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Kim Dotcom planning a crowdfunded, secure Internet replacement – Meganet

Kim Dotcom is a highly intelligent, practical Internet entrepreneur that the MPAA had the US Government target some 3 years ago, breaking many laws in doing so. Having successfully replaced Mega Upload with MEGA and got back into business whilst he is on bail in NZ, he is now planning a secure Internet that uses block chaining to scatter the components of a file all over the global network and then reassemble them, making it very unlikely the file can be accessed and decrypted in transit.

This fascinating interview is broken into Part 1 and Part 2.

The NZ Prime Minister caught out lying about the GCSB and Kim Dotcom

Few of you, perhaps, are interested in the comings and goings in New Zealand, unless you’re a New Zealander; but, for me, there is a story that is unfolding there that connects powerfully back into how America operates and how its other “Five Eyes” partners readily kowtow to America’s wishes, not just regarding security and the detailed surveillance of every citizen on the planet, but also the use of so-called security services for American commercial benefit. It is also an example of some excellent investigative journalism that you do not see in the mainstream media in the United States and, in my experience, only find in Australia and New Zealand today, and with the Murdoch-driven pressures on the Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC), we may not see in Australia for much longer.

This video report tracks the change in the focus of the GCSB in New Zealand from a traditional security focus to a much more commercial and IP focus with the appointment of Ian Fletcher as its head. It also exposes the fingers of the PM John Keys and others in the pie of illegal spying on Kim Dotcom prior to the raid on him in early 2012, serving the interests of America’s MPAA, ostensibly for copyright infringement, a case that seems weaker by the day, and for which there is strong circumstantial evidence suggesting the raid was driven by an Obama administration wishing to curry favour with Hollywood for their support of Obama prior to his 2012 re-election.

I have long said that they took on the wrong guy when they decided to shut Kim Dotcom down, and this is becoming more and more evident.

This article and this radio interview flesh out this story a little more.

None of this should come as a surprise to any of us, since the United States has repeatedly demonstrated its willingness to destroy other countries by whatever means necessary for their own economic interests, it’s just that citizens of the “Five Eyes” countries tend to believe they are somehow protected by the American umbrella and nothing could be further from the truth.

Kim Dotcom: Leaks by Snowden Highlight Need for Privacy in Digital Age

I have commented previously on the naivety of the MPAA going after Kim Dotcom to make an example of him in their piracy wars. This interview from last year further illustrates this point.

Keiser Report: Let’s Encrypt the Internet! (E548 ft. Kim Dotcom)

In this edition of the Keiser Report, Max interviews Kim Dotcom, a German who has made New Zealand his home, is a leader in providing encrypted services on the Internet and who was the subject of a full scale, black helicopters and all, Hollywood-style raid a couple of years ago, driven by the MPAA. Kim is a very bright guy, a creative marketer and a very smart businessman. His views on the directions of the Internet, etc. are always worth listening to if this area is of interest to you. The interview starts at about 12 minutes.

The arrest and prosecution of Kim Dotcom

The over-the-top arrest and prosecution of Kim Dotcom in New Zealand a couple of years ago is such a beautiful illustration of the way those who run the game, play their game. They own the world of Hollywood, and Kim was such a perfect target to be taken out in the best Hollywood manner.  

Except it backfired. It’s a story that will echo in their faces for quite a while –

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Attorney-Client Privilege, the NSA and their 5 eyes partners

This Tweet from Kim Dotcom shares a link to an article posted by his US lawyer on the impact of the economic spying that has been revealed recently by Australia on Indonesia to provide intelligence for US commercial interests. Kim says; “My lawyers don’t want to talk over the phone anymore. What a mess.”

In a way, these commercial revelations help to bring some power to the push-back against this global surveillance, although few yet truly grasp the full scope of this surveillance agenda. When you know all US school children have been profiled since 1952, you begin to get a sense of the scope of this. If you are reading this, you have probably been profiled since early childhood…

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