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This video is from Kevin Annett, a Canadian who was drummed out of his Uniting church ministry in Canada and the assisted breakup of his marriage for exposing the activities of the Uniting and Catholic churches in the genocide of the native people of Canada, including through the schools where they intentionally placed smallpox-infected and I believe cholera-infected children in the same classroom as healthy children in order to spread the diseases. Death rates in those schools were, as I recall, well over 80% of the children. He has subsequently created the ITCCS, a people’s court, you might say, in Brussels, which has been pursuing these kinds of cases, and Kevin claims that their steps against Ratzinger were the reason for his resignation. In my view, this court has no official teeth, but is nevertheless acting to expose activities that would not otherwise be exposed and prosecuted. It is receiving a growing groundswell of public recognition and support.

The video reports testimony of an apparent participant in the Argentinian Junta, who claims that Pope Francis assisted with the trafficking of the children of political prisoners during the Junta’s reign. This testimony is more credible when it is placed alongside the claims of Steve Pieczenik that he was also involved with the imprisonment and torture of priests and nuns at that time for participating in liberation theology.

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