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Scientific Proof of Reincarnation: Dr. Ian Stevenson’s Life Work

Thank you, Veva. Here is an excellent video of a presentation by Dr. Stevenson.

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Subject: Scientific Proof of Reincarnation: Dr. Ian Stevenson’s Life Work

In the Western world, the mainstream view of reincarnation is that it’s a bunch of nonsense. Yet, on the Indian subcontinent, for example, it is an accepted fact.

I often recount the tale of the English graduate student who told his English colleague that he planned to do his thesis on reincarnation.

“Why would you bother?, his friend replied. “Everyone knows it’s nonsense.”

He then mentioned his plans to an Indian friend who replied; “Why would you bother? Everyone knows it’s true.”

I do not know if this story is true or not, but it sweetly illustrates how reincarnation is viewed in the world.

If you trace the origin of the rejection of reincarnation in the West, you come face to face with the teachings of the Catholic church, which has long taught that there is no such thing. Now, you might say that you were not brought up Catholic, but it’s so easy to ignore the fact that the Catholic church dominated Western culture and beyond for the best part of 2,000 years, so much of their dogma is deeply inculcated into our cultural mores – we just don’t even see it.

What is interesting – though refuted, of course – is that the Catholic church taught reincarnation until Second Council of Constantinople (also called the Fifth Ecumenical Council) in 553, when it was removed under the instructions of Emperor Justinian. There are many explanations for this; however it is oft forgotten that Justinian and other Roman Emperors considered themselves to be God, and Justinian adjudged reincarnation of “Joe Average” from a soul created by God as inconsistent with this belief.

Also the following from here:

A prominent theologian named Origen wrote around 250 AD about the pre-existence of the soul. He taught that the soul’s very source was God and that the soul was traveling back to oneness with God via the lessons learned in multiple lives. He taught that Christ came to show us what we can become. For centuries this was the mainstream view of Christianity but 300 years later it became a huge issue and the belief was made illegal because Emperor Constantine believed it was dangerous to the Empire to believe in reincarnation. (I doubt this given what I know of Constantine).

In the sixth century A.D., Emperor Justinian and Pope Vigilius disagreed on whether or not the teachings of Origen should be condemned as heresy. The Pope supported the teaching as being consistent with the teachings of Jesus the Messiah. The Emperor was determined to eradicate the belief even though the Pope and the church believed in reincarnation. The fact that the doctrine of reincarnation had been a part of Christian theology for over 500 years did not sway the Emperor. 

Additionally, Judaism has acknowledged reincarnation from its foundation, and it is easy for Christians to overlook that Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus to most) was Jewish. Indeed, he was a rabbi, which Christianity also likes to gloss over, and rabbis are required to be married, as I understand it – but I digress. Moreover, the denial of reincarnation fits well with the model that we came forth by Darwinian evolution from primordial slime, lived in caves 10,000 years ago and there’s nothing left of us when we die.

I share this piece of history by way of context; as is usually the case, all is not what it seems on the surface. Also, it appears that at least 25% – and some estimate as high as 40% – of Americans currently believe in reincarnation. Further, many who follow a spiritual path quite often recall past life experiences, and we have seen many confirmations of this in our own work.

Is there proof of reincarnation?

At first blush, you might consider that this question is simply a matter of conjecture because it cannot be proven. Well, it turns out that is not so. Indeed Dr. Ian Stevenson made the study of the evidence for reincarnation a key focus of his life’s work. Stevenson primarily focussed on the recollections coming forth from children about past lifetimes that they seemingly recalled, and then looking at the evidence that supported their recollections. And his research was highly rigorous.

The results are undeniable. You cannot review the results of Dr. Stevenson and continue to conclude that reincarnation does not exist. 

This article introduces Dr. Stevenson’s work and the reactions of others to it.

Who Killed Michael Hastings?

From the evidence, Michael Hastings was an outstanding investigative journalist. This article discusses some of the background to what pretty clearly was his execution, because he knew too much. About what or whom is less certain.

Early in the morning on June 18, a brand new Mercedes C250 coupe was driving through the Melrose intersection on Highland Avenue in Hollywood when suddenly, out of nowhere, it sped up. According to an eye-witness, the car accelerated rapidly, bounced several times then fishtailed out of control before it slammed into a palm tree and burst into flames, ejecting its engine some 200 feet away.

A witness, Jose Rubalcalva, whose house stood adjacent to the crash, told Ana Kasparian of the The Young Turks news network that no one could approach the burning car because it kept exploding. In a simulated full-frontal crash of a 2013 C250 coupe, the car doesn’t explode on impact nor does it launch its engine 200 feet.

I commend the article to you. These executions have been going on for a long time and are yet to end, it seems.

The hidden paranormal people

Russell Brand – Time for a Spiritual Revolution

Russell has emerged seemingly out of nowhere to anyone outside of the U.K. and burst forth like a shooting star as a promoter of spiritually-based change in the world. This video is sharing some of his ideas.

America’s Economic Dark Side

This article by Stephen Lendman does an excellent job of summarising the deplorable economic imbalances in the United States at this time. It’s not new news, but it expresses the state of play very well, in my view. Including the only way forward.

Suppressing and Manipulating 9/11 Truth using the internet

This excellent article discusses the suppression of the RT Truthseeker video on 9/11 that I shared with you recently; however, it goes much further in painting a broader picture of the distorted picture being presented to the American public.

The 10 Companies Controlling the World’s Seed Supply

The trends discussed in this article – not just for seeds – need to be understood by us all. Not that it’s any surprise.

Sick in America: What Today’s Reactionaries Don’t Want You to Know

This article looks at the reality healthcare costs and outcomes vis-à-vis the rest of the world. It’s not a good look.

Address to our International Leadership

Thank you, Adrianna.

In this video, Sacha Stone demonstrates that he understands what is going on in our world, who is behind it, and that we live in a time when we have the opportunity to change it.

Click here for a little background on Sacha Stone, and the following taken from here:

Sacha Stone is founder of the Humanitad Foundation, Executive Director of the Exemplar-Zero Initiative and Executive Producer of the MDG Awards which launched at the UN General Assembly Hall in 2009. The work of Humanitad is committed to defining and developing conscious models for human and planetary well-being. Sacha travels widely, engaging with political, spiritual and thought leaders. He grew up in the Zimbabwean war for independence and was educated in the fine-arts in South Africa during apartheid. He was a recording and performing rock-artist before establishing Humanitad in 1999 and lives for most of the year with his monkey `Cosmo’, four dogs and many cats in a South East Asian jungle retreat.

Major Financial Collapse of U.S. Coming Soon! Here’s Why

I find this article by Lorimer Wilson (actually a whole series of articles strung together) of quite some interest. It illustrates just how dire the financial and economic scenario in the US in particular has become. It seems this collapse is unavoidable. What interests me is not so much the collapse itself, but what has set it up and what are the likely consequences  because, for me, this train smash is inevitable.

So what has set this situation up? Firstly it is, in my view, part of a much greater plan – a plan to seek to introduce a far greater level of control of the global financial system than is currently the case. A new global currency perhaps that replaces the USD as the global reserve currency and, perhaps less likely, replace all currencies (that might be a step 2). If you look at the runaway US debt situation, you can trace it to when Bush Jr came into power. One of his first acts was to reduce the corporate tax rate. Here is a link to the US debt history, and you can see that it declined significantly in the Clinton years. So whilst many look at the travesty of 9/11 and the wars that followed (including the so-called war on terror) as being the greatest travesty of the Bush Jr years, perhaps this tax reduction and triggering of the US debt into free fall will be right up there.

So was this situation some kind of accident? The evidence of the Clinton years that the books could be more than balanced shows it was not. Just as the excesses of the early 2000s and the creation of toxic derivative instruments that were sold across the global banking sector, to harvest yet more real estate from the Joe Average punters and drain the public coffers of most countries to “save” the private banks, was no accident.

We don’t know at this point what cards will be played as this unfolds. What we do know is the collapse of the USD and the US economy is inevitable, and when it happens it will be very rapid and quite deliberately triggered over some decades. Remember the ones driving this game think in decades, centuries and millennia, whilst Joe Average is focused on this week’s pay check and how to meet this month’s mortgage or rent payment. That’s just the way they want it.

As Einstein told us, problems cannot be solved on the level of consciousness on which they were created. The driving forces for this financial cataclysm have been in place for millennia, the Rothschilds simply being the modern face. In my view, we will not solve this mess whilst we remain focused on the temporal world, which has been humanity’s primary focus for the last 13,000 or so years – a focus they have also worked very hard to foster and sustain. Perhaps it will take this collapse to have people recognize the futility of playing the game of life on this level.

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