WikiLeaks reveals secretive TPP agreement

WikiLeaks has done us a great service by revealing the proposed terms of the IP chapter of the TPP agreement, one of 29 chapters. This excellent discussion of the issues it raises helps to shine a light on the nature of the agreement. You can also find the WikiLeaks press release here.

For me this has one world government written all over it, and it gives the power to companies to sue countries who have, for example, consumer laws that are not considered to be in line with their interpretation of the TPP. The true nature of this agreement and where the power in it lies is evidenced by the level of secrecy that surrounds it.

Also, let’s not forget there is an equivalent one being negotiated across the Atlantic.

By shining a light on it in this manner, we may see this move to place transnational corporate power above government power stopped in its tracks. And let’s not forget that the politicians are just the shadow puppets for us to argue over whilst the real game gets played in the shadows.

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