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The Persecution of David Noakes & Lyn Thyer for introducing GcMAF to the world

Thank you, Mark.

I have written extensively in the past about GcMAF and the fact that it cures 100% of Stage IV tumour based cancer, many cases of autism and many other conditions.

This latest video shares the current situation in which David Noakes who brought, along with his partner Lyn Thyer, GcMAF to the world, has spent 5 months in jail in the UK for manufacturing GcMAF without a licence. And if the authorities get their way, he and Lyn will be locked away and bankrupted for the rest of their lives.

I encourage you to watch this video and understand how focussed Big Pharma is on protecting its profits and its right to kill people with chemotherapy, and make as many people you know as possible aware of this abuse, as well as how current cancer treatments are enshrined in law in the UK, dating back to 1939!!!

As I have said before, the allopathic medical system was created by JD Rockefeller in the early part of the 20thcentury to flog pharmaceuticals. The video by James Corbett entitled Rockefeller Medicine spells it out better than I could.

Perhaps this GcMAF horror will be the trigger to awaken the world to this abuse.


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