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Hollywood writer goes on the road with JFK assassination evidence

From Jon Rappoport.

This is about a relentless film. A film that doesn’t care what happens when false reality is ripped away. A film that actually does what every person who knows the truth wants to do.

This is a film you should see. It’s called Water Time, and if you go to, you can watch it for free, by signing up on Allan Weisbecker’s email list.

Allan is the director and the star of Water Time. He made a good living writing for Hollywood into the mid-90s (Miami Vice, Crime Story), when he quit the scene to live a different kind of life.

A much, much different kind of life….that culminated in going on the road to see what had happened to America. Driving his truck, with his dog Honey, with his surfboard, with his laptop, on which he’d stashed compelling evidence that key events in modern American history had resulted in a shadow takeover of the country. A coup d’etat.

That’s one of the subjects of the film.

It’s about a man who knows the truth and wants to talk about it with average Americans on camera, before your eyes. It’s about a man who makes his own frontier, who mourns the loss of his childhood friend who died in Vietnam, a war made into a horror through the assassination of JFK.

This film forgets all about the smooth kind of Hollywood that, when all is said and done, ruffles no feathers. Water Time barrels into the present American malaise and explodes the barriers and the veils and membranes between vital information, life-changing information, and American people who are just “living their lives.”

Weisbecker sits down with them, opens his laptop, and shows them evidence that the JFK hit was a conspiracy. He shows them a few of the very strange things that happened on 9/11. He doesn’t back down. He pushes forward with uncompromising logic.

Water Time is a record of what happens when a truthteller puts that logic in people’s faces. You see the reactions, the denial, the insanity.

You also see water and waves and surfing. You see a man out there on his own, with his beloved dog, having a hell of a time, a man on a relentless pilgrimage. You see the Open Road of America, created again, by a filmmaker who doesn’t shrink away from what he finds out there beyond the digital universe.

Water Time. Real Time. A diary on film unlike any you’ve ever known.

This is what the news would be, if you could scrape away the cosmetics and the lies and coverups of the major television networks. This is the unedited version. This is what the news would be if you could also watch the reactions of the audience as they’re hit between the eyes with the truth.

Most of all, this is a film about one man who has crossed the illusory threshold, a knight errant with a surfboard who’s thrown false comfort and false security overboard and is willing to be himself and shove in all his chips on the cosmic bet anyone of us can make. With enough courage, with enough outrage, with enough savage joy, with enough intelligence, with enough soul.

Get rid of all your preconceptions about Hollywood-type movies and take a gander at the real thing. I wish we had a thousand different versions of Water Time, made by a thousand men and women in their own way. Then we would have a real revolution. But we have one version, for which we should be grateful. Water Time. A different kind of time. Raw and disturbing, and as you move deeper into it, very beautiful.

Jon Rappoport

US stealth fighter jet can’t evade Russian radars

For my Aussie friends, where the Abbott government has just committed a further $12BN to this white elephant. Anyone get the agenda? You think it’s actually about defending Australia?

The truth of climate change and how the lies we are told are used to drive the abomination called Agenda 21

I have commented extensively previously on climate change and global warming, perhaps best summarised by this post. Perhaps the most cogent and beautifully presented summary of what is happening with our global climate is this outstanding presentation by Ben Davidson at the Thunderbolts conference in early April. In summary, human CO2 generation is clearly not causing global warming, which has peaked. Indeed the strongest correlation is with sunspot activity, and it seems likely we are actually entering a period of significant cooling.

So why are we bombarded with the message that we are responsible for non-existent global warming?

Put simply, it provides a justification for Agenda 21. I have posted several times about Agenda 21, with this one perhaps containing the most powerful introduction and context. I have also mentioned how this is being rolled out essentially by stealth at the local level.

The video entitled Agenda 21 EXPLAINED provides an outstanding overview of how Agenda 21 was initiated via the UN (remember, it started with the ideas germinated at the Club of Rome in the 70s) and quietly all the pieces are put in place for it to be rolled out locally. John Anthony shares how this was put together and his on the ground experience of how it is getting rolled out across the United States, giving a reality to this I have seen nowhere else. I commend it to you. The story is the same across the planet.

For me, Agenda 21 is a classic example of how the global elite implement their agenda. Lies are sold to the world as a pretense for the unfolding of changes we would never otherwise accept. This is formally known as the Hegelian Dialectic, less formally as problem/reaction/solution. And if we don’t wake up, we will be living the reality of a fully-fledged Agenda 21. And you will not like it.

The Unlawful Killing of Princess Diana – was it a satanic ritual?

The world came to a standstill with the death of Princess Diana in Paris on August 31st, 1997. She was such a beautiful, charismatic, loving and romantic figure.

Rapidly it was called an accident and a great effort was made to move the world on. The efforts to ban landmines died with her.

It took some years for an inquest to be held into her death – an inquest held in the Royal Court and conducted by the supporters of the royal family. It was almost as blatant as Allen Dulles heading the Warren Commission, a man JFK had sacked as the head of the CIA. Life moved on – but there were those watching. Keith Allen, with funding from Mohamed Al Fayed, documented the inquest and looked further at the evidence. The result is the 2011 documentary “Unlawful Killing”. After its appearance at the Cannes Film Festival that year, it largely disappeared without trace. It was posted on YouTube and removed. To me this reeks of a serious attempt to suppress it.

With some effort I tracked down a copy and you can download it from here. This documentary does a great job of exposing the undeniable evidence of a cover-up, both in Britain and France, as well as revealing the actual verdict of the Inquest jury – Unlawful Killing – a verdict you would not find in the media at the time.

As time has passed, more evidence of a cover-up has emerged. For example, this article, this blog post and this one.

So how deep is this rabbit hole? I suspect it is very deep. Indeed there is strong evidence that Diana’s death was a ritualistic killing for deeply satanic purposes. One of the items on this page is this video, which I encourage you to watch if you want to begin to grasp just how deep this rabbit hole is.

Again we have another thread that is allowing us to begin to unravel the dark, dark game behind the game – a game which none of us wish to believe exists, but in fact is the game that controls our world. It’s time for its exposure.

Martial Law in America – US Army Preparing To Patrol the US

Although this Corbett Report video was posted several years ago, the preparations that were in place then have not gone away. The power is now in place for the US President to declare martial law in the United States at any time on whatever pretext he/she may choose.

Eye Witnesses Saw Pope Bergoglio Rape Teens, Kill & Eat Babies in Satanic Ninth Circle Ritual: Kevin Annett {video}


Thank you, Molly.


As Molly puts it:

And these are the sickos to who run the planet. The truth must come out. People must wake up as these heinous crimes can no longer be swept under the carpet and the murderers can no longer hide. 

Yet while this truth is shared, popes are recognized as saints and canonised at the Vatican this month.

Most of us struggle to accept that child abuse and sacrifice is widely practised – indeed is a “rite of passage” – at the very highest levels of power, politics and religion in our world. But it is true, and it is gradually being revealed. As this Spotlight on Abuse blog reveals, the revelations of how this runs to the core of power in Britain has been gradually revealed over decades, but the mainstream media studiously avoids joining the dots. Well, they are being joined despite them and the efforts of powered and moneyed elite to prevent it.

NYPD Twitter PR campaign turned into a disaster – for them

It was intended as a fun campaign to boost the New York Police department’s image, but it’s ended up as a publicity disaster. The force had taken to twitter, asking people to share any pictures they have with their officers, but as RT’s Marina Portnaya now explains, they didn’t get quite what they were hoping for.

Do these goons not even realise what their behaviour engenders in the public?

Top hacker says US spies on Australia

In my view, this is a refreshingly accurate perception of Australia’s relationship with America, and most Aussies are too naïve and complacent to recognise it.

Secret Veterans Death List Discovered

It has become very clear to me that in the United States – and elsewhere – once the youthful cannon fodder is of no use to the global war machine, they become a liability to be dispensed with as readily and cost effectively as possible. Promises of a college education given to many is becoming very often hollow. The reality is a world of psychoactive drugs, PTSD, despair and suicide – certainly not the grand picture painted to the enlistee. Apart from anything else, they know too much and as such they are a liability. Many of them are ironically placed on a terrorist watchlist.

This article shares a little of this reality. But this sausage machine is well oiled and executed. The enlistees will never know the reality until it is too late, short of a profound shift in perception in our world.

What actually happened to Flight MH370?

The world does not know what happened to MH370, and will probably never know. What we can be confident of is that the searches being conducted are a sideshow to keep the public engaged, distracted whilst the main game is executed elsewhere.

This article shares a few informed views.

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