Mehran Keshe’s technology released to all, believes his life is in danger

Thank you, Hedy.

This message from the Keshe Foundation was posted today.

Mr. Keshe suspects his life is in danger, and he has now opened up the USB stick data to the peoples of the world, to begin the technological change that is needed.

Here is the full contents of the legendary USB drive that was previously offered to the governments of the world by the Keshe Foundation. …

Please distribute this file far and wide, so it cannot be suppressed!

.iso version:

Alternate link with .rar files:

While horrific, it’s no surprise that TPTB want to do away with Keshe.  His technology would end the controllers’ reign.

Also, Mehran was interviewed on the Mike Harris show yesterday with over 3 million listeners.  You can listen here:



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