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The hidden controllers of our world leave their footprints

I have written extensively about a carefully hidden and protected group, primarily of Khazarian origin who present themselves as Jewish but have no Semitic origin, who control our world. These people are satanic and use horrific practices, including child abuse and child sacrifice, to control those in power, in all elements of power, and through them the rest of humanity.

This is carefully occulted from the general public. However, the evidence of it is everywhere if you look.

I recently watched an interview with Wayne Jett, the author of “The Fruits of Graft”, and Jett spoke about the writings and influence of H G Wells. Most of us know of him for his science fiction writings; however, Wells also wrote Anticipations of the Reaction of Mechanical and Scientific Progress Upon Human Life and Thought. Anticipations was, in essence, the blueprint of the elite’s plan for global domination. Jett explained that he had written the bulk of The Fruits of Graft before coming across Anticipations, and he subsequently added Chapter 17, which covers Wells’ book as well as material from the “transcript of the 1938 interrogation of C. G. Rakovsky, former ambassador to France from the Soviet Union, conducted by Joseph Stalin’s agent amidst purges which preceded Stalin’s assassination of Leon Trotsky”. Interestingly, I had previously read the first 16 chapters of Jett’s book, stopping short of… Chapter 17.

I quote: Sociopaths pursue their goals, not by declaring them openly, but through deceit. They use multi-layered deception (Keynesian economics, for example) to create “elaborate fallacies and misleading theories,” while concealing designs and motives…

…Wells and his sponsors realized that the “solutions” he described could not be admitted in public discourse, much less fully implemented, until the timing was right—when men of the new republic took full power. Why not use votes of “people of the abyss” to gain power before letting them in on the true social agenda? 

End of quote.

And a quote related to the Rakovsky testimony:

He asserted that New York financiers “are revolutionaries objectively and subjectively, quite consciously,” and “these people, the bankers, have the impulse towards full power … [s]uch power as Stalin has in the USSR but world-wide … absolute power.” He identified the Rothschilds as treasurers, or more likely chiefs, of the first Comintern, or cell of the Communist International in Europe. He said this Comintern relationship funded the Rothschild expansion as international bankers, and further identified Kuhn, Loeb & Co. as successor to the House of Rothschild. 

Notice Rakovsky’s references to “revolutionaries” and “impulse towards full power” are essentially identical with terms used by H. G. Wells during the Thirties in commenting on Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt and the Brain Trust. Rakovsky said “not one of ‘Them’ is a person who occupies a political position or a position in the World Bank.” Such positions are given only to “intermediaries.” He told how young Leon Trotsky, leader of the 1905 revolt in Petrograd against Czar Nicholas II, leapt ahead of older revolutionaries by marrying into a family partnered with the bankers Warburg. “They” accomplished “organized defeats” of Russian forces in World War I sufficient to inspire overthrow of the Czar by parliamentary officials led by Alexander Kerensky. Kerensky conspired with “Them” to hand over power to Trotsky led Bolsheviks as the Communist vanguard. The “October revolution” was financed by “Them” through Kuhn, Loeb & Co. and other American and European banks, including a Swedish bank where Rakovsky “participated in the transmission of funds.”

Rakovsky explained the Versailles Treaty following World War I as “the most decisive pre- condition for the revolution.” Reparations payable by Germany to France far exceeded the value of all of France. Hyper-inflation followed by barriers to international trade produced hunger and unemployment and then financial aid from Allied nations—all orchestrated by “Them”—prepared Hitler-led Germany as the only nation situated to invade the Soviet Union so Stalin (the “bonapartist”) could be toppled in favor of Trotsky (“Their” agent). 

Rakovsky attributed to “Them” an objective to provoke war by Western democracies to topple Hitler in Germany because Hitler “removed … private and international capital [and] took over … the privilege of manufacturing money and put it to work for the benefit of the State.” (My emphasis) Although Germany had almost no gold reserves, Hitler produced jobs and prosperity for seven million workers by means of economies achieved through direct issuance of currency. Though Hitler’s objective was rearmament, similar strides were possible in commercial production using the same financial methods. “They” saw this as “hidden danger … very serious …” in its implications for their control of other nations. Pressed to name names, Rakovsky said he did not have direct knowledge of who was a part of “Them,” but had assurances from Trotsky, who must have known, that Walter Rathenau was one. He was confident that Lionel Rothschild was, also. Others he concluded from “work and personality” as under control of “Them” included the Wall Street bank Kuhn, Loeb & Co. and its families Schiff, Warburg, Loeb and Kuhn. Further, Rakovsky named “Baruch, Frankfurter, Altschul, Cohen, Benjamin, Strauss, Steinhardt, Blom, Rosenman, Lippmann, Lehman, Dreifus, Lamont, Rothschild, Lord, Mandel, Morgenthau, Ezekiel, Lasky…. Most of them in the United States.” He said he was uncertain whether any one person named was actually one of “Them,” but even so each one named could present a proposition to “Them” through indirect channels by expressing thoughts or hypothesis. No direct answer to such a proposition is ever received; only “facts” and events may be observed by waiting and watching.

Were it not for Franklin Roosevelt’s actions to deepen and prolong the Great Depression, one could argue that assertions made against the U.S. president by a condemned man under interrogation by the Soviet NKVD should not be repeated. But three points overcome this position. 

The first is that any claim Franklin Roosevelt might make to a presumption of good intentions is undercut by the content of this book. Second, Dr. Landowsky’s transcript of Rakovsky’s testimony was first published in Madrid years ago as Chapter XL called “Sinfonio en Rojo Mayor” of an 800-page book entitled La Lucha por el Poder Mundial by publisher Senor Don Mauricio Carlavilla. Senor Carlavilla validated authenticity of the material as prepared under his supervision by translation of copybooks found on Landowskys body by a Spanish volunteer at the Petrograd front of World War II. And, third, the American people have not been exposed to this information so as to evaluate it fully. Therefore, we proceed to what follows.

Rakovsky was told by his inquisitor that “proofs” of his truthfulness must be validated within days; otherwise, his time might run out before all aspects could be checked out. Under this Sword of Damocles, Rakovsky asked whether the new U.S. ambassador Joseph Davis were present in Moscow. He commented that his “exceptional situation gives me the right, as I see it, against the rules, to make use of an official intermediary.” The context of the comment signaled to the NKVD inquisitor that the U.S. ambassador was an intermediary of “Them” capable of providing “proofs” helpful to Rakovsky’s cause. When asked whether the U.S. government was “behind all this,” Rakovsky answered it was “under all this,” implying “They” controlled the American government.

Rakovsky then explained that October 24, 1929, the first day of the Great Crash, was the beginning of the “real revolution” and more important than the seizure of power by the Bolsheviki in Russia in October, 1917. In February, 1929, Trotsky left Russia, the financing of Hitler was agreed in July (recall that Baruch was then vacationing in Europe and Scotland), and the Great Crash occurred in October. He said Hoover’s term of office was used to prepare for seizing power in the U.S. by “financial revolution” and in the USSR (replacing Stalin with Trotsky) through war and defeat. He continued: “[E]xecution of the plan on such a scale requires a special man, who can direct the executive power in the United States, who has been predetermined to be the organizing and deciding force. That man was Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt.”(Emphasis added.) He then referred to Eleanor as “this two-sexed being” included in the definition of “special man” because Franklin “had to avoid any Delilah.”

When asked specifically if Roosevelt was one of “Them,” Rakovsky answered: “I do not know if he is one of ‘Them,’ or is only subject to ‘Them,’ I think that he was conscious of his mission, but cannot assert whether he obeyed under duress of blackmail or he was one of those who rule; it is true that he carried out his mission, realized all the actions which had been assigned to him accurately.”

In other parts of his testimony, Rakovsky advised regarding the nature of threats to Stalin presented by “Them” in preparing Hitler’s Germany for invasion of the USSR, and he prescribed intricate countermeasures. Almost certainly, neither Stalin’s intellect and knowledge nor those of his advisors were on par with Rakovsky. Leon Trotsky was assassinated by Stalin’s agent in Mexico on August 20, 1940. Hitler’s forces invaded the 

USSR in June, 1941. Some report Rakovsky was executed at that time; others say he lived well into the 1950s under a changed name.

Thanks to Landowsky and Knupffer reporting Rakovsky’s testimony, the depth of the U.S. crisis in 2008-2010 can be better estimated. America’s affliction was not merely rampant financial criminals assisted by government to strip capital from middle class investors, though this reality itself was gigantic in its consequences. America’s exposure included near- term bankruptcy and fall of constitutional government. This risk was a predictable probability based on known facts, partly because it was an interim objective of the vast, aggressive power which exerted dominant influence in writing laws and molding thought. Rakovsky asserted the eventual demise of Communism and installation of “state capitalism” in Russia to be “Their” plan, as was the destruction of nationalism in Germany, Russia and the U.S. The ultimate objective, or “end of history,” in “Their” minds was absolute power in the U.S. and worldwide—far from the rise of republican democracy as Francis Fukuyama mused was the future after the fall of the Soviet Union. 

End of quote.

For me, none of this is knew but it is valuable to find these confirmations.

And in the face of the huge global propaganda that demonizes Hitler, note the above acknowledgement that Hitler took Germany from a basket case to the powerhouse of Europe in 4 years!!! He did this by eliminating the Khazarian Mafia’s central banking system in Germany (though he retained a Jewish head of the nationalised bank). No wonder they were out to destroy him and totally discredit him. There are also periods in US history where there was no central bank and similar explosive growth was experienced.

I encourage you to read The Fruits of Graft. However, I feel his Chapter 17 is so important to understand, I have placed it in a pdf that you can download from this link.

Where is the evidence of this today?

In truth, the evidence is everywhere, if you look. Almost everything we accept as being true has been fashioned by this elite, though most people cannot comprehend this could be true. Perhaps the clearest illustration is from 100 years ago when, in 1920, Henry Ford bought his own newspaper, the Dearborn Chronicle, to write about this control system and its impact on the United States. He knew no editor would publish what he wanted to write, because already the press was either owned or effectively controlled by this elite. The series of articles that Ford wrote from 1920-2 were subsequently published as “The International Jew”. It makes powerful reading. This is 100 years ago!!! And today??? Did you know Rupert Murdoch is Jewish? Most people don’t, nor that he has direct business interests with the Rothschilds.

However, I want to illustrate their modus operandi by some events occurring in my home country of Australia. As a precursor, I will mention the well-recognised practice of distraction and acting when people are distracted. The 1913 legislation to create the US Federal Reserve, introduced when most people, including most politicians were preparing for Christmas, is one of many examples.

Back to Australia. Most Australians have no idea that banking bail-in legislation has been introduced in Australia. It was introduced on Valentine’s Day (February 14) 2018, with no press publicity. This was then followed by legislation in the last session of parliament for 2018 demanding companies provide a backdoor to their software, ostensibly to protect us from “terrorism”, another elite created paradigm.

Then, last week, again with no publicity, legislation was introduced, on a Friday afternoon, to ban cash transactions in Australia for amounts over $10,000. 

So, we are distracted by the day to day bickering of politics whilst the key steps to advance the global agenda that Jett and Wells both wrote about in their own ways are moved forward in the shadows.

However, I remain optimistic, for many reasons, that we live in the time when this hidden satanic control will be removed from our world. The impact will be huge and most people will be in shock for some time.


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Australian Bank Mortgage Fraud Explained Part II—this is the scandal that will bring down the Australian economy!

Wow!!! Wow!!! Wow!!!

Thank you, Nods.

As Aussies know, and perhaps others, there has been a so-called Royal Commission into the banking industry, here, and many skeletons have come out of the closet, leading to a tightening of lending practices. This is being blamed for the recent decline in real estate prices, most notably in Sydney and Melbourne, the two largest cities (about 4M each).Except this is the tip of the iceberg… The scale of fraud and carefully planned and orchestrated deceit of the consumer is almost beyond belief. 

Watch this video. Denise Bailey, founder of the Banking and Finance Consumer Support Association (BFSCA), spills the beans in a very big way.

Australia has experienced continuous economic growth, without a recession, for some 26 or 27 years, supported by the mining boom and by the growth in real estate prices. Except those real estate prices are now patently ridiculous by global standards when compared with household incomes, and the household debt levels are amongst the highest in the world. The following graph illustrates it well.

Of course, it’s unsustainable, but those participating in a bubble such as the well known historical tulip bulb frenzy and the more recent Bitcoin bubble believe it will go on forever. This time it’s different… Except it never is.

The role of an investment allowance encouraging home owners to leverage their existing property asset(s) into investment properties is well known. But the scale of the systemic fraud inside the banking system isn’t. 

How about a loan application system that automatically works out what somebody’s income needs to be to support the loan and then inserts that into the form? Or children deleted from the family automatically, so the outgoings can be made to line up? Or the ship deckhand who became a captain on his form, so his false income could make sense? And this is hidden from the mortgagee because mortgage brokers fill out all of the forms…

I recently saw a report saying that Australians are now the richest per capita of any country in the world. This is entirely based upon false real estate valuations.

I have been saying for at least two years, maybe longer, that Aussie real estate prices could fall by 50%. I now think that’s conservative.

Australia has been set up to go the way of Argentina, Chile, Brazil and other South American countries. The great harvesting of Australian assets by the global elite has been set up. Well, they already own the mining companies, so they have cornered most of the revenue streams, as they have done around the world. They conduct this “haircut” of the general population every few years (it’s called a recession), though it can be more extreme, as it was in 1929-39, when they really clean up. I think we are looking at one of those in the next few years globally, and it has already begun.

Most people are asleep at the wheel and and none more so than the average Australian. 

Australia’s economic growth has been supported by two things – mining exports (there’s still farm exports) and building construction, fuelled by the real estate price boom. China’s economy is slowing and this will accelerate, and when this loan zoo begins to unravel…

Generally, real estate prices are a lagging economic indicator. In Australia, they are falling before the general downturn has begun to be visible elsewhere (apart form the recent falls in stock market prices). This, in itself, telegraphs what is about to happen to Aussie real estate prices. 

It might be 6 months before the true panic selling of Aussie real estate begins. The swag of interest only loans are only just beginning to hit the dates when they need to be converted to interest and principal – at higher interest rates on declining valuations… It will be a bloodbath. And the dividends and the stock prices of the 4 Aussie banks underpin the superannuation industry that ostensibly underpins the retirement of most Australians…

And unbeknown to most Aussies, bail-in legislation was introduced on February 14 this year, as it has been around the world for these coming times. If you have funds in the bank, expect to lose a fair swag of them.

I’ll say it again. Australia is headed down the same path as Argentina, Chile and Brazil before us. But this process is global. The United States is already a third world country. They just don’t understand it, yet. But they will very soon…

If you have not prepared for what’s unfolding, please do so.

The DOW has broken its 200 day moving average, a key indicator that it’s now a bear market. It was down 800 points on Tuesday and another 800 on Thursday before it recovered.  There is an inverted yield curve in US Treasuries, an almost 100% reliable indicator of a coming downturn. But this is no average downturn.

And what’s going on in the banks here is all planned. You think they are independent of the global elite? If so, then I have this exquisite piece of beachfront for you. In Antarctica. Not to be missed…

I have explained at length how our world is controlled via satanic practices of paedophilia and child sacrifice. If you’re not across this, use the search field on my blog.

And in amongst this, I am very optimistic. These arseholes think they are going to finally control all of us on a very deep level (and the encryption banning legislation passed overnight in Australia, buried in the morass of party bickering, as is usually the case, is a key part of this effort), but it is my well informed view that they will fail in their attempt. May it be so…

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The evidence of global paedophilia at the highest levels of power and authority continues to be exposed

I have written a lot about the satanic use of child sexual abuse and child sacrifice in our world, as part of the way our world is controlled at the highest levels of power and control, including politics, business, judicial and administrative, most of it well before the revelations at the time of Trump’s election and since, known as PizzaGate.

And this evidence continues to build, as this video portrays. Further, there is now talk of a video on the dark web showing Hillary Clinton and her assistant Huma Abedin engaging in the sexual abuse and sacrifice of a young girl. If you have read Cathy O’Brien’s early books, this will be of no surprise to you.

What is changing is the exposure and the recognition of how it is used.

Will we see it fully exposed and cleared from our world?

May it be so. 


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Part 4 Ronald Bernard, revelations from an insider

This is the fourth in the series of interviews with Ronald Bernard, the Dutch high-level banker whose conscience woke him up when he was invited to participate in a child sacrifice event. He was tortured, disappeared for some years but survived.

Quite a story, though nothing new if you’ve been following my blog over the years. Nevertheless, it’s a powerful confirmation.


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Real Big Power: Revelations by insider Ronald Bernard-part 2

Thank you, Molly.

Here is Part 2 of the powerful though not surprising revelations from Ronald Bernard, the former elite-level Dutch banker, who drew the line when the next step was to participate in a child sacrifice. In this segment, he explains how the banking system is structured; run by, in his estimate, 8-8,500 people, who are hidden and protected. Bernard explains our debt-based monetary system and how interest and inflation are tools for harvesting the public, enslaving us in more and more debt. He goes on to explain how the politicians are just puppets, performing under the direction of the global elite and that vaccination and the false pandemics are just tools to bring money to Big Pharma and their shareholders. Actually, in my opinion, there’s another layer to this, but that’s not for today.

No surprises; however, it’s priceless to have this from someone who’s been on the inside and chose himself over power.

You can find Part 1 here, which I also recommend.


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#PizzaGate – Out of Darkness Into the Light Episodes 11 & 12

More in the Jake Morphonios paedophilia and child sacrifice series:

Episode 11


Episode 12



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Weird Ways of the Elite Documentary

I have just come across the work of Jay Myers, who is creating videos to document how our world works.

His most recent video is entitled Weird Ways of the Elite Documentary. This video focusses on the hidden practices of the elite who run our world. There’s nothing here I haven’t written about though he goes more deeply into some areas. In 40 minutes he draws a lot of information together in an easily understandable format, including child sacrifice, in a fast paced, well structured format.

A great snapshot that we all need to understand. If we don’t understand it, we can’t change it.


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Is Trump controlled by Mossad?

There is a myth we’ve been given that Trump is a new broom and not part of the “establishment”.

I have previously shared Trumps’ Four Generations Of Jewish Ties, which puts paid to that notion.

However, as I’ve discussed many times, anyone that gets close to a power role, political or otherwise, will always be controlled through sex, and this sex will likely involve child sexual abuse and child sacrifice.

This article does not go that far, but it provides details of Trump’s connection to Jeffrey Epstein and alleged child sex procurer Ghislaine Maxwell (who, like her father, is considered to be connected to Mossad), along with several court cases alleging rape and sexual intercourse with minors by Trump. I quote:

According to a Jan. 29, 2016 article on Vice News,

“Epstein and Maxwell were repeat guests at Mar-A-Lago. In 2000, they hung out there with Prince Andrew, who arrived for vacation on Trump’s private plane. That same year, the Palm Beach Post reported that Trump, Epstein, Prince Andrew, and Maxwell were all at a tennis tournament/celebrity event at Mar-A-Lago.”

And this:

The family-made rich man has been strategically propped up as the all-accommodating GOP extremist opponent of candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton, herself part of the very same establishment and even personal friend to Trump—at least prior to the race.

The two candidates come from the same organized criminal syndicate that leads back to Israel, its murderous Mossad terrorist organization, and the Lansky international crime syndicate. Furthermore, as we shall see, Trump is nothing more than a puppet of Mossad and is likely under their control through opportunism and, darker yet, blackmail. What Trump and his cronies all share in common is sexual compromise and their loyalty to the international Judeo-masonic power structure.

End of quote.

None of this should be any surprise, though I’m not saying every piece of interpretation in the article is accurate. We should expect it.

What is surprising is it is coming out so early, even before his election. Is it a sign of how degenerate things have become?

And, on a broader level, I remind you that the last brick of the elite Jewish control of the United States was put in place with the creation of the US Federal Reserve in 1913. Everything since has been under their guidance and direction, including the selection of political leaders such as Presidents.


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PEDOGATE: Systemic Global Pedophilia EXPOSED

SGTReport continues its campaign to expose the global, satanic control system that includes pedophilia and child sacrifice at its heart.

And they are beginning to grasp the global nature of this, though they are still early in spotting the evidence, restricted mostly to the obvious hotbeds of the United States and Britain:

From the Franklin and Hampstead cover ups to Jimmy Savile and Sir Edward Heath, their crimes against children are legion and now they are bing exposed for all the world to see. #Pedogate is SYSTEMIC GLOBAL Pedophilia, and it’s an abomination that must be stopped.

End of quote.

They are sharing some of the key testimonies that are being discredited and demonised by the MSM in this video.


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Out of Darkness Into the Light – Episode 1 – Introduction

I recently mentioned that EndTimesNewsReport has moved from YouTube, and now its creator Jake Morphonios has begun a video series revealing what he knows about the picture I have often written about, the web of global sexual abuse, paedophilia and child sacrifice used to control our world along with the global trafficking of children and adult slaves that surrounds it, as well as the global organ harvesting that’s intricately linked to it. Morphonios recognizes that PizzaGate is just the tip of the iceberg.

Here is his first video.

And he’s not a bad videographer.

Morphonios says there will be one/day. It’s clear he’s been looking closely at this for quite a long time and his life journey has placed him where he gained awareness and insight into these practices from a young age. There are no accidents.

Will he survive to tell his entire story?

To his credit, he recognises the risk and feels strongly enough about it to do it anyway. It takes such acts of bravery to change our world.

I encourage you to track these for yourself, as I believe this exposure may take us places no-one has gone before. Will he include all the threads that have come my way over the last few years? Let’s see.

I intend to post all of his episodes and download them in case is not as insulated from being pressured to remove them as he thinks.

And if you agree with me on the importance of this exposure, please share them far and wide.


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