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Netflix Series Exposes Govt-Connected Child Sex Ring in Baltimore, Police Forced to Respond

You are doing great work, Molly. In my opinion, your blog has gone up a couple of notches. It’s wonderful to watch.

Here’s this post in full:

Nice share from Stillness in the Storm”. It just goes to show that when we put the information out there, in whatever form we work with, we can raise awareness—or even better.

It will be interesting to see how the Baltimore Police handle this. Or not. 

Eventually, the cesspool that spans the globe will get cleaned up, but let’s make it sooner rather than later. 

Conversations around this criminal activity need to take place. Let’s see that they do.  ~ BP

Netflix Series Exposes Govt-Connected Child Sex Ring in Baltimore, Police Forced to Respond

(Matt Agorist) Baltimore police have found themselves in an awkward position as of late after a horrifying documentary from Netflix exposed a dark underground child sex ring involving the church, politicians, and cops. The series, titled, The Keepers, has forced the Baltimore police to set up an online submission form as people began to come forward after watching it.

While the series is on Netflix for the world’s entertainment, the harsh truth is that it really happened. After the church attempted to keep it quiet by paying off the victims under the table, the documentary has exposed these monsters to the world.

The seven-part documentary series, which premiered on Friday, also covers the unsolved murder of one of the teachers, Sister Catherine Ann Cesnik. On Tuesday, enough former victims had seen the documentary that they began calling the Baltimore police department to report their abuse.

Baltimore Police have since made an online submission form available for those who would want to report any instances of sexual abuse related to the series.

“We have been contacted by victims from the past who want to report the sex offenses that occurred to them. The murder investigation related to this Netflix series was handled by the Baltimore County Police Department,” the website reads.

End of quote.

I have nothing to add.


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Trump quietly advances the agenda of Greater Israel by demonizing the next target – Iran

During his recent overseas sojourn, Trump took aim at Iran as the “rogue state” and “sponsor of terrorism”.

Such a croc. But this game is never about truth.

Listen to him here.

Again, just in case you think this latest paper cut-out politician is somehow different.

It’s simply impossible, do you see? This system we are trained to fight over – who’ll be the next President, the next PM, etc. – is a charade from its very beginnings. It was set up at its very outset in Britain to hide the control held by the elite Jews. And they hold the British monarchy in place and probably elsewhere as part of that façade.

Until you recognise this, you don’t have a clue.

Meanwhile, the “Totalitarian Tiptoe”, as David Icke so perfectly describes it, continues on.

And these flat foots continue on as if Iran doesn’t have the Keshe technology to protect themselves. Except it does.


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Passport system problems cause flight delays – caused by global tracking system errors

Small insights come from unexpected sources.

This article on flight delays out of Melbourne made me realise that our movements across the world are being tracked in real time:

Delays for international travellers at Melbourne Airport were ‘due to outage of Advanced Passenger Processing (APP) system’, a globally-used, border clearance process affecting many other airports.

End of quote.

Of course.

I just hadn’t thought about it.

It’s just good to know.


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Seth Rich Bombshells Change the Landscape of American Politics & Mainstream Media

I have said several times, either here or on Twitter, that the assassination of Seth Rich might just be the thread that pulls down the elite’s web of deceit in Washington, and this excellent article by my friend Molly adds weight to this possibility, and the video she links is as powerful as she says:

The truths coming out of the entire Seth Rich – WikiLeaks relationship and the subsequent murder of Rich are sending massive aftershocks throughout mainstream media and the new media.

A growing number of the somnambulant public are realizing the scandalous behaviour of the controllers and since everything is connected, the Pizzagate/Pedogate, FBI Comey firing and impotent screams from Podesta about “the Russians did it” are reaching the point of hilarity for those of us in the know.

It’s is indeed unfortunate that WikiLeaks partner Gavin MacFadyen and Seth Rich had to exit to bring this all forward, but they volunteered to take one for the team. Assange has done his share of suffering, and we hope they will now leave him alone. So many have stuck their necks out—and continue to do so—like Sean Hannity—who may lose his job, but that’s small potatoes.

This video puts the pieces of the conspiracy together very neatly.  ~ BP

End of quote.

I encourage you to watch this video.

Bring it on.


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The Weaponization of “Science”

Rupert Sheldrake has championed the distinction between the scientific method and what he termed the “scientific world view”.

James Corbett has just given us a different slant on this twisting of science:

“Science” is being turned into a political weapon. Not the scientific method, but the reified “science” of scientism, exemplified by the politically-motivated March For Science, the politically-biased peer review process, the politically-charged infotainment from political hacks like Bill Nye, and the politically-appointed scientific regulators who always put their corporate interests and political worldview ahead of scientific accuracy.

End of quote.

The evidence for what Sheldrake and Corbett both discuss is overwhelming. As with pretty much everything else in our world, the public, including many scientifically trained people, believe that science and their scientific world view exists entirely as a result of the application of the scientific method. If this were EVER true, its days are long gone. There is the promoted meme that the public accepts and then there is the reality, and the two have a very tenuous link.


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The Secret of Oz MOVIE – Learn about the World Economy

Back in the 90s, Bill Still created the extraordinary Money Masters, a documentary tour de force that remains the reference point for explaining the world’s monetary history. I commend it to you if you’ve not seen it.

Still followed this in 2010 with his documentary on the Wizard of Oz entitled The Secret of Oz. In this documentary, Still explains how the Wizard of Oz was actually telling the story of the battle between the Jewish banking oligarchy of Europe and their push for a US central bank based on the gold standard and those who saw the release from their tyranny through government printed money or greenbacks based on silver. Still shows how the core essence of this story was buried by switching Dorothy’s shoes from silver to ruby in the famous 1939 film version. Again, this is fabulous documentary work by Still and opens so many doors of understanding of the history of the battle for the control of the issue and, more importantly, the availability of money.

All of this history is completely written out of the picture we are presented with today. As with Hitler’s economic miracle in Germany of the 30s where, by having Germany issue its own money and refuse to pay the Jewish bankers, the German economy went from a basket case to the powerhouse of Europe in four short years, such experiences have occurred in other situations where countries have issued their own currency, rather than giving that right to the private central banks, owned and controlled from behind the scenes by the satanic Jewish elite. For centuries, it has proven to be a death wish of politicians to oppose the elite Jewish bankers, including several American Presidents.


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ER Doc Who Operated on Seth Rich Says He Was OK Until …

The Internet is awash with the view that Seth Rich (a key member of Hillary Clinton’s election team, was murdered under the instructions of Hillary Clinton and her head honcho, John Podesta, for leaking emails to WikiLeaks, which now seems to be well established. Now a powerful testimony from an anonymous surgery resident has come forth who was on duty when Rich was brought into hospital, and says his gunshot injuries were not life threatening. However, whilst he was in ICU, ”about 8 hours after he arrived we were swarmed by LEOs (Law Enforcement Officers) and pretty much everyone except the (physician) and a few nurses was kicked out of the ICU… It was weird as hell.”

The quoted report describes both his injuries and the surgical procedures conducted to undertake the initial repair work, with the final cleanup being flagged for the following day. And so, Rich was either prevented from receiving further medical attention so he simply died of his wounds or there was further intervention to ensure his death.

The man that has come forward, right now, is seriously at risk of being taken out himself unless he fully comes forth and reveals himself and his story, which is the only reliable way you can protect himself in the circumstances. I hope he takes the advice of Bill Still and does exactly that.

As Still says, this could just be the thread that pulls down much of the fun and games in Washington.


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The situation in Venezuela is spiralling rapidly downwards and has been out of control for over a year.

Scarcely a word from the MSM. It is a casualty of the lower global oil prices as its cost of production is higher than the current global price.

I wonder what the elite’s plans are for it?

Is it a glimpse into the near future for much of the world?


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The Balfour Declaration – A Century of Jewish Power

This article by the awakened Jew, Gilad Atzmon from VT provides a good overview of the Jewish elite’s games of the 20th century, focussing on the significance of and context for the Balfour Declaration, of which we are marking its century:

This year, Palestinians and their supporters mark the 100th anniversary of The Balfour Declaration, a written statement from the United Kingdom’s Foreign Secretary, Arthur James Balfour, to Walter Rothschild, a leader of the British Jewish community, in favour of the establishment of a Jewish national home in Palestine.

For Palestinians, The Balfour Declaration was the beginning of their plight: a century of ethnic cleansing at the hands of European newcomers who claim Palestine as their historic home. Yet, for some reason, supporters of the Palestinians are desperate to suppress discussion of the motivation for the Balfour Declaration – how and why did it come about?

The Balfour Declaration provides solid evidence that the dominance of Jewish political lobbies in world affairs is not really a ‘new development.’ In 1917, at the peak of WWI, it was up to a few Jewish financiers and lobbyists to decide the fate of countries, continents and the outcome of global conflicts.

In his invaluable book, The Pity of it All, Israeli historian Amos Elon suggests that the 1917 Balfour Declaration was at least partially motivated by the British government’s desire to win the support of pro-German American Jews so that they would help to pull the USA into the war.

Elon argues that at the beginning of the war, German- American Jewish financiers sided with the Germans and would reject any possible alliance between the USA and England.  “Jacob H. Schiff, head of Kuhn, Loeb—at the time the largest private bank in the United States after J. P. Morgan—declared that he could no more disavow his loyalty to Germany than he could renounce his own parents. Schiff prayed for Germany’s victory. In a statement to the New York Times on November 22, 1914, he charged the British and the French with attempting to destroy Germany for reasons of trade.” (The Pity Of It All, pg. 455)

And German-American Jews were not alone in the Jewish community.  Russian-American Jews also supported Germany in the war.  “Eastern European Jews in the United States, repelled by the anti-Semitism of czarist Russia, were equally pro-German. In Russia itself, Jews of the Pale greeted German troops advancing into Poland, Byelorussia, and the Ukraine as liberators. In a sense, they were.” (ibid)

According to Elon, the Brits encountered an American Jewish problem.  “The British government took these developments very seriously. In a fit of paranoia, the British ambassador in Washington even suspected the existence of a veritable German Jewish conspiracy in the United States directed at Britain.” (Ibid)

Elon’s conclusion is clear. “The 1917 Balfour Declaration, calling for the establishment of a Jewish national home in Palestine, was at least partly motivated by the British government’s desire to win support among pro-German American Jews.” (ibid)

Elon’s reading of the circumstances that led to the Balfour Declaration is pretty much the same as Benjamin Freedman’s in his notorious 1961 address.

Freedman states that Zionists offered Britain their support in pulling the USA into the war in return for a British commitment to make Palestine into a Jewish homeland in the future. Freedman believed that Germany’s post-WW I animosity towards Jews stemmed from what they regarded as the betrayal and complicity of German-Jewish financiers in their defeat.

100 years after the Balfour Declaration, Palestinian solidarity enthusiasts choose to avoid discussion on the global Judeo-centric politics that led to the  declaration,  even though it was arguably the most significant event that shaped the Middle East and present day Palestinian reality. This reluctance suggests that the solidarity movement is itself an occupied territory. Once again, we observe that the discourse of the oppressed is controlled by the sensitivities of the oppressor.

To learn more:

End of quote.

Frankly, in my opinion, Atzmon lets these satanists off lightly. For example, we know that Bernard Baruch was working with the US military behind the scene as early as 1914 to prepare America for the coming war participation, after which he went on to have complete control of US supply – domestic, allied and military – throughout WWI. And I would not trust one word out of the mouth of Jacob Schiff. The willingness of these people to lie to the goyim would make even a politician blush…

Remember the words of the Kol Nidrei, at the heart of Yom Kippur:

  1. all the perjury you will commit in the coming year and
    2. all contracts you will sign and violate in the coming year, and
    3. all the promises you will break in the coming year, are absolved, with no heavenly punishment accruing as a result.

We are so naïve.


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Partisan Girl On What’s Really Happening Now And Her Next Predictions

Formerly known as Syrian Girl, “Partisan Girl” Mimi Al Laham reads the tea leaves very well – you have to understand that America’s actions are driven to pursue the objective of Greater Israel. Only when you look through that lens can you then, and only then, make sense of what’s going on in Syria and the broader Middle Eastern region. Remember who ultimately runs the show. Mimi’s views are well worth listening to. She shares great insights and does not buy the political charade most people still pin their hopes on.

Meanwhile, we have the MSM reporting the US State Dept. claiming Assad has set up a crematorium to hide his atrocities. Heard this meme before? WWII comes to mind. Imagination is not the long suit of these psychopaths. And we currently have an Israeli minister calling for Assad’s assassination and attacking Iran.

However, perhaps this meme will have sway this time:

Time will tell.


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