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[ Editor’s Note: Dear readers, this is a challenging read, even for long time VT readers. It was a challenge for me just doing some formatting and layout work, due to the volume of dot-connecting below. But it also was a challenge to write something like this, starting with being dangerous to do so.

This will be more than a one-read endeavor for you. Some of the names will be familiar, and some not. But all of these people have been on the VT war room board for years; and we have flow charts linking them all together with their endless deals and schemes.

Gordon and Ian have tried to knit this together for you in what will still be an overview at 6500 words. But some of that is reprinted material from outside sources and our own VT archives going back to 2010.

Most of you know that the country has some serious problems. Many of you are focused on one, or maybe a few that are most important for you and your family, at whatever stage of life you are at. But the perspective here is on the horrible security situation we are in, due to corruption that goes into not only the highest level of our political government, but to the upper levels of our security and military.

Most are not involved, but they find themselves with no power to do much about it, due to the laws and restrictions they work under, which will be enforced if they break them, unlike those at the top. And then there is the little problem of where would they go to seek redress, where the fix is not already in?

Gordon and Ian put the work into this because they felt you all have a right to know. We have been at this a long time, which gives us a edge on having good sniffers when it comes tracking down things that have a bad smell to them. The rest is up to you… Jim W. Dean ]

End of quote.

This is quite a backgrounder that Gordon Duff has assembled. I’ll give you a couple of quotes; however, if you want to get your arms around this picture, I encourage you to go to the article. As you read it, take note of the Jewish names all over it. These are always there in these articles and it’s easy to miss it if you’re not alert:

Washington is coming apart, perhaps as it should but more likely only temporarily. It isn’t that Trump represents the “straw that broke the camel’s back,” but rather that the camel died long ago.

The cause seems to be Trump, the mobster president, and Russia’s efforts to rig the American presidential election. But when FBI Director Comey actually began investigating, everything but Russia came up…

It began with Trump Soho, as early as 2006 this project, initially set up to launder 2 billion dollars of oil revenue looted from Kazakhstan by Viktor Khrapunov, former mayor of Astana, through a cheesy mob front company called Bayrock. Bayrock is convicted thug Felix Sater, chief enforcer for the violent criminal mob run out of Trump Tower, now protected from FBI surveillance by the US Secret Service. But that’s another story….

Let’s get a little background and recall 2006, this was NeoCon America, a quarter of a million troops had been relocated to the Middle East, occupying Iraq and Afghanistan; part of a stated policy, according to Gen. Wesley Clark to roll up a dozen nations along the Silk Road, including all of the former Soviet Republics of the Caspian Basin.

Gen. Petraeus was preparing a newly-pacified Iraq for a last-ditch US invasion of Iran; the US Navy in Bahrain was in the process of assassinating some of its own and staging the sinking of an American ship until stopped by a group of Pentagon whistleblowers. Did we mention Petraeus and Iraq?

The Sunni Baathist group he spent 300 million dollars on, the inmates of the Iraqi prisons he emptied would show up again as would Petraeus as CIA Director. His creation would be called ISIS and it would need money, weapons and allies.

As this story continues, we will see how the CIA mechanism for crushing Iran’s economy was also used to build ISIS and finance al Qaeda and its sister, ISIS in Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya and around the world.

How does this tie into the firing of FBI Director Comey we ask? Well, as we’re going to state now, and will mention again more than once before we’re done, once this trail is taken, and that’s exactly where Comey began two days before his firing, the whole game was going to be exposed…

…It is this relationship between Turkey and Israel with its roots here or perhaps as early as 1421 when Sephardic Jews from Iberia began settling in Anatolia. There is a school of thought that this triumvirate of Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia has roots in the past, with many theories bandied about regarding the “lost tribe” origins of the Saudi Royal family or Turkey and its role with the Khazarian Empire, according to a Johns Hopkins genetic study, origin of almost the entire Jewish population in today’s world…

You see, the mobsters that the CIA had gotten in bed with, capable of moving Iranian oil and laundering billions of dollars despite UN-imposed sanctions were Trump’s business partners in his Manhattan Soho project…

…Where this can go is significant. We can assume that, minimally, $4 billion in Iranian oil was stolen, marketed by Tillerson’s Exxon among other, cashed out through the Trump organization working with Erdogan.

We can assume that billions from ISIS have also been similarly laundered.

We can assume that the pattern of regional wars can now be tied by following a trail that may well begin with Flynn and Jeff Sessions, though Google’s mercenary operations, paralleling partnerships with the CIA and Kosher Nostra, perhaps into the Alfa Bank into some Russian hands, all with relationships at every level involving the Trump campaign.

End of quote.

I share these snippets to give you some sense of the extraordinary ground this piece covers. Few are in a place to tie this together.

For me, this kind of scenario makes perfect sense, and it’s all being played out within the overarching control of the satanic Rothschilds and their Rockefeller (German Jewish), etc. “friends” and One World Government and Greater Israel plans. If I recall, Duff doesn’t agree with this bigger picture, but its fingerprints are everywhere when you look, and to focus on Israel< Turkey and Saudi Arabia as the actors misses the history of the 20th century and the role of the Rothschilds in setting up Israel. Remember, the Balfour Declaration of 1917 was addressed to Lord Rothschild.


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