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James Corbett explains how the environmental movement has been hijacked to promote the global warming lie

In Corbett’s usual way, he has done his homework, quoting many of the key source documents that discredit the anthropogenic global warming story that is now widely accepted as truth.

Worth 6 minutes of your time. The transcript has links to the source documents he quotes.

The deceit of global warming and the agenda behind that deceit

If you listen to the MSM as your source of information, you could not help but believe that anthropogenic global warming is causing the planet to get hotter. Sadly, it’s a massive deceit and joins so many other things about our world that we are told are true but are not.

To most people the above words are simply heresy. How could it not be true? We are presented with the evidence almost daily.

Well, I used to be there, too!!! But then I began to pick the reality we are presented with apart.

Back in 2015, James Corbett produced the video The Global Warming Pause Explained, which shared the fact that “the RSS global mean temperature anomaly dataset shows a least-squares linear regression trend of 0.0C from February 1997 to October 2015.”


Yes. No mean warming for 18 years.

And this is not new news to those who really look at this, and I have written about this many times over recent years.

Ben Davidson, who runs the Suspicious Observers YouTube channel, has produced several debunking videos on this subject, the most recent entitled Fatal Flaw in Climate Change Science being perhaps the most powerful. And Aussie geology Professor Ian Plimer has demonstrated the deceit, and the classic discrediting technique has been applied to him. When I mention his name to people who have bought the bullshit, they almost inevitably label Plimer a crackpot. Yet not one that I have spoken to about Plimer and express this view have read his book Heaven and Earth: Global Warming, the Missing Science. I have. And I consider it to be one of the most thoroughly researched books that I have read. On any subject. This discrediting of contrary sources is a key practice of those who run our world.

And this recent article entitled Rewriting America’s History illustrates how historical data is massaged to fit the story. I quote: 

In 1998, NASA showed 1934 as the hottest year on record in the US, and declining temperatures for the rest of the century. They have since rewritten the data to eliminate the post 1930s cooling.  1998 used to be one degree Fahrenheit cooler than 1934, and now it is warmer.

End of quote. I have written about this kind of manipulation before.

The heart of the global warming deceit and why is encapsulated in the life focus of Maurice Strong. Strong was plucked from obscurity, trained and fostered by David Rockefeller and after a career of being parachuted into senior management roles in the Canadian oil industry was given the role to set up the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and also organised the initial UN conference on Agenda 21. This article of mine from 2015 spells out his journey in setting up the IPCC in 1972 and then Agenda 21 at the 1992 UN conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Agenda 21 is now known as The 2030 Agenda.

Simply put, the reason for the global warming is deceit is to create an excuse to herd people out of the country and into the cities, which they are doing at quite a pace. We are more manageable and more easily culled there. Heard about Agenda 21? Most people have not and it is being implemented all around us.

But I suspect those selling this spin are panicking because of the cooling that is resulting from the reduced sunspot activity and, more importantly, our impending entry into a new “solar minimum”. It’s impossible to deny what has happened this year in the US, with record snow and cold levels across the country and massive flooding that has eliminated more than half of the grain production in much of the US. And there are also many minor pointers, such as several snowfalls in the Sahara for the first time in 40 years last year, the first April snowfall in 2019 in south-western Western Australia for 40 years and the earliest ever recorded, amongst others.

So, if you are still convinced about anthropogenic global warming, please look beyond the MSM and do some of your own research. And once you have pulled on this thread, begin to ask; “What else have I been lied to about?

And your life and your perception will begin to change irrevocably.


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The Global Warming Pause Explained

In his usual, well documented manner, James Corbett provides the details on the complete lack of global warming for the last 18+ years – not what you would understand if you listened to the MSM. A statistically zero degree of warming over this period. I quote:

Fact: the RSS global mean temperature anomaly dataset shows a least-squares linear regression trend of 0.0C from February 1997 to October 2015.

And so the reason for the COP21 climatefest in Paris recently was for what? Oh, yes. To lock in global action against the (actually non-existent) anthropogenic global warming.

Are you reading this, Michael and others? Wake up before it’s too late.

But we have abundant evidence that our global controllers have NO intention of letting the facts interfere with a good story – or, more accurately, their plans for you and me and our world. It will take more concerted action on our part to put a spoke in this wheel.

Maurice Strong is Dead – a James Corbett perspective

I am sharing with you a range of perspectives on the death of Maurice Strong, because this NWO gopher was not well known and his influence on our world is really only beginning – and its consequences are horrific. And unless we understand the background to this global warming scam and the underlying intentions wrapped up in it, you may stay in the camp that believes global warming is still happening, and you and all of humanity are to blame. His death provides a wonderful segue by which to awaken a few more to this bullshit that is being fed to us.

And so, as ever, James Corbett provides us (backup copy here) with a well-researched and cogent discussion of the man, how he came to be who he was and where his loyalties lay. It also reveals, as I have previously, the scam that is the terms of reference and structure of the IPCC. Again, when you set up a committee (as those with committee experience know), you determine the result of its activity by defining its terms of reference, to ensure it gives you that outcome; and this is EXACTLY what Strong did with the IPCC – it was not permitted to consider anything outside of human effects, hence completely ignoring the role of the sun. Totally bizarre, but the public doesn’t understand the game and the MSM makes sure it never gets exposed.

And guess what causes global warming and cooling (ignoring the effects of catastrophic, geologically short term phenomena such as comets)? The sun. More particularly, the strength of the Earth directed solar flares during the sunspot cyclical peak, which is determined by the rate of change of the strength of the sun’s magnetic field. Heard that from the IPCC? Well, they’re not allowed to say so, even if they know, which they probably don’t since they’re not allowed to look there.

And as always with James’ work, there are lots of links to look further and build your own understanding. This scam is one of the most fundamental at work in our world currently, though its implementation is largely hidden. Almost no-one I ask has heard of Agenda 21, let alone its recent replacement, The 2030 Agenda, and their consequences for humanity. Strong was the NWO gopher that set all of this up through the UN on behalf of the globalists. They “enrolled” him at 17, greased his path to financial and other success through oil company involvement in Canada, setting him up for life, and then put him to work. His main “managers” were the Rockefellers, who are seen as all powerful by many, but you need to look closely at their history. John D. was funded by the Rothschilds to set up his oil empire and all that followed. And the Rockefeller family’s allegiance and obligations lie where?

Take 20 minutes and watch James’ report, and follow the links if you really want to understand the game. Your life and that of your offspring may just depend upon it.

Fatal Flaw In Climate Change Science

The excellent video of the above title by Ben Davidson of Suspicious Observers prompted me to write this.

In this recent presentation, Ben makes it very clear that the climate science conclusions are completely false, since they ignore major environmental climate factors and hence attribute their effects to human ones.

However, it is worth restating, as shown by the graph below, taken from this paper, that we have had no global warming for about 20 years.


Not what the MSM would have you believe.

And Ben’s presentation illustrates how egregiously distorted the usage of data has been in the climate modelling. I encourage you to watch it. IMO, it’s outstanding science, as Ben’s material is.

And few understand that the entire reason for this false climate picture is to justify Agenda 21, now called The 2030 Agenda, the hidden plan to herd people out of the countryside and into the cities.

James Corbett, in his usual thorough way, has explained all of this very well. This video is a good place to start, and I refer more broadly to his work on this in these articles.

These articles also include a discussion of the life of Maurice Strong, whose mission it was, as tasked by the global elite he served, to create the Agenda 21 scenario. Strong not only founded the IPCC, with its terms of reference to only consider human factors in global warming (and they find – what???), he also organised and opened the UN conference that began the Agenda 21 journey in Rio de Janeiro in 1992.

And despite demonization by the global warming believers and apologists, Aussie Geology Professor Ian Plimer has written an excellent book and presented very eloquently showing global warming to be the nonsense it truly is.

So, thank you, Ben, for your outstanding presentation on the complete distortion of the underlying data used for climate modelling.


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Weather is NOT Climate!

James Corbett hanging the global warming nonsense out to dry once more.


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Why has the global temperature not increased for almost 19 years up to October 2015?

I have written much about the horrific lie of anthropogenic global warming over the last few years, but I have been quiet about it for some time. So, here’s an update.

If you listen to the MSM, you’d have every reason to be fearful of man’s impact on global climate and its consequences. But is this accurate?

So, let’s cut to the chase with this graph:

No global warming for 18 years

I took this from one of the many excellent videos by James Corbett on this. Let me quote him:

“This is the least squares linear regression trend on the RSS global mean temperature anomaly dataset from February 1997 to October 2015, aka the period during which one third of all anthropogenic forcings have occurred in the last 265 years, and it shows a trend of 0.00 degrees Celsius.  No warming whatsoever.” (My emphasis).

End of quote.

And if you don’t know what the RSS dataset is, you’re right up there with David Suzuki who spruiks continuously about the dangers of global warming. Talk about getting shown to be ignorant on the subject.

As I said, James Corbett has done some of the best analysis of the global warming subject. For example:

What Is The Average Global Temperature? Demonstrates very clearly, again quoting key sources that are actually deciding what the global Surface Air Temperature (SAT) is, that the measurement of the SAT is far from certain and highly approximate, making attempts to measure movements of fractions of a degree highly suspect.

Lies, Damned Lies, and Global Warming Statistics fleshes this picture out in great detail.

Also, The Global Warming Pause Explained adds to the picture.

Then James begins to take the gloves off (if he ever had them on) in Climate Change is Unfalsifiable Woo-Woo Pseudoscience. And if you think Corbett is alone in claiming it’s pseudoscience, perhaps the view of Professor Ivar Giaever, the 1973 Nobel Prize-winner for Physics might be more convincing for you. Listen to him explain why “Global Warming is Pseudoscience”.

So what is this myth all about?

Again, I have written a lot about Agenda 21 (most people still have no idea what that is when I ask them), now The 2030 Agenda since late last year. Perhaps you might take more heed of the words of Patrick Wood as he explains how all of this “plays into the technocrats’ plan to control the world’s resources and implement genocidal eugenics-based austerity” – The 2030 Agenda by any other name.

We are, yet once more, being lied to and led up the elite’s carefully constructed garden path.

And the fact that there are those in the US considering making it illegal to disagree with the official position on global warming (so-called global warming sceptics) might be enough of a clue to all of this deceit.




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Webster Tarpley: The Elite’s Plan for Global Extermination

I was watching this presentation by Dr Webster Tarpley today, a historian and economist, discussing the appointment of John P Holdren as Obama’s White House science advisor in his first administration, a role I understand he continues to hold.

I find Tarpley’s presentation of great interest since he exposes very poignantly the myth that Obama has ever stood for positive change for the American people in his time as President. Indeed, when you see Holdren’s historical writings laid bare by Tarpley, what you see is the globalist eugenics agenda (renamed genetics after WWII) in full flight. He says of Holdren’s writings “this is a cookbook for the extermination of humankind”.

Tarpley also exposes many of the threads of this agenda and points very directly to it as a globalist agenda, and also mentions the speech by Maurice Strong prior to 1992 UN conference in Rio that spawned Agenda 21, the Agenda that sees humanity removed from most of the planet by every means available and relocated to shoebox apartments in densely populated and controlled urban areas, away from the world’s controllers. Anyone been watching the “Hunger Games” series of movies? These movies condition you for what is coming. It’s happening and it’s happening by stealth within every local council across the planet. I have mentioned previously how Maurice Strong was used to set up the “agenda” for the Agenda 21 conference as well as the terms of reference for the IPCC so it only looked at the human input to global warming (did someone mention the sun?)

Unfortunately, Tarpley does not mention Agenda 21, nor does he expose the layer behind the likes of Holdren and his cohorts – and Maurice Strong – that push the elements of this agenda; the global banking and resource-controlling families of the Rothschilds and their primarily German Jewish banking cohorts such as the Warbrurgs, Rockefellers, etc., who were also behind Adolf Hitler and all he did and stood for, including eugenics, trauma-based mind control and much more.

There are many individuals like Holdren and Strong, peddling their particular piece of this complex global puzzle. Another is Phillip Zelikow, who is perhaps best known as the executive director of the 9/11 Commission. But it is only when you understand this man’s history that you can understand why he was placed in that role. Here is another damning perspective on Zelikow.

Unless you begin to join the dots on these people, you cannot even begin to see the tapestry that lies behind them all; and there are literally hundreds if not thousands of such people, playing their roles in rolling out this global agenda of eliminating most of the human population, keeping only a reduced number to support the elite, replacing most of the workers with robotics and creating hybrids of many of those that remain.

Our history does not record that those who usurped power in the ancient civilisation of Atlantis (that was deconstructed about 13,000 years ago), created half man/half beast forms that carried a human soul. They were a slave class for the elite and were known as “the things”. In so many ways, what we are witnessing in this “end time” is the replication of what was done in Atlantis. Most consider that Atlantis was mythical, but I work with many people who readily recall lifetimes lived in Atlantis, and my business partner is able to readily witness the human form that existed in that time. Of course, we are encouraged to believe that such abilities do not exist and the experiences are imagined or falsified…

Getting back to Tarpley, I commend his presentation to you as it shines a light on layers of this agenda that aim to eliminate most of humanity.

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