In my opinion, this video and the fact that it and others are being made, is helping to bring into the public eye the hidden practices of paedophilia and satanic ritualised sacrifice of children and adults involving the power elite of our world.

I do not share this as entertainment or voyeurism. I simply want to help with the exposure of these practices until people rise up in response and put an end to it.

And from the same source,, who has been working hard to expose PizzaGate and where it leads, comes this interview with William Craddick, which discusses the child trafficking case of Laura Silsby, whose conviction penalty was reduced after the intervention of the Clintons and many other situations.

And can the people take their power back?

If this video is what it appears to be, the Romanians have shown us that people can stand up to the behaviour of those who “govern” us. Thanks, Lib.


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