Senate Torture Report Condemns C.I.A. Interrogation Program

Unsurprisingly, the CIA went further with their torture than they admitted, they lied about what benefit they got from it, and on it goes.

What I find amazing about the continuing use of torture is it has NOTHING to do with getting accurate confessions from people. It’s been very well demonstrated that torture is an effective tool to program people’s minds, but there is NO WAY you can trust what comes forth in the so-called confessions. If you reflect on it for about 30 seconds, it becomes self-evident. I will have more to say on this at another time.

So, it is not hard to conclude that the ongoing practice of torture has another, I suggest more sinister, hidden motive; a motive that David Icke points to in his book “The Perception Deception” and others; about triggering the energy of terror for those who feed off it.

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