Despite the Fake News cognitive dissonance program, PizzaGate will not go away

While many in the alternative media have been prompted to react to the Fake News attack (exactly as intended), the PizzaGate scandal that opens the door to the satanic child abuse and sacrificial global control system that exploded in and around Washington leading up to the US Presidential election will not go away. Rather, for those looking more closely, it has triggered the next level of confirmation to become more public.

One example of this is the two interview segments (thanks, Molly) with Jeff Rense speaking with retired N.Y. Detective Jim Rothstein. Rothstein reveals that he was continually stopped during his career from pursuing cases far more damning to the elite than PizzaGate, and he confirms this is just the thin end of the (pizza?) wedge when it comes to the scale and reach of these activities.

Another is this interview with Ole Dammegard and Carine Hutsebaud, who has been looking into these activities for many years.

I also found it interesting that Clif High’s latest report December 2016 ALTA : Divergence (thanks, Steve), which looks at the patterns in language on the Internet to (it seems with quite some success) forecast future events, is indicating that the PizzaGate thread will be pulled in the coming months to reveal this horrific, hidden satanic control system.

Bring it on.


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