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Police in Berkeley conduct full-scale military operation in American neighborhood over one robbery suspect

Thank you, Molly.

I find this event of interest because it’s an example of how the new normal is brought into place, in this case the deployment of extensive, over-the-top militaristic troops for a trivial event. And it was accepted… Job done.

Actually, this process is going on in, perhaps, every area of our lives – music, fashion, political correctness, word usage, sexuality, the role of women, parents and the elderly (what happened to the community elders and their undeniable wisdom? Now, we have “politicians” and elders consigned to old people’s homes…). It’s just not so blatant but it is truly everywhere. And, frankly, there is almost no wisdom of the community to share with the young. It’s been destroyed. Think about how different life is today from 20, then 50, then 100, then 200 years ago, in almost every way. Almost none of this is by chance.

More critical information on the role of nagalase blocking the action of GcMAF and hence shutting down our immune systems

Yesterday (July 29th), Mike Adams posted an article entitled Cancer industry profits ‘locked in’ by nagalase molecule injected into humans via vaccines… spurs tumor growth… explains aggressive vaccine push. Its focus is self-evident:

One of the world’s most lucrative industries, spending on cancer drugs reached an all-time high last year, as it was valued at more than $100 billion. Spending on cancer drugs increased 6.5 percent annually over the past five years and is expected to continue growing at a rate of 8 percent each year through 2018, according to figures provided by the IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics.
That spending is highly concentrated, as the US and five of Europe’s largest countries account for nearly two-thirds of the entire market.
This means that billions and billions of dollars are secured by Americans being diagnosed with cancer.
That’s one profitable industry; however, it could all be completely dismantled by one thing: a cure.

End of quote.

But what really interested me was a later comment:

In an interview on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report, Dr. Ted Broer, an internationally recognized health and nutrition expert also based in Florida, describes how cutting edge Dr. Bradstreet’s work was, as well as a discovery he made that very well may have placed him in great danger and could have been the motive for his suspected murder.
The alternative doctors who went missing and/or were killed, were reportedly “interlocked” through Dr. Bradstreet and Dr. Gonzalez’s extensive research on autism, and what’s causing autism, according to Dr. Broer.
Dr. Gonzalez, a renown holistic cancer treatment pioneer who helped thousands overcome the disease through alternative medicine, died of an apparent heart attack just one month after Dr. Bradstreet’s body was discovered floating in a river.

End of quote.

In listening to this interview, I felt it made a powerful contribution to our understanding of what happened to these doctors and what they were onto. I also understand the protection that comes to people such as Dr. Broer when their information is in the public domain – the reason for eliminating them has gone.

I have posted an edited version of the recording here (essentially removing the first 28 minutes).

I have also transcribed the section of the recording on nagalase and GcMAF. Here are a few quotes:

Apparently, since these guys are dead and I can’t talk to them; they had found that the nagalase enzyme/protein that was made by cancer cells and viruses, which causes immunodeficiency, is being added through the immunizations, either through viruses or through the immunization itself being given nagalase.

This is such incredibly damning information for the entire medical profession and the immunological profession and those folks that are producing immunizations that, apparently, they didn’t want these guys around. Now, I’m not saying what happened to these guys, I’m just saying they’re not on this planet anymore.

So, what ends up happening is this: the Gc protein cannot attach itself to vitamin D because of the nagalase. When that happens, the nagalase becomes the agent that causes the cancer.

Now, let’s talk about nagalase for a second. We know that nagalase is being found in super high concentrations in autistic children, and what they’re saying is that the nagalase protein, this viral protein was not in these children at childbirth, but it’s being introduced, somehow, into these children, they felt during the immunization process…

…As an extremely sensitive marker for all cancer, nagalase provides a powerful system for early detection. Serial nagalase testing provides a reliable and accurate method for tracking the results of any therapeutic regime for cancer, AIDS, or other chronic infections. This is an article from a book from Dr. Tim Smith M.D. He goes on to say – now, this is super important, guys, listen to me on this – he says that nagalase is like a stealth bomber. The nagalase enzyme synthesized in and released from cancer cells or a virus particle pinpoints the GcMAF protein facilities on the surface of your T and B lymphocytes – this is part of your immune system – and simply wipes them out with an incredibly precise “bomb” is what he says. How precise? He says, “let me put it this way: nagalase locates and attacks one specific 2-electron bond located at and only at the 420th amino acid position on a huge protein molecule, one of tens of thousands of proteins, each containing millions of electrons. This is like selectively taking out a park bench in a major city from 6,000 miles away. More astonishing, if that is possible, nagalase never misses its target. There is no collateral damage…

…These doctors apparently felt that this nagalase was being introduced via immunization, either viral or through nagalase itself being directly injected into the children who were developing autism, who had very high nagalase at the very beginning of the autistic cycle, immediately after the immunizations. So, what they’re saying is, there’s a smoking gun here with nagalase and the compromised immune system…

…Now, one of the conditions that Dr. Russell Blaylock talks about that occurs immediately after immunization, especially with the DPT shot, is what’s called in an encephalitic scream, and what happens with that, Doug, is you give this little baby like at 18 months its second or third round booster shots, and what happens is this cytokine storm hits the body, because it can’t use vitamin D anymore, and it causes the brain to swell, and this little child starts screaming for hours and hours and hours, with its back arched in its bed. It happens all the time, and when you call most doctors that give these children these shots, they say, “Oh, that’s normal, that will go away tomorrow.”

That’s called an encephalitic scream from swelling of the brain and the brain is pressing against the skull. Now, this is crazy. I mean, this is absolutely crazy that this is actually going on. And so, what she’s saying is, when you increase the vitamin D levels, that all of these different symptoms end up going away. Also, when you inhibit vitamin D from attaching itself to the macrophage, you cause what’s called a cytokine production and phosphatase, which massively increases inflammation in the cardiovascular system, leading to cardiovascular disease and atherosclerotic plaquing.

So, what I’m saying is that when you give this chemical into your body, this nagalase, it causes atherosclerotic plaquing, heart disease and diabetes, and it causes you to die from these diseases much younger than you normally would.

End of quotes.

You can download the transcript from here. And if you find some typos, let me know…

Now, what we are still waiting for is some analyses of current vaccines which show us if and how this is being done – using viral triggering or directly via nagalase. Given the focus this now has, we’ll know soon enough.

A Magnetic Reversal pending for planet Earth

We have just witnessed the completion of the magnetic reversal of the sun. This is not a major event as far as Earth and its inhabitants are concerned; it happens every 11 years or so as part of this short term solar sunspot cycle, towards the end of the period of high sunspot activity. Indeed, it seems the reversal marks the beginning of the end of the period of high sunspot activity, which is where we are – at the end of what was forecast by many pundits as likely to be a cycle of very high sunspot activity but has proven to have been something of a damp squib, leading to the forecasts of a pending mini Ice Age by those climate scientists who are not singing from the globalists’ anthropogenic global warming song sheet.

However, the reversal of the Earth’s magnetic field appears to have more significance for the planet and life upon it, and it happens far less frequently. This website,, has been set up to share the data on this reversal, it’s likely timing and possible consequences. I have taken the following from the website:

Fast Facts

1) The south pole has already left Antarctica and the north pole is racing across the arctic ocean.

2) “Earth’s magnetic poles are getting ready to flip.” -Mission Manager, SWARM/ESA

3) The magnetic field began weakening in 1600.

4) The magnetic field weakened 10% from the 1800s to 2000.

5) Earth’s magnetic field weakened another 5% by 2010.

6) As of 2014 the magnetic field is continuing to weaken rapidly.

7) Magnetic reversals can occur in less than 100 years.

8) Magnetic reversals lead to extinction events.

9) Magnetic reversals may cause biblical floods.

So, with other factors being unchanged, this is likely to occur in the next 100 years.

It’s important to distinguish between a magnetic pole switch as discussed on this site and the flipping of the geographic pole, which does appear to have occurred in the past and with the consequence of acting as, for all intents and purposes, a complete reset for life on Earth. There is no tangible evidence I know of that suggests this in the offing. Nevertheless, a magnetic pole flip on Earth is not to be ignored.

Richie Allen interviews James Perloff and Chris Emery on their film Shadowring

I have recently read James Perloff’s wonderful book “Truth is a Lonely Warrior – Unmasking the Forces Behind Global Destruction”. Perloff reveals extraordinary information about how the world works behind the scenes. This and other material of Perloff’s has formed the basis of the recently released film Shadowring. In this interview, Richie Allen interviews Perloff and filmmaker Chris Emery. I commend it to you and I’m waiting for my DVD version to arrive with great anticipation.

The inability to readily upgrade the Android OS is coming home to roost

Whilst Android is made available for free from Google (so they pick up the advertising revenue) and runs on almost all non-Apple smartphones, it is the responsibility of each manufacturer to take a new version or fix and make it available to their users. This rarely happens for installed users and has, largely, not been a significant issue for most users, but this appears to have changed. A vulnerability has just been made public that affects almost all versions from 2.2 to 5.1, and for the average user, there is no simple fix. This article gives the best explanation I have seen of this vulnerability and its implications.

Witches and how they are silenced – @georgiebc

Heather Marsh has a perspective on the events of our world that few others approach, and one I often find resonates with me and what I have come to understand in other ways. She has been the driving force behind the #opdeatheaters  movement on Twitter to expose global paedo-sadism.

In this article, Heather discusses how women have been disempowered over the centuries in Europe and subsequently America, including the village wise woman and healer being demonised as witches by the male-dominated catholic church and the male approach to health. Their skill and ability was painted as something to be feared and treated accordingly.

I commend the article to you. Perhaps we live in a time when their power is returning. We will all be better for it.

Dr Rima Laibow has created an Advance Vaccine Directive

Dr Rima Laibow has been campaigning against vaccination for many years, and whilst she has requested vaccine samples to test for nagalase to demonstrate whether it is actually being added to vaccines, this video demonstrates her strong opinion that this is the case. Moreover, Dr Rima outlines what she calls an Advance Vaccine Directive, which she claims embodies our right to refuse vaccination if we choose. I encourage you to watch the short video and assess it for yourself, and if it resonates with you, support her endeavour.

Putin: Key Player in the “New World Order”

In Brussels and Washington, D.C., meanwhile, President Obama and various European leaders point to the Kremlin as the real culprit behind the bloodshed in Ukraine. Indeed, many neoconservatives and establishment Democrats imagine that Putin threatens freedom in the West. The saber rattling over Ukraine, coming not long after similar barb trading between Putin and Obama surrounding the war in Syria, has only added fuel to the fire.

But what if everything is not quite as it seems? What if — despite the “East vs. West” and “New Cold War” hysteria whipped up by politicians and the mainstream media — both sides are actually working toward the same goals using largely the same means? Sounds impossible, right? The evidence, however, suggests it is not only possible — it is exactly what is happening.

“Regional” Approach to World Order

Despite the saber rattling, globalists on both sides of the East-West divide refer to their goal as the creation of a “New World Order.” This “order” they speak of, as we shall show, represents, essentially, a global system of political and economic control over humanity. And Putin, a former KGB boss, is following precisely the strategies toward world order outlined openly by the same Western establishment he purportedly stands as a bulwark against. He often refers to his vision as the imposition of a new, “multi-polar” world order. But a growing amount of evidence shows that it is exactly the same order sought by globalist Western powerbrokers.

One of the keys to understanding Putin’s crucial role in imposing the “New World Order” on humanity is a grasp of how its proponents plan to build it. Rather than aiming to foist a full-blown totalitarian global government on the world all at once, top globalists around the world have outlined a different strategy. In essence, the plot aims to divide the planet’s people and nations into massive “regions” ruled by supranational institutions — such as the European Union, which is now responsible for the bulk of European laws — virtually free of public control or oversight. The outline of that plan is now in full public view.

Indeed, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger — one of the most visible and outspoken globalist “New World Order” schemers — has explained the strategy openly on numerous occasions. Most recently, writing in the Wall Street Journal on August 29, Kissinger, using opaque and rather unexciting writing, explained how the process should work. “The contemporary quest for world order will require a coherent strategy to establish a concept of order within the various regions and to relate these regional orders to one another,” he explained in the op-ed, headlined “Henry Kissinger on the Assembly of a New World Order.”

End of quote.

We should expect nothing less. The evidence is abundant that the so-called Cold War was simply a fiction to promote the interests of the globalists and fear in the hearts of the public.

The Secret of Oz (by Mr Bill Still) – Update

One thing I forgot to mention about Bill Still’s documentary. It illustrates clearly how the global banking elite have been murdering American Presidents – or attempting to – who stood in their way since the formation of the United States.


I quote from the YouTube page for this excellent documentary from Bill Still:

What’s the Movie About?
It is well known in economics academia that The Wonderful Wizard of Oz written by L. Frank Baum in 1900 is loaded with powerful symbols of monetary reform which were the core of the Populist movement and the 1896 and 1900 president bid of Democrat William Jennings Bryan.
The yellow brick road (gold standard), the emerald city of Oz (greenback money), even Dorothy’s silver slippers (changed to ruby slippers for the movie version) were the symbol of Baum’s and Bryan’s belief that adding silver coinage to gold would provide much needed money to a depression-strapped, 1890s America.
We believe Baum’s symbols represent the only solution to relieve the growing economic hardship here in America — and the rest of the world. Practically speaking, 2009 marks the 70th anniversary of the 1939 MGM release of the The Wizard of Oz movie, so interest will be very high. Even Oz websites put up by kids get millions of hits…

“In 1996, in a documentary called “The MoneyMasters”, we asked the question why is America going broke. It wasn’t clear then that we were, but it is today. Now the question is how can we get out of this mess. Foreclosures are everywhere, unemployment is skyrocketing — and this is only the beginning. America’s economy is on a long, slippery slope from here on. The bubble ride of debt has come to an end.
“What can government do? The sad answer is — under the current monetary system — nothing. It’s not going to get better until the root of the problem is understood and addressed. There isn’t enough stimulus money in the entire world to get us out of this hole.
“Why? Debt. The national debt is just like our consumer debt — it’s the interest that’s killing us.
“Though most people don’t realize it the government can’t just issue its own money anymore. It used to be that way. The King could just issue stuff called money. Abraham Lincoln did it to win the Civil War.
“No, today, in our crazy money system, the government has to borrow our money into existence and then pay interest on it. That’s why they call it the National Debt. All our money is created out of debt. Politicians who focus on reducing the National Debt as an answer probably don’t know what the National Debt really is. To reduce the National Debt would be to reduce our money — and there’s already too little of that.
“No, you have to go deeper. You have to get at the root of this problem or we’re never going to fix this. The solution isn’t new or radical. America used to do it. Politicians used to fight with big bankers over it. It’s all in our history — now sadly — in the distant past.
“But why can’t we just do it again? Why can’t we just issue our own money, debt free? That, my friends, is the answer. Talk about reform! That’s the only reform that will make a huge difference to everyone’s life — even worldwide.
“The solution is the secret that’s been hidden from us for just over 100 years — ever since the time when author L. Frank Baum wrote “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.”

End of quote.

This excellent documentary appears to have been made just after the 2008 GFC.

The other thread I find fascinating is how this originally revealing story as told by Baum had its teeth pulled in the movie version but, more importantly, how the themes of the movie have been used extensively in the MK Ultra and mind control world – the so-called “Oz programming”. Is this another example of how our controllers show black as white and vice versa, or was Baum in on this from the very beginning as this article suggests?

Blair government was briefed about police paedophile probe involving Labour minister BEFORE it was halted

We are starting to get closer to the current time…

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