Eisenhower’s Crusade in Europe is a book of 559 pages; the six volumes of Churchill’s Second World War total 4,448 pages; and de Gaulle’s three-volume Mémoires de guerre is 2,054 pages. In this mass of writing, which altogether totals 7,061 pages (not including the introductory parts), published from 1948 to 1959, one will find no mention either of Nazi “gas chambers,” a “genocide” of the Jews, or of “six million” Jewish victims of the war. (Robert Faurisson, “The Detail (the alleged Nazi gas chambers),” The Journal of Historical Review, March-April 1998 (Vol. 17, No. 2), pp. 19-20)

End of quote.

Today, this seems as incongruous as suggesting that the Bolshevik Revolution was a Rothschild funded Jewish takeover of Russia, yet that is exactly what it was.

And he quickly hones in on that 6 million number:

The 6-million figure, in connection with the claimed suffering of European Jews, appeared regularly in North American newspapers of record at least since 1915 (The Sun, June 6, 1915), presumably to prepare the ground among emotionally labile readers for the time when testimony to support such a claim could confidently be manufactured. The use of “holocaust” in this context was introduced as early as 1903 (New York Times, “More Details of the Kishineff Massacre,” May 16, 1903; similar on May 20, 1903, “How This Country Should Regard Russia”).

End of quote.

He goes on to give many examples of its use prior to 1945. As Nicholas Kollerstrom illustrated, there were at least 166 examples of 6 million reportedly suffering Jews in the global press prior to 1945, reaching back to the 1890s.

I have long wondered where this 6M number came from. Does it have significance? And as often happens for me, the explanation presented itself from several sources within a matter of days. Here is Menuhin with part of the puzzle:

The Bible is full of “burnt sacrifices,” which evidently pleased God (e.g., Leviticus 1:14-17 details all the mumbo-jumbo pertaining to burnt sacrifices). Apparently, Jewish prophecies in the Torah require that 6 million Jews must vanish before the state of Israel can be formed: “You shall return minus 6 million.” Those 6 million had to disappear in “burning ovens.” So 6 million Jews had to be gassed and end up in burning ovens to fulfill the prophecies and satisfy the Talmud Torah dogmatists—a necessary adjunct to the financial entrepreneurs—of Israel’s legitimacy, according to their covenant with their God.

There have been—and indeed continue to be—many efforts to memorialize the Jews murdered in the Holocaust, but this effort of the surviving Hassidic masters stands out. The Zohar records that there are 600,000 letters in the Torah. Truth be told, our scrolls have far fewer letters—304,805 to be exact. Thus the number 600,000 cannot refer merely to a different text of the Bible, for the discrepancy is too great. The number 600,000 could therefore be considered a symbolic number.

One of the later mystics, Rabbi Natan Nata Shapiro of Krakow (Megaleh Amukot, 1585-1633) wrote that this number corresponds to the 600,000 Jewish souls that exist. Sure there are more people than that, but each soul can mystically animate more than one person. Moreover, the Hebrew name for Israel—Yisrael—is an acronym for Yesh Shishim Ribbuy Otiyot Latorah, there are 600,000 letters in the Torah. (Jerusalem Post, June 1, 2012; author’s italics)

End of quote.

Then there was this diagram that came my way:

Which shows how the 600,000 becomes 6M. And this 10 states or emanations of God was further clarified by a Jewish friend as:

So, we now can see where this 6M number came from and why it was so important for those who created Israel. And when you see this, it is easier to recognise that it was only ever a psyop; though with all good psyops, they have multiple purposes.

Menuhin has gone after the way the satanic elite Khazarian “Jews” have manipulated our reality for their own purposes and I can’t wait to see where he goes with this picture. I encourage you to get your own copy and find out. It makes an excellent companion for Benton Bradberry’s The Myth of German Villainy.

It’s critical humanity wakes up to how our world is run and change it.


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Germany: Since 1945 a Vassal State to Israel

Dr. Ingrid Zundel is a brave woman who acts fearlessly to bring forth the truth about Germany and what really happened during WWII and thereafter. I share this article by her in full:

An 87-year-old lady of high intelligence and spotless reputation, Frau Ursula Haverbeck of Vlotho, Germany, has recently been sentenced to 10 months in prison for speaking out against incessant German-bashing. What did she say? Demanding proof about alleged atrocities in Auschwitz,  as so repeatedly and vociferously claimed. She says no such proof can be found.

Sheer heresy!

Specifically, Ms. Haverbeck insists that Auschwitz was a work camp, not a death camp. That’s good news – isn’t it? She agreed that there were casualties – as there will be in any war – but no deaths due to gassings. There never was a Führer plan to kill the Jews of Europe in government-sponsored, industrial-type fashion.

She said all this, and more, on an hour-long national television show called Panorama, similar to America’s Sixty Minutes.

Frau Haverbeck (right) is certainly no skinhead. She comes across as poised, articulate, and very well-informed. For her heretical assertions, she is expected to be incarcerated for almost an entire year. For her principled stand on behalf of historical truth, she earned herself the leftist slur “Nazi-Oma,” repeated with palpable relish on just about every European network and print syndication.

Off with her head!

As Ian Greenlaugh, a VT colleague of mine, noted this morning:

What sort of nation throws 87-year-old women into jail for speaking the truth? Certainly not one that can consider itself to be a functioning free and fair democracy.

A “free and fair democracy?” Well, that’s exactly what Germany is not . We’re talking faux “democracy.”  The Bundesrepublik, as a truncated post-war Germany has been rechristened, is still a vassal state, a fossil of a war lost by the German military more than seven decades ago, as we are never allowed to forget.

Here’s what’s not widely understood. Germany is an Allied -occupied colony and has been for more than 70+ years, despite a threadbare democratic façade. A conqueror’s ceasefire was declared in 1945 when the military arm of the Third Reich surrendered.  A pro forma ceasefire came into effect on the 8th of May 1945 as part of the military alliance called NATO. But there was never a peace treaty. Ever.

A genuine peace treaty was never allowed to be born.

It is my firm contention that World War II didn’t end.  In Germany, there is a bitter saying that the Bundesrepublik has been installed “… to keep the Americans in, the Russians out, and the Germans down.” That folkish wisdom fits the situation.

In 1998 in an interview taped five years before Ernst Zundel was politically kidnapped in broad daylight on American soil, he explained to an Israeli reporter exactly what this means:

Germany’s political enemies currently in charge of that chunk of real estate, called “Germany” in the vernacular, have succeeded in inducing guilt complexes into an entire unsuspecting population leading to the classic symptoms of the massive national psychosis that we can see today. A jokester once observed that there are more televisions in Germany than there are bathtubs, which means that brains gets scrubbed more often and more thoroughly than backsides.

After seventy+ years after the Third Reich surrendered, Germany is still an occupied country, a fact kept from the German people, “re-educated” to the hilt. Your average German has not the faintest clue.

“Induced insanity”, as Dr. Rigolf Hennig, a noted German psychiatrist, has stated, “has little to do with intelligence but a great deal to do with suspension of logical thought brought about by pseudo-religious indoctrination.”

Let me try to explain that to you. As the Catholic Church relies on Infallibility, politically beholden  judges in the German courts rely on “Manifest Obviousness” or Offenkundigkeit – roughly akin to the Anglo-Saxon concept of “Judicial Notice” – meaning “… what exists need not be proven.” Tuesday follows Monday. The sun sets in the West. The moon shines bright at night. Moscow is the capital of Russia. Guilt on the German character is fixed for all eternity. They gassed six million Jews.

Disbarred attorney Horst Mahler, who was sentenced to more than 10 years for his politically incorrect statements

What do you call a country in the very heart of Europe that does not have its own elected government? A USA protectorate? An Israeli colony? A trial run for the New World Order? Twistspeak in the Orwellian mode?

Here is the seamy tale. Legally, the Bundesrepublik is not the legitimate successor to the Reich. Even Germany’s own highest Constitutional Court affirmed it. It cannot be the legitimate successor because, under international law, the “Reich” is still the legitimate state and two states cannot legally govern the same geographic area at the same time.  Just as Russia didn’t disappear after the Soviet regime collapsed, the German Reich continues to exist, regardless of politically motivated claims to the contrary.

Offenkundigkeit exists to enforce political dogma and punish heresy. It means that if you are unlucky enough to end up with a legitimate question – for instance, Did Six Million Really Die? – before a judge who toes the expected political line, the fix is in for you before the trial even begins. A defense on the merits of your case is strictly precluded by law. You are not allowed to argue what you suspect to be true, or what you know to be true, or what you can prove to be true. Offenkundigkeit stands in the courtroom like the golem that it is – and you better stand at attention!

You are forbidden by law to bolster your assertion or even your opinion with evidence such as forensic facts – and if an attorney is foolish enough to insist, he or she is “guilty” of the same “crime” as his or her defendant – “guilty by mere association and intent.

Think of it this way: A man of impeccable repute is falsely accused of being a thief. Since most defendants are unschooled on details of the law, he may assume that he must prove his innocence. Not so! According to law and convention, the state must prove he stole.

He claims he didn’t steal. He argues there’s no evidence he stole. He gets himself a lawyer. The lawyer argues that the accusation can’t be true – where is the evidence? The judge replies: “It’s obvious. Offenkundig. Are you a thief yourself? Shut up – or else, I’ll sentence you for stealing.”

Offenkundigkeit has, thus, become the Holy Cow of German jurisprudence regarding so-called “war crimes” – and, lately, hate speech crimes. It gives beholden judges court jester license.

How can a defense attorney then offer a solid rebuttal, if the law not only forbids it but endangers the attorney himself? The short answer is that he can’t. The long answer is written on the wind.

Ernst Zundel (left) with his long-term German attorney, Jürgen Rieger, who died  mysteriously after his client’s trial of a sudden heart attack

The German “war crimes” trials and now their modern version, “hate crimes” trials, are a farce. They are the bull horns of a military occupation that likes to dress itself in democratic finery but is, in fact, an autocratic instrument enforcing a false history. The simple truth is that the German Reich was not obliterated when the German Wehrmacht surrendered. It was kept feeble on purpose by the victorious Allies so it could be ruled by a malicious cabal that took over as a provisional government whose function  to this day is to ensure endless “reparation” for a “crime” forensic science disproved decades ago!

The Bundesrepublik – it’s acronym is BRD – was meant to be a temporary measure, but you know what happens when unwelcome guests invade your house, rob you of your property title, dig in their heels and stay put. If they have the power that you no longer have, you’re stuck with unwelcome intruders that write the rules for you!

The Bundesrepublik was never meant to last. It was put in its place because there was a vacuu
m – until such time as the ill-fated Germans, held to be pathologically addicted to authoritarian rule of grandiose design, were sufficiently “matured politically” to vote themselves a government more suitable to Allied tastes. This, sadly, never happened. From the Allies’ point of view, the occupation was a noble interim – on paper. Until desirable maturity in the German populace had taken root, the powers-that-be would rule the besieged, bloodied, starving, decimated Germans for their own good in their own ruins, and “re-educate” them thoroughly for as long as it took until they came to their senses.

Zundel Lead Attorney Sylvia Stolz was bodily carried out of the courtroom for insisting that her client had the right to submit exculpatory evidence. Subsequently, Stolz was sentenced to more than three years in prison, two-thirds of which she served.

Ceasefire, yes – but no peace treaty.

That ceasefire exists to this day. That means any minute new guns could start firing again!

The pity is that the Germans were never told of this provisional arrangement that would have given them their freedom as soon as they showed proper remorse and paid enough restitution for crimes alleged to have happened. The facts of the matter were quietly swept under the rug.

Thus was created a bottomless pit. A thoroughly “re-educated” German can never show enough remorse. Not as long as there is still a nickel to be filched or a submarine to be delivered as a gesture of “good will” to the State of Israel.

Three post-war generations came and went. The usurpers of Germany’s sovereignty stayed on because they liked their cozy nests. They made the Germans pay for their own occupation through an arrangement called Stationierungskosten paid out of the BRD treasury, defended by the Allies’ guilt cudgel called Offenkundigkeit. Nobody knew what to ask – until Ernst Zundel’s Mannheim trial brought that red herring to the fore.

Judge Meinerzhagen, who sentenced Ernst Zundel to five years’ in prison and who told him during sentencing:  “ … Even a bird will refuse to fly over your grave!”

Time-tested Old-Testament hatred!

Today, most Germans fancy themselves to be benevolently ruled by a smug entity dressed up in democratic finery that still remains, in fact and law, a provisional administration kept carefully controlled. It still serves an alien agenda.

What alien agenda, you ask? The New World Order, waiting in the wings, that’s what.

End of quote.

In my opinion, it is not only Germany. It is most if not all countries. For example, the United States saw the final nail in its coffin with the establishment of the Federal Reserve in 1913, which established it as the global “piggy bank” for the Rothschilds et al to fund and resource their global hegemony. In my opinion, it is no accident that their success in 1913 was promptly followed by WWI in 1914 and the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917.

Not that this lessens what has been done to Germany. Thank you, Ingrid, for your courage.


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Germar Rudolf’s book ‘Dissecting The Holocaust’

As I’ve said many times, I ask no-one to believe anything I say or write. It’s not my purpose for my blog – or my life.

What I do seek to do is to be a catalyst to have people reflect upon what they have taken to be true and look at the evidence for themselves. Just THAT step is huge for most people when we get into controversial subjects since, in doing so, it threatens the entire belief edifice upon which we have built our lives, and most people simply do not want to threaten that edifice in ANY manner. It’s a key plank that those who run our world rely upon.

Which brings me back to the Holocaust. There’s no doubt it’s a story that is reinforced powerfully in our world, and it is done so for many reasons and purposes.

But is it true?

Some think they have personal evidence or have helped people who suffered as a result of WWII – PTSD, etc. But name me one war where the survivors, both civilian and military, in large measure do not suffer from PTSD. Of course they do, so its presence is no evidence ipso facto of the Holocaust – i.e.  6M Jews killed primarily in gas chambers in Germany.

In fact, there are now several books that document IRREFUTABLE evidence that the Holocaust did not happen. The science simply does not support it. End of conversation.

I have previously referred to Nicholas Kollerstrom’s book “Breaking the Spell: The Holocaust, Myth & Reality”, which provides, as I said, irrefutable scientific evidence.

And I want to share with you another, this one from Germar Rudolf, who has been jailed for his insolence in questioning the official narrative. Rudolf has written several books around the subject, and the one I’m referring to is ‘Dissecting The Holocaust’, which you can download as a free pdf from here. And if you don’t like reading books in pdf format, Kindle has a downloadable tool to upload pdfs and convert them to Kindle format.

Here is an introduction to Rudolf and his work:

An increasing number of scholars and lay people clearly see that something is not right with Elie Wiesel and the current Holocaust narrative. The writings of Germar Rudolf and others simply confirm what they already suspect. They may care little for chemical traces in the brickwork at Auschwitz or topological evidence of mass graves, but they have seen other historical events substantially revised and they are suspicious of the outrage and scorn heaped upon those who question the uniqueness and scope of this particular event, especially when it is used to persecute Palestinians and promote endless war in the Middle East.

That Jews suffered greatly during the Third Reich is not in question, but the notion of a premeditated, planned and industrial extermination of Europe’s Jews with its iconic gas chambers and immutable six million are all used to make the Holocaust not only special but also sacred. We are faced with a new, secular religion with astonishing power to command worship. And, like Christianity with its Immaculate Conception, Crucifixion, and Resurrection, the Holocaust has key and sacred elements – the exterminationist imperative, the gas chambers, and the sacred six million. It is these that comprise the holy Holocaust which Jews, Zionists, and others worship and which Germar Rudolf and other revisionists question.

Nor is this a small matter. If it were, why the fuss? Why the witch-hunt? Why the demonization and imprisonment of David Irving, Ernst Zündel and Germar Rudolf? And it is not just these infidels. What may well be a massive lie is being used to oppress whole nations. The German and Austrian people are blamed for conceiving and perpetrating the slaughter; the Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Rumanian, and Hungarian people are blamed for hosting, assisting, and cheering on the slaughter; the Americans, the British, the French, the Dutch, the Belgians, the Italians, and even Diaspora Jews are blamed for not doing enough to stop the slaughter; the Swiss are blamed for profiting from it; the entire Christian world is blamed for its faith-traditions and ideologies that allowed the slaughter to take place; and more recently the Palestinian, Arab, and Muslim people are blamed for wanting to perpetuate the slaughter by delegitimizing Israel. To many the current version of the Holocaust oppresses the entire non-Jewish world and indeed much of the Jewish world as well.

Germar Rudolf is a Holocaust revisionist and a dedicated researcher of historical evidence. For him “Holocaust denier” is simply a term of abuse to be hurled as “witch” might have been hurled in the Middle Ages. But for me, “Holocaust denier” is a label with which I have been smeared for merely trying to define the term. Although I have never denied any of the three tenets of the orthodox Holocaust narrative, the mere fact that I am interested in revisionism and have actually met contemporary revisionists has caused the more cowardly of my colleagues to smear me and denigrate my reputation at Hobart and William Smith Colleges.

I first met Germar in April 2010. He had recently been released from prison in Germany and was staying in England until he could get a visa to return to his wife and child in the United States. We spent several days together along with our UK Director of Deir Yassin Remembered Paul Eisen, Henry Herskovitz from Ann Arbor, and Francis Clark-Lowes, an activist from Brighton.

Germar spoke of many aspects of the Holocaust and Holocaust revisionism that were completely new to us. We were fascinated with his struggle. He spoke about his erstwhile Catholic faith, about Germany and Germans then and now, the Third Reich and Hitler, his own present state and relationships, his hopes and fears for the future, and many other topics. Speaking fully and fluently in English and with an astonishing grasp of facts and interpretations, the hours turned into days and yet never, not once did he repeat himself.

End of quote.

I keep coming back to the Holocaust because the evidence is now so clear-cut and because it’s such a powerful and important thread in the story of life that we have been sold. And once you pull one thread, you are more likely to pull others. In my experience, those walking any kind of spiritual path are more likely to question the official narrative, since they have experiences on some level that do not fit with the official narrative. Again, once you tug on one thread, you are more likely to pull others.

Video of Ursula Haverbeck in court and being interviewed

As Michael Hoffman says:

This video is in German. Those who do not understand the language will profit nevertheless from watching this footage. Ursula Haverbeck’s powerful moral force and spirit of truth shine through, even across the language barrier.

As long as there are Germans evincing her high level of decency, eloquence and fearlessness, there is hope!

End of quote.

No-one can watch this and fail to see the decency, honour, integrity and peace in this 87 year old woman, and the similar qualities of her supporters.

Just to remind you, under German law, if you question the Holocaust, you have two choices:

  1. Plead guilty and place yourself in the hands of the court.
  2. Plead insanity.

You are cannot mount a proper legal defence, calling forth witnesses, etc. That’s what caught them out in the trials of Ernst Zundel in Canada. He was allowed to mount a defence, and did so.

The demonisation of Fred Leuchter, Jr.

Fred Leuchter built machines for killing people. That was his business. It seems he kind of drifted into it, and he was motivated by the desire to avoid people being tortured during their legally prescribed death. Regardless of your views on the death sentence, it remains on the statutes in many parts of the world and in many states of the United States. Fred built electric chairs. He was also an expert on building gas chambers; one of, perhaps, a very few and according to Fred, the only one who has been court endorsed as a gas chamber expert. Fred reportedly has several patents to his name in other fields, including surveying equipment. The court endorsement arose because of his contribution to the second Canadian trial of Ernst Zundel in 1988. I quote Fred:

Zundel’s first trial had been set aside, and they were retrying him again and they were getting ready to go to trial and Dr. Robert Faurisson, who was an expert on WWII literature – when I say literature – I’m talking about documentation that was generated during the war by the powers that were fighting.  He had been in touch with Ernst Zundel, and he told Zundel that the only way you are going to be able to do anything is you’re going to have to get an expert on gas chambers to come in and talk about the alleged gas chambers (and I say alleged because that’s important) that were in Auschwitz and then Birkenau and in any of the other facilities.

And since this was the case, they spoke with the court.  The judge tentatively authorized them to find an expert.  Dr. Faurisson’s next contact was with the United States to find out who made execution equipment.  Everybody sent them to me.  Well before they contacted me, he had a very long conversation with Bill Armontrout, who was the warden and later became the Commissioner of Correction in Missouri.  And he was then directed to contact me.

I was contacted, a little surreptitiously at first because he asked me questions about my background and then he asked what I thought of the holocaust and the gas chambers that we used to kill all the Jews during WWII.  I said, “well, I don’t know anything about it.”  He said, “Well do you believe that they existed?”  And I said, “Well, yeah, I guess so.  They taught me that in school.”  At any rate, the court approved me as an expert tentatively.  I was brought to Toronto. I met with Doug Christie and Zundel and his legal team in 1988.  I was given a lot of documentation.  I had to do a lot of studying on the alleged concentration camps because I came in really ‘wet behind the ears’.  I didn’t know what was going on.

After I got all of this information absorbed, I did a lot of studying on it.  I also had a study on crematoria.  I had to find out how long it took to cremate a body with coal, how long it took to cremate a body with oil today and there was a lot of material that I had to study as would any engineer that was doing a job.  They then cleared me to go to Poland.  I told Ernst Zündel that if I found the facilities could have been execution facilities, I would report that as such in my report.  I told him that whether or not I found evidence, if I found that they could have done it, I would also report that and Zundel said I’m satisfied that you’re going to come back and going to believe that there were no gas chambers.

So, I went to Poland.  When I got to Poland, I was just totally amazed.  I mean the whole thing was a joke.  There were no gas chambers.  The facilities that were supposed to have been gas chambers were no more than rooms with leaky windows and leaking doors.  If you ever tried to use one for a gas chamber, you could kill yourself while you were killing whoever was in the chamber.  (My emphasis) They said that there was equipment removed.  There was nothing removed, because from the design standpoint, there’d have to be holes in the walls, holes in the ceiling, holes in the floors.  You have to have places where you had fans, ducts.  None of that was removed and none of that was patched up.  The structures didn’t exist.

So, I wrote a report and I stated that I felt the facilities there in Poland not only were not gas execution facilities, but could not have been made into gas execution facilities, and I returned.  I wrote the report.  I testified in court.

End of quote.

The report entitled A Matter of Engineering – Capital punishment as a technical problem was written before efforts began to be made to discredit Fred. I quote:

Fred A. Leuchter, the president of Fred A. Leuchter Associates, Inc., in Boston, is the obvious person to call for electric-chair repair. Leuchter designs and builds state-of-the-art electrocution systems, and he runs the only training program in the country for execution technicians. Leuchter’s company repairs, adapts, and installs electric chairs. As the nation’s only commercial supplier of execution equipment, Fred A. Leuchter probably knows more about electric-chair technology than anyone else.

Leuchter’s expertise is not limited to electrocution. A trained and accomplished engineer, he is versed in all types of execution equipment. He makes lethal-injection machines, gas chambers, and gallows, as well as electrocution systems. In its literature the company promises to meet “any requirement, you might have relative to execution equipment, training or protocol.”

Leaning on the chair, Leuchter explains that electrocution is a fairly simple procedure. There are, he says, just a few technical considerations. Good results depend on careful calibrations of voltage, current, and connections, and the duration and number of electrical jolts supplied.

A good electrocution system, Leuchter says, uses three electrodes. Electricity is introduced through an electrode on the inmate’s head. Leuchter places a metal beanie on his own head and explains that this is the head electrode that came with the southern chair. Electricity travels through the body toward two electrodes tightly secured to the ankles, Leuchter says as he removes the electrode from his head. He stresses the importance of maintaining “good circuit continuity at the electrode contacts.” Tight electrical contacts, he points out, “help reduce flesh burning.”

End of quote.

Gruesome stuff, but this was his business, and if you read the article, you would conclude he was certainly highly competent and perhaps the best at his profession. This from the same article:

If someone had asked him about it ten or twelve years ago, Fred Leuchter wouldn’t have believed he’d end up in the execution-equipment business. He says he “just kind of slid into it.” During the twenty-year period following his graduation from Boston University, Leuchter busied himself with a variety of electrical engineering pursuits. He designed navigational equipment for the navy and holds the patent for the first electronic sextant. He also holds patents for several other optical-coding and surveying devices, including a photographic instrument that works from helicopters and was used to map terrain in Vietnam. Ten years ago, when a New England prison warden called to see if he might be able to repair an electric chair damaged in a riot, Leuchter was working as a private engineering consultant. He had never worked on execution equipment before.

Leuchter, who with a partner eventually set up a company called American Engineering, began to investigate execution technology. He consulted medical journals at the Boston University library. He spoke with engineers and prison personnel around the country. He examined available electric-chair blueprints and photographs. When he’d completed his studies, Leuchter returned the New England prison warden’s call and announced himself competent to answer electric-chair-related questions. Soon after, another warden called. This one needed something to hold a head electrode in place during execution. Leuchter dispatched a $1,400 handmade helmet. Word travels fast in the community of correctional personnel. Soon wardens all over the country were calling to see if Fred Leuchter and American Engineering could help them with various electric-chair problems. Shortly thereafter American Engineering was dissolved. Leuchter and his newly formed company, Fred A. Leuchter Associates, Inc., were left alone to field the calls.

End of quote.

People who are incompetent do not have this kind of patent track record, nor this demand for their services.

Here is a video of Leuchter discussing the gas chamber question, which I encourage you to watch. He is unequivocal that there were no gas chambers and that the holocaust was a hoax. He also explained how it would take at least 35 years to cremate the supposed 6M bodies using the equipment ostensibly used. You can find his report here and a brief introduction to this final version here.

It was after Fred’s expert witness contribution to Zundel’s trial that the fun began. If you search on-line, you will find that Leuchter was prosecuted for practising as an engineer without a license. Here are Fred’s words:

Anyway after I testified in court, my life essentially was turned upside down.  I was put through hell.  I was prosecuted in court on a spurious charge as practicing as an engineer without a license and one doesn’t need a license, I don’t believe in any single state, to be an engineer.  You only have to have a license if you certify blueprints.  I didn’t do that.  I was persecuted;  my friends threatened.  I lost job offers.  I was effectively put out of business in my execution equipment because the Department of Corrections was afraid to deal with me.

People that worked for the state, particularly the Department of Corrections and political analysts and they were afraid.  I had one warden.  I was at a convention in the Midwest.  It was actually Missouri and I walked into the coffee shop at the hotel and there was a big curved coffee bar in the center, and I sat down opposite him and I looked at him and I waved.  He looked at me.  He got up and he walked out of the room.
When I got back to my room, I had a phone call and his secretary had called me, so I called him back and she said, “Warden so-and-so wanted me to apologize,” she says, “but there’s been so much political pressure, that she said he was afraid to be in the same room with me.  It was terrible.  I had my house fire bombed.  I had my friends threatened.

I was even followed by two Mossad agents, who came over from Israel specifically to follow me around during the time of my trial.  I was informed by my cousin, who had been informed by the gentleman, who was ahead of the Massachusetts State Police and when we were younger, we grew up and we played with the gentleman who was ahead of the state police.  At any rate, he called my cousin.  He says, “because of the fact that Freddy is facing the court, I can’t communicate with him.  He says, but I would like you to get a message to him.  We have been advised by the State Department and by the CIA and by the FBI, that there were two Mossad agents in Malden.  We don’t know what they’re doing, but you’re being watched.

Well, I was unaware of this until she told me and for about 3 or 4 days, I was being followed and I didn’t know why I was being followed. Well, at any rate after I found out the day following that, I was being followed again by a vehicle with tinted windows.  I think it was a Cadillac or some such thing and I got into a semi-rural part of Malden and they followed me up the hill and I spun my car out and blocked the road.  At that point, I got out of the car and I went up to the window and I pounded on the window of the driver’s side. The gentleman rolled the window down.

There were two very dark-complexioned, I guess they were Jews from Israel.  They could have been Arabs.  They were middle eastern types.  At that point, I reached inside my jacket and I pulled out a 45-caliber pistol and I touched his nose with it and I asked him what he wanted.  Well, the two gentlemen in the car, as dark- complexioned as they were turned white and the next thing I know, they put the car into reverse, floored it, went up over the curb, hit somebody’s fence, spun around and took off down the street from whence they came.  And I guess they didn’t want some kind of an incident because I was legally carrying a firearm.  I was legally protecting myself.  They wouldn’t have looked too good in the news media and the police, if they are agents of a foreign government, following somebody around.  So that was the last I saw of them.  I think they finally figured that I was a little too crazy to deal with.

End of quote.

But the story of his treatment in Germany in particular is little to do with justice:

But unbeknownst to me again, she made a deal with the police in Mannheim, Germany.  I didn’t know this.  I arrived and just before I went on camera, I was approached by three German police officers from Mannheim.  One of them spoke English – not well, but his English was better than my German.  The other two gentlemen didn’t speak any English at all and I was told that I was going to have to go back to Mannheim with them and face trial in Mannheim because of what I said about the gas chambers and I said, “What have I said and where have I said it?”  Well, I said it in Canada.
I said, “How do you get jurisdiction in Canada.”  I said, “I’m an official of the court. I don’t interfere with the legal system in Canada.”  Well, it didn’t seem to make any difference.  I said, “All right, I assume you have a warrant.  Let me see your warrant.”
“Well, we don’t have a warrant.”
I said, “What do you mean, you don’t have a warrant!”  I said, “How do you expect to make an arrest?”
“Well, we’re not making an arrest.”
I said, “Then what are you doing?”
He said, “We’re going to take you back to see a judge in Mannheim.”
I said, “Like hell, you’re going to take me back to see a judge in Mannheim.”  I said, “I came over here to be on a television show.”  At which point, he pulled a Walther 380 out and stuck it in front of my face and told me that I would be required to go back.  OK, if that’s the case, I wasn’t going to argue.

I can stop a 380 like anybody else could. I didn’t feel like being dead.  So I was handcuffed at that point and I was taken across 3 states by police officers that were violating their own laws; I was essentially kidnapped, not arrested.  And Schreinemacher threw a fit because she told the cops, “You promised he could be on television and now you’re taking him before he is.”  I said, “Sure, let me on television.”

I was about to tell the world on her national hookup that I was being kidnapped at gunpoint and they weren’t about to let that happen.  So, I was drove through half the night and I wound up getting fingerprinted, mug shots taken – first time that ever happened to me and probably the last time it would ever happen to me, and I was thrown in a cell.

The following morning, I was taken from there to the courthouse and the information of my being taken, and I don’t want to say arrest, but nobody knew I wasn’t arrested except me and my ex-wife, because she was there.  And at any rate, I was taken to the court and Zündel had made arrangements for an attorney to come, and the attorney made an argument, but it didn’t do any good.  The judge just threw me into a cell at the Mannheim Prison.  They have a wing of unconvicteds that are awaiting trial and that’s where I wound up.

Judge Bauer, incidentally, was Jewish.  I explained to him and I complained to him that I was taken without a warrant.  He said, “It doesn’t matter. He says, I got you here now.”

I was thrown into a cell and I spent some 3-1/2 months.  The attorney that I first had was Zündel’s attorney, and I subsequently, was put in touch with another attorney, who handled my case from thereon out – Haio (Hajo) Hermann, whom I believe has subsequently passed away. Haio Hermann had very strong feelings about people that were held and put in prison for thought crimes, which essentially was what happened to me.
Haio was a German soldier during WWII on the eastern front, and he spent 11 years in a communist prison before he was released after the war.  So, he became a lawyer, so he could prevent that from happening again.  It took him 2-1/2 months, almost 3 months after that, but he finally got me a bail hearing and I was, subsequently, handcuffed, taken out in a prison bus.  The bus was very interesting because it had little rooms half the size of a telephone booth and I was squeezed into it and then the door was closed – individual rooms.

After I arrived there, I went before a 3-judge panel that was going to decide on whether or not I would get bail. Haio Hermann made all his arguments, and I hadn’t said anything.  I was then given the opportunity to speak.  I spoke briefly and the judges said, “Well, we don’t have to go any further.  We are going to remand you without bail.”
This was all going on in German and my German is not good, but I obviously figured out, at this point, that I’m going back to the slammer.  So, I turned around to Haio Hermann, “What the hell kind of kangaroo court is this.”  I said, “They haven’t given me an opportunity speak.”  I said, “I’m a responsible individual.”  Well, the judge, at that point, stopped the proceedings.  He said to Haio Hermann in German, “What’s your client’s problem”?  And then he said, “Never mind.”

He turned around and said to me in perfect English, “They all understood perfect English, and he said to me, “Do you have a problem with what we’re doing here?”  And I looked at him, and I said, “You damn well know I’ve got a problem with what you’re doing here.”  I said, “I’m a responsible business person.”  I said, “I came over to your country for a television show.”  I said, “I was seized at gunpoint, illegally transported across a half dozen states against your own laws, and now I’m awaiting bail, so I could go home and the judge says, “Well, if we gave you bail, would you come back?” And I said, “Of course, I’d come back.”  So, they said, “Give us a few minutes to deliberate.”  They went in back.

They came out 10 minutes later and they said they were giving me bail.  Now they had to do something with me while they’re waiting for the bail because Haio Hermann contacted.  His contact was Zündel and Zündel had to post bail.  I was effectively bailed for something in the vicinity of $22,000. Oh yeah, I was a master criminal.

At that point, the judges called us into chambers.  Now we’re in chambers.  They ordered coffee and cakes.  In our meeting, I’m eating cakes and drinking coffee with the judges.  You can see where their sympathies lay.  Afterward, I went back to the prison.  I got my belongings. I got my passport, everything.

I told Haio Hermann.  I said, “I want the next plane out of here.”  He said: “I would like you to stay a couple more days because there are some people who would like to hear your speech.”

I said, “I’m not staying.  I want to be on the next plane.”  So I did get on the next plane.  I came home and that was fine, after I got home.  Then I was in touch with Mr. Hermann and I had plans to go back and face trial, something along a year, which I believe was going to be the following February.  As the time went by, he had been in touch with me.  About a week before, he called and I said, “Yes, I’ll make arrangements, I’ll get a ticket, and I’ll see you on such and such a date.”

End of quote. There is more to this story. He was to be killed upon his return.

So, who would be out to discredit this man and plan to kill him for telling the truth? I quote this dialogue involving Fred:

Jim Rizoli (JR): First of all, would you call yourself a revisionist?
Fred Leuchter (FL): I do now.  I didn’t 25 years ago.
JR: But when you think about all the revisionists that are out there, especially the ones publishing and writing, you probably are one of the most famous ones.
FL: I think that’s probably true and in those days after I had been to Auschwitz, after I had testified in court, I considered myself a reluctant revisionist.  Now after the Jews beating on my head for 20 years, I’m not reluctant any more. (My emphasis)

These quotes are from an interview with Leuchter conducted in September 2015, which I commend to you.

Once more, this interview came to me. I did not go looking for it, as so often happens in what I do.

And it a classic illustration of how things unfold in our world. Leuchter’s evidence completely destroys the myth of 6M Jews being gassed to death and then cremated. Both were impossible. But then comes the discrediting, and if you want to believe in the Holocaust, you find that he was prosecuted for practising as an unlicensed engineer, consider him to have been discredited and stop looking. You have the proof you need. I learned long ago that, whatever your belief, you can find the evidence to support it, and this discrediting provides those who wish to believe in the Holocaust myth the evidence they need.

Except it’s a spurious case, constructed for exactly this purpose. Not only that, those running this lie intended to kill Leuchter f he went back to Germany for his trial mentioned above.

To quote Joseph Goebbels: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

Ever wonder why Holocaust denial is illegal in many European countries including Germany? Goebbels gives you the answer.

Watch this interview with Leuchter. He’s the real deal.

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