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Analysis of the “Shooting Down” of Malaysian MH17 indicates it was NOT hit by a missile

It is unlikely that the truth of the fate of MH17 will ever be publicly known or why, since the unfolding is being used to demonise Putin for whatever purpose, in my opinion most likely because of his role in the BRICS independent financial initiatives, but there are many other possibilities. As I’ve said before, choosing to trade in other than petro dollars or replace the American privately owned Federal Reserve has not been good for the health of those who have tried it, and this is exactly what the BRICS countries are doing.

However, what caught my eye is the very revealing photo of the piece of the MH17 cockpit and the analysis indicating it had been riddled with airborne cannon fire – certainly enough to cause it to explode and crash. Interestingly, the German pilot responsible for this analysis, Peter Haisenko, goes on to speculate that perhaps they were trying to assassinate Putin, a possibility I shared previously. Certainly this hi-res cockpit image seems to fit with Haishenko’s analysis.

An Outstanding, Impartial History of the Israeli Palestinian Conflict

Thank you, Graham.

This video provides an excellent background to the unfolding of the Zionist state and the reality on the ground, and how this is not exposed in the world’s mainstream media (surprise, surprise).

Alison Weir explains how the UN gave an inequitable land allocation to the Zionists during partition in the mid-40’s. Again, it’s important if you are to understand the world, to understand that the UN is as much a creation of the Rothschilds as is the state of Israel. It postures as an independent group reflecting the wishes of the global community, whereas when it comes to key issues such as Israel or Agenda 21, the key decisions are carefully directed and controlled, carefully buried in the apparent “good intent” of the UN body on a day-to-day basis. Like the major religions, the UN is primarily populated with good intentioned, well-meaning people who have no clue about the underlying controls and agenda. For example, most Catholics behave like the Inquisition never happened, or that it no longer exists. It does, albeit with a new name and far less impact than 7-800 years ago. Or the real darkness under the surface as being exposed by the ITCCS in Brussels.

Will the public ever care?

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