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We live in a special time in history, a time when our solar system is in alignment with Galactic Center (see Graham Hancock’s introduction). It seems to me there is a great deal of evidence to support the notion that we will experience a shift in consciousness on this planet that was programmed long ago to come forth at this time, and this blog seeks to share the evidence of this that I see.

I also share what I see is happening in the world; how it is controlled by a wealthy and powerful elite and I seek to join some dots, to share some perspectives that perhaps others have not seen because they look from a different place than I do.

Th information comes from many sources – the evidence of the abuses humanity has been subjected to, the evidence of a past high level civilisation on the planet, the emergence of new technologies, the signs that people are waking up… Many sources.

So, I seek to share these with you through this blog as they come into my awareness, along with my perceptions of them.

Enjoy the journey…

Richard Presser

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