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The head of the octopus

I have referred to the octopus with a thousand tentacles that is manipulating human experience very deeply in this time. That octopus has a name, and its name is Rothschild .

It is hard to overestimate the influence they exert and have exerted on the human experience in the last few hundred years, beginning with Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1743-1812). A subtle pointer to their power and influence is that, despite their huge wealth, they do not appear on any list of the world’s richest.

To begin to understand their influence, I recommend reading The Complete History Of The ‘House Of Rothschild’, which is a re-edit of this article by Andrew Hitchcock. It is the best article I have seen listing their timelines and activities.

One oft-quoted pointer to their strategy is the quote from Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1790) – “Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.”

Another from one of his 5 (legitimate) sons, Nathan Mayer Rothschild in 1815 – “I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the Empire on which the sun never sets. The man who controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply.”

Or this from Gutle Schnaper, Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s wife, apparently not long before her death in 1849 – “If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.”

Clearly there were other forces at work before them, such as the Catholic Church; however it appears the Rothschilds took control of the Catholic Church’s finances in 1823.

They have been very careful to stay under the radar and one way they have done this is to own the key news sources, beginning with the purchase of Reuters in the last 1800’s, and others in more recent times.

There are many commentators who see the hand of the Rothschilds in the creation of Zionism and the influence that Zionist forces exert in the world, for example this excellent article by Rand Clifford, but this focus underestimates the totality of their influence and reach. They were also behind the creation of Marxism and its derivatives, of Fascism and its expression as Nazism… They have made it their business to foment disagreement and conflict in every manner possible for their own advantage.

They and their associated families own the so-called Reserve banks in almost every country in the world.

The organisation known as the Illuminati and all it stands for was created at the behest of Mayer Amschel Rothschild, and one of its first moves was to infiltrate Freemasonry at the highest levels. Any discussion of modern Freemasonry or the New World Order cannot begin without acknowledging the role of the Rothschilds.

So, I encourage you to familiarise yourself with this article on the Rothschild family and their activities, because without this knowledge you cannot begin to understand this world and how it works, and it leads to so many other things that I have mentioned and will discuss in the future. It is also available in PowerPoint form from here.


Journalist Glenn Greenwald condemned the mainstream media during an address at a German hackers conference on Friday

Thousands of attendees at the thirtieth annual Chaos Communication Congress in Hamburg packed into a room to watch the 46-year-old lawyer-turned-columnist present a powerful keynote address delivered less than seven months after he started working with former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden.

Here is a brief introduction to his speech, and you can listen to his entire speech here. You may want to skip the first 4:30 or so.

As you may have noticed, U.S. District Judge William Pauley yesterday dismissed an American Civil Liberties Union lawsuit contending that the NSA collection of “bulk telephony metadata” violated the bar against warrantless searches under the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. 9/11 was a key part of his argument.

As I’ve said, I do not see any way that this full court press to control humanity and every minutia of our lives will end short of a shift in the context within which all of this arises. Those who point the finger at the US are missing the point – the game behind the game. This is where the control arises from.

Ralph and Marsha Ring : Anti-gravity and conscious awareness in aether

I, for one, have wondered what happened to the work that was being done by Nikola Tesla, before JP Morgan shut him down. We know that the contents of his lab were confiscated by the US Government after his death; however it seemed to me that there had to have been one or more people who were working with Tesla who kept his dream alive and moved his technology forward.

It turns out there was, and at least one expression of it has flowed through to Ralph Ring. In this fascinating video, you will not only hear evidence of “free” energy technology, but also a man talking of his direct experience of how consciousness works, along with the very tangible evidence of how our world is carefully controlled from behind the scenes by the powerful banking interests who work very hard and completely ruthlessly to keep the current diminished paradigm in place. A truly wonderful and uplifting story.

The work that Ralph has been involved with parallels much of the work of MT Keshe that I have shared with you previously.

You can find Ralph and Marsha’s website at .

Ted Gunderson Chronicles

Ted Gunderson was a long term investigator for the FBI. Subsequently he became exposed to the dark underbelly of the United States in particular, including Satanism, mind control, paedophilia, child sacrifice and mainstream (notably CIA) involvement in the illicit drugs business, reaching all the way to the White House. He understood how this reached back to the Illuminati and their creation under the direction of the Rothschilds. A quick search on YouTube will reveal many of Ted’s presentations as he sought to expose this activity, unsurprisingly with virtually no cooperation nor acknowledgement of the issues by the FBI and others. This video is representative of what he reported. This interview is also of interest and shares some background to the two Kennedy assassinations.

As is the way for such people, Ted did not survive this campaign, his life ending on July 31, 2011, it appears as a result of arsenic poisoning.

The JFK assassination

JFK’s assassination has held my interest for a long time, and many have written or spoken about it. 50 years on, those directly involved have also passed on, and the very tight cover over those involved has leaked in many ways.

It has become clear that there were many interests who wanted him dead – the mafia, the CIA and its recently fired boss Allen Dulles, the Texan oil bosses, LBJ, the military industrial complex, the global bankers, J Edgar Hoover… It is a long list, and perhaps all of them had a hand in it in some way, based upon the evidence.

Let me share with you what I have found to be the most powerful pieces of evidence that this was a carefully planned and executed conspiracy that in ways continues to this day. Let me begin with some statistics regarding the death rate of the witnesses to the event. It is clear from this data that anyone who knew too much was likely to not survive that knowing. Roger Craig was one, and tells his story here – before he was shot.

Next the clear evidence that the US Government was responsible for falsifying how he died. Those who saw the body and took the original x-rays etc. spoke of a massive wound to the back of the head. The official report was of a massive wound to the front of the head. This shows he was shot through the front of the head with at least one shot, and it was important to those involved that this be covered up. More on this shortly.

This episode from the History channel which was never shown due to the action of interests associated with LBJ provides powerful evidence of his involvement, along with the legal and oil interests of Texas.

E. Howard Hunt is perhaps best known for his involvement in the Watergate scandal. Not long before his death, he confessed his involvement and that of the CIA in the assassination of JFK to his son, Saint John Hunt, which he shares in great detail in this excellent recent interview with Dr. Kevin Barrett. You can download an mp3 version of this interview from here. Saint John Hunt also fingers LBJ as the instigator of the assassination. The background to the CIA’s primary on-the-ground hatred for JFK related his perceived failure over the “Bay of Pigs” invasion, and the background to the truth of this is explained in the Colonel Prouty interview I recently shared with you. Despite his denials, George Bush Sr. was working for the CIA at that time, was involved in the Bay of Pigs project and was also present in Dallas on that fateful day, and his fingerprints are all over what has unfolded in America since that time.

Returning to buried evidence that JFK was shot in the head from the front, I find this analysis that Texan Governor John Connally, seated in front of JFK and a close associate of LBJ may have shot JFK at point blank range, to have greater credibility.

And the global finance interest? This article discusses how JFK had moved to free the US from the grip of the global bankers by allowing the US Treasury to issue its own currency, rather than paying interest to the owners of the Federal Reserve for the privilege. I do not see any direct evidence of their involvement; however in my view you need look no further than the CIA and their ultimate agenda. From its inception under Dulles, the CIA was deeply involved through Operation Paperclip in bringing those German scientists involved in advanced scientific projects such as rocketry but also all of the scientists and doctors involved in mind control, torture and eugenics into the United States to continue their work – as well as protecting the interests of the wealthy Americans who funded Hitler and worked on joint projects with the Nazis before and during WWII. So the CIA, in my view, has strongly served those global banking interests, headed up by the Rothschilds, from its very inception. The protection of these individuals and their immigration to the United States reveals that dark, hidden agenda that sees these projects continue on, wherever they can best be pursued. Perhaps this soon-to-released documentary will shed more light on all of this, and perhaps JFK understood all of this very well.

Then we get to the Lee Harvey Oswald story, the patsy in the assassination. Arguably the best source on Oswald is Judyth Vary Baker, the author of Me and Lee, who was Oswald’s lover in New Orleans in the time leading up to the assassination. Judyth was a science prodigy, who found a way to trigger cancer in sterile mice in a week, whilst she was still in her teens, and this made her of great interest to those working on virus and cancer research in New Orleans, and also interested in finding a way to infect Castro with cancer. She shares her story with Susan Lindauer in great detail in this recent radio interview. There is also a recent very brief video interview with Judyth. Judyth also shares her views on YouTube. Her credibility is strengthened by the fact that her academic records have been deleted and she has had to flee to Europe for her own safety. Several of these sources make it clear that Oswald was employed by the CIA and had above top secret security clearances at a very young age, before he supposedly defected to Russia. Dr. Mary’s Monkey also provides some fascinating background to Oswald and what was going on in New Orleans at that time.

Finally, perhaps this 4 minute video summarises all of this in short order, beautifully illustrating the ludicrous nature of the official story.

For me, there is no doubt the forces that came together to see JFK assassinated are alive and well in the United States, and are stronger than ever.

Agenda 21: Blueprint for a NWO Takeover

Not everything that is said in this video do I agree with; however, it does provide a powerful entrée into how Agenda 21 is being implemented and the long term planning that has been used, including the extensive and carefully planned use of the environmental lobby to drive this agenda. It’s not difficult to see the connection to the global warming nonsense I shared with you recently (here, here and here). It also acknowledges the hand of the Rothschilds and their cohorts in all of this, along with the true nature of the UN.

If Publicized, this Study Would be a Vaccination Schedule Bombshell

Thank you, Gillian.

“Systemic autoimmunity appears to be the inevitable consequence of over-stimulating the host’s immune ‘system’ by repeated immunization with antigen, to the levels that surpass system’s self-organize criticality.” (Emphasis added.)
This carefully planned and executed abuse, planted so deeply into the Western medical system, defended on the basis of the odd success such as smallpox (though even these claims are disputed), will take time to pull apart. The compliant – nay, complicit – lamestream media will not reveal these studies. To expect otherwise is simply naïve. Just as they were complicit in what happened at 9/11 and will never expose the truth. Truth is not their purpose.

This article discusses powerful outcomes from a Japanese study.

Most people – including many who read this – continue to believe that the systems and processes in our world, on all levels, are planned and executed for the intended benefit of the majority of people, and deny the possibility of a powerful agenda behind these various threads I share with you. To those I say, it is time to look at what creates the context for your life, not just its content. Most people are busily executing their hamster wheel lives, focussed primarily on survival and how to be “nice” to those around them. My friends, it is not a luxury we can continue to indulge in. To do so will see life as we know it destroyed as we watch the promises of Orwell’s “1984” seem like a hopeful outcome for this world and for humanity. The agenda in play is far worse.

If you want to begin to understand this agenda, this piece on the Rothschilds is a good place to start.

A claimed quote from Gutle Schnaper, Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s wife, apparently not long before her death in 1849 – “If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.”

If you wish to begin to grasp this picture, here are a few other items I have shared in the past:

Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars

New order of Barbarians

Georgia Guidestones

The impact of nutrition on behaviour – the agenda to impact us through what we eat and drink

In these posts I have referred a number of times to the apparent agenda behind the introduction of GMO products to negatively impact human health and function, and I have often referred to the agenda expressed on the Georgia Guidestones to reduce the human population to 0.5BN people.

Now, some of you who read this might be drawn to labelling me a conspiracy theorist – to which I would add that this term was created by the CIA after the assassination of JFK to discredit those who were questioning the conclusions of the Warren commission. So I welcome the label.

Today in particular it has become clear to me that GMO is just the tip of the iceberg. I came across the work of Dr. Russell Blaylock, a retired neurosurgeon who has made it his business to examine the scientifically demonstrated impact of the modern diet and other inputs on human behaviour in detail, and is an eloquent and extremely well-informed advocate of this impact. This is no better illustrated than this video, which is an extraordinary expose on this subject.

Now that you have warmed up to this man, I also commend this interview with Dr. Blaylock in which, amongst other things, he lays to rest the myth that fluoridating our water has some benefit in preventing tooth decay, the devastating impact upon the immune system of a child from vaccination – particularly the brain’s immune system, which is separate from the body’s immune system, and opens the door to reveal the driving force behind perhaps all of these activities – the Rockefeller Foundation and similar organisations, beginning in the early years of the 20th century; though even here we are at least one layer from the heart of the matter, as I have described previously.

And let me finish off this picture with that fellow conspiracy theorist, David Icke and his take on it.

Do you wonder why our diet looks the way it does, with so many sugar-laden drinks and pre-prepared stimulant ridden foods? It is no accident, as is well explained in this recording.

Unless humanity on a broader basis begins to awaken to what is going on here, the future for most of us – let alone our children – is grim indeed.

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