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A Cancer in Science

I have discussed several times how what most people take to be a sacrosanct model of scientific progress – experimental process conducted using the scientific method leading to new, publicised scientific knowledge for the world – is seriously compromised and a supremely naïve view.

Rather, there is an agenda that has been established for science and those who play ball get praised and funded, whilst those who do not suffer deprivation, censor and intense criticism.

This video by Ben Davidson encapsulates it rather well.

Science, like almost every other field of endeavour, is harnessed to serve the agenda of those who run our world from behind the scenes. An example I have often used (and sits behind part of what Ben speaks of in his video) is how we are bombarded to believe that we are causing global warming through our burning of carbon (a complete nonsense), and that guilt is being used to help drive people out of the country into the cities, into smaller and smaller apartments, in line with Agenda 21, now the 2030 Agenda. If you still believe in global warming, I recommend you read Ian Plimer’s incredibly detailed and well researched book or watch one of his videos.


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Israel Strikes Syria with Tactical Nuke – Update

UPDATE May 12, 2018 – This video from James Corbett entitled “The REAL Middle East Nuclear Threat” spells out the nuclear deceit being peddled to the world, and documents the truth of Israel’s nuclear capability.

Just in case you give some credence to the recent Netanyahu grandstanding (very well publicized, of course) of Iran’s (fictional) nuclear weapons capability, this article is a reminder of who the nuclear power in the Middle East actually is – Israel. And it has been for decades. And they use these devices regularly.

Few are aware that the Bali nightclub bombing and the Australian Embassy bombing in Djakarta some years ago were both mini-nukes, courtesy of Mossad, as are most if not all of the so-called truck bombings.

Late on Saturday night, 28th April, a series of airstrikes hit Syria, local time was 10:30pm, about 2 hours after sunset. Of particular interest is the strike that hit a target hear Hama, supposedly an arms depot. This strike produced an explosion of such massive magnitude that it shook the earth violently enough for the tremors to be picked up by seismic monitoring stations in Europe which recorded a magnitude 2.6 earthquake.

An explosion on the earth’s surface, in order to cause tremors between 2 and 3 on the Richter scale, would be between 1.5 and 3 kilotonnes TNT equivalency. Clearly this was a tactical nuclear weapon and the arms depot story is the usual cover automatically issued when there is a suspiciously big bang.

End of quote.


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A conversation with ex illuminati insider Ronald Bernard and Sacha Stone

A very interesting interview. Thank you, Jon. I have shared Bernard’s revelations previously, 

Bernard explains, as I suspected, that cryptocurrency and the block chain were created by the elite. It’s part of their plans for future money, just as Lynette Zang has told us.

Bernard also tells us that he sees the world as we know it will soon change. 

May it be so.


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The Rothschild Syria Connection – Major Revelations

Jake Morphonios continues to be a peerless researcher on how the world truly works.

This video shows the undeniable links of Trump back to the Rothschilds and, inevitably, because the Rothschilds created and own Israel, to Israel.

But then, did you think it might be otherwise? If you did, you’ve been drinking the Internet Kool-Aid. I’ve written about this before.

And did anyone mention Genie Energy? Watch the Golan Heights action carefully.


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THE WICK HAS BEEN LIT: How Long is the Fuse?

I have discussed several times the exposure that Deutsche Bank represents to the global financial system. In truth, it ran out of track in 2016 but was rescued by mostly Chinese money. However, this exposure is not going away and in this video, Lynette Zang discusses in detail the state of Deutsche Bank and its implications for the global financial system. 

The collapse of Deutsche Bank will not be the trigger. As with the flapping butterfly wings theoretically creating a hurricane (chaos theory), no-one knows what the trigger will be. It will only be spotted in hindsight. Nor when the trigger will come. But we can confidently say that Deutsche Bank will be the financial tsunami that will sweep the entire current financial system away, ignoring such minor things as the US bond market implosion that has begun. Investors have not yet begun running en masse for the exits, triggered by increasing bond market interest rates, but that time is not far away. Many eyes are watching for the 10-year US bond interest rates to exceed the 30-year interest rates, technically called an inversion. This is considered a sure sign of a coming economic downturn. That moment is not far away. And what awaits us is a financial event we have never experienced and perhaps the world has never experienced. It will be a global financial reset. 

Have you prepared yourself? Personally, I agree with Lynette’s precious metal advice. 


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Ancient Tibetan magicians and the reality game by Jon Rappoport

Our ability to determine our reality (actually, we are always doing it) has been hidden from us. I will have more to say about this at the end of Jon’s excellent article:

In this memo, I refer to ancient Tibetan magicians.  They were the people who operated on the fringes, before a theocracy came in and took over.

They used techniques to enhance individual imagination and creative power in far-reaching ways.  They had apparently come from India, where they’d been kicked out of university teaching positions, because they contradicted the prevailing religious consensus.

They were not so impressed by the universe that they thought they should bow down to it.  Quite the opposite.  Therefore, their popularity was limited.  This did not matter to them.

They pointed to the highest concepts of the prevailing culture as examples of obstruction.  Obstruction in the path of expanding creative power…


“Things as they are” presents special problems.  Although it may seem “things as they are” encompasses the entire field of operation, this is not so.  THINGS AS THEY ARE is a concept.  It is closely held by the mind.  This is a particular bias in thinking.  It presupposes that “things” function according to rules, and the rules are within the game.  But the game is subject to the action of invention and imagination.  No game can stand up to imagination.  AI is a game.  It is a combination of complex systems.  AI can rearrange any number of elements, but this is not the totality of imagination.  Imagination can introduce new never before seen elements, for example.  These elements render the game null and void.  A magician, as defined by the ancient Tibetans, would be able to overturn any system or game.  He is not operating within any set of archetypes.  He is canceling or inventing energy.  He is absent of devotion to things as they are.  He is not devising strategies within the game.  He is not interested in ritual or ceremony.  He has no synthetic ideology.  The priest class rose up to control the population.  The magician was not interested in control.  He saw it as a primitive substitute for endless invention and imagination.  The need to control is a signal of surrender of one’s own inherent capacities.  Populations are trained into the timid use of energies, internal energies.  They only know how to use machines to employ energy.  The Tibetan magician was not interested in winning converts.  There was nothing to convert people to.  The magician was not interested in spreading ideas.  He had no church or temple.  He saw organized religion as a further metaphysical extension of things as they are.  People are addicted to gobbling up things as they are.  This is the reality game.  The magician saw the coalesced shapes of energy in the world as workable items that defined a limited field of operation.  Beyond that, the shapes were illusions.  They could be deleted.  They could be created.  The magician was an artist of reality.  He could invent new shapes, new realities.  This is an insight available to any human.  But he has to envision it and use it.  Use it again and again.  Then he begins to see how extensive the illusion of the collective is.  He sees the vaporous clouds of Need that control the masses.  Their own need is at the bottom of it.  The anti-magician says: WHAT IS YOUR NEED?  I WILL SATISFY IT.  I WILL FEED IT.  Plug into shallow pleasure centers and develop amnesia about everything else.  The magician is operating from other centers.  His own.  He invents his own pleasure centers.  He doesn’t surrender to primitive electromagnetic signals.  The background noise and signals of Earth culture have been morphed into expressions of NEED.  CONTROL THE NEED, CONTROL THE SATISFACTION OF THE NEED.  This is the reality game.

End of quote.

From my research, it is evident that these skills have been present in many if not all ancient traditions across the globe. The abilities of the great yogis of the Himalayas are well documented, and some of Australia’s aboriginals still possess and practise these skills, as I’m sure do other traditions. Is this part of what’s behind their ongoing genocide and cultural destruction?

However, it is my opinion that we are reconnecting with these skills and abilities in our current time. Humanity is waking up.


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The evidence of global paedophilia at the highest levels of power and authority continues to be exposed

I have written a lot about the satanic use of child sexual abuse and child sacrifice in our world, as part of the way our world is controlled at the highest levels of power and control, including politics, business, judicial and administrative, most of it well before the revelations at the time of Trump’s election and since, known as PizzaGate.

And this evidence continues to build, as this video portrays. Further, there is now talk of a video on the dark web showing Hillary Clinton and her assistant Huma Abedin engaging in the sexual abuse and sacrifice of a young girl. If you have read Cathy O’Brien’s early books, this will be of no surprise to you.

What is changing is the exposure and the recognition of how it is used.

Will we see it fully exposed and cleared from our world?

May it be so. 


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Lynette Zang comes up with the goods once more.

I encourage you to watch her outlining how almost all financial contracts will be restructured under the control of the banks in 2021 or before. If you’re still sitting on the fence about protecting yourself with precious metals that you have physical control of, Lynette might just get you off that fence.

This video gives you some background on the move away from LIBOR.


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The Syrian false flag chemical weapons attack

As I’ve said before, I’m not focussing on these false flag events anymore, because you can assume all of these so-called terrorist events are staged. However, given the serious implications of this event and the fact that we saw the old warhorse Tony Blair trotted out in support of US intervention, which shows how serious they are this time, I’m sharing the evidence for its false flag nature. The world needs to understand this game.

This video from Jake Morphonios shares historical evidence of false flag chemical attacks in Syria as well as the current attack.

And the very informed Syrian Girl lays out the obvious.

Then this article in Veterans Today. Also this one by Gordon Duff.

This material makes it all very clear. Check it out for yourself and don’t buy the MSM bullshit that’s trying to foment the destruction of Syria as a stepping to going after Iran and perhaps seeking to foment WWIII, and event planned in the 19thcentury and foretold by Albert Pike, just like WWI and WWII were.


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Plasma Dome – Tom Salas – Dominica – Hurricane Maria 2017

Mehran Keshe included an Oasis device in his original patent applications, which will provide protection from any natural disaster.

Well, someone made his own and had it in place in Dominica during hurricane Maria in 2017.

Take a look at this brief video. It is unbelievable to most of us that this could occur because we cannot imagine that the power of the fundamental plasma of the universe makes anything in the matter state puny by comparison.

It’s a glimpse of the future.

You might need to watch it several times for it to penetrate your belief systems, but it’s worth the time. It’s only about 4 minutes long.

The same technology is behind the new Russian missiles that Putin says cannot be intercepted. From what I know, I expect he’s speaking the truth.


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